Monday, March 27, 2017

Everything must go!

Some of you have been to my house and you know it's very small.
I have a baby on the way and the little bit of room that I have is getting smaller.
I need to make some room and that means I need to get rid of some stuff.
By "stuff" I mean music. Tapes, CDs, and records. It all has to go. I tried selling some things on Discogs and eBay but it didn't sell. This might be because the wife is a bit too ambitious and she posts it for ridiculous prices. I don't go that route. I will be compiling a list of all of the music I have to get rid of and I'm asking you guys to make an offer.

As some of you know I am willing to trade my original physical copies for MP3s or dubbed tapes or burned CDs. There is a lot of music I still need but I don't need any more stuff.

In two weeks I will be posting the things I have that I need to get rid of. If you have anything on my wishlist  let me know and we'll make a deal.

 I'll post my wantlist/wishlist from Discogs

If you don't have anything on my wishlist but you still want something I have, still, let me know and we'll make a deal. Maybe you have something I don't know about. Some rare ska demos or something.

Naturally, if I have something you want and you don't have any music to offer in return I will sell it and I guarantee I'll sell it for a better price that anyone else.

I have until July to get rid of everything. My loss will be your gain. Everything must go!

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