Thursday, July 13, 2017

Billy Rancher and the Unreal Gods - Boom Chuck Rock Now (1982) [REPOST]

Reposted by request...

This is a relatively rare and expensive record. It's not great and it's not really ska but there is a ska influence.
The only other release the band had was a single called "Happy Santa Claus" which was a one-song/one-sided 7". I do have a copy and I intended to post it with this record but I can't find it at this time. It is not a ska song and after you hear the album you will probably be okay with me not posting it. Let's be're going to download this record because it is a rare "ska" record but you're not going to listen to this record ever again.  

1 Boom Chuck Rock
2 My Girlfriend's Drawers
3 The Cyllycybin Doll Face Child
4 Symmetry in My Play
5 Upstroke Down
6 Rude Buddy Holly
7 (I'm Walkin' Down a) Rocky Road
8 Go Go Boots are Comin' Back
9 Rockabilly Queen
10 Uptown
11 English Boy
12 Somethin' New



Here's the "Happy Santa Claus" single.
A - Happy Santa Claus
(b-side is blank)



TheeRevLouCifer said...

Great find, and a Blast from the Past. The reason why this is all there is, well, is sad, Taken by cancer at a very young age, shortly after this was released. He and the band were riding that Next Big Thing wave outta the West Coast of the US, North, Portland, pre-grunge seattle and all that, but guaranteed every grunge god from seattle has head their record before they had their own band. Like the name of the album, they called their sound, Boom Chuck Rock, like Ska, but not pure Ska. They mixed in some glam with it, some good ol' Marc Bolan flying some T-Rex and Some stylee points sraight from the NY DOLLS thyselves! They also has a bit of a punk rawk streak to them. Great find, Great post Great site. That said, I have never even seen a real copy of the Santa, and I have a few of the albums, and seem them live a few times, so, rare, like a fine Porterhouse my friend, I bet shes even real pink and juicy under that cover.

TheeRevLouCifer said...

Hello TnW, I'm not much of a blogger, at all really, but one of these days. That said, I left a nice comment and was wondering if you would be so kind as to allow me to nick this post on to my sad little blog as it has some sentimental value to me, and maybe it will be what I need to kickstart me from d/l to U/L mode. Of course I would supply a link to your site and give you the credit for creating the piece,
You can email me at if you would be so kind.
THANX, and keep up the good work.
And if you happen to have ANYTHING from the fine folks at On-U Sound, besides Rig Rig + Panic, and Material, as it is readily accessible if one looks for such things. The rest, not so much at all,usually find, get a quick rush, then doused in cold water by dead links. Especially The Pop Group, and even more so AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, which is what turned me on to all that is On-U Sound. Or, if you happen to know where some live links may be buried, ACES to ya.....
Regardless, Keep the faith,
TheeRev. LouCifer