Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Frits - Die Erste

1 I Remember
2 Streetfighter
3 Why do You Change It?
4 The Reason Why
5 Brother L.
6 Keep Your Love Away
7 Jumpin' Boots
9 I Want You


A huge THANKS to Rikard for ripping the record and sharing it with us and to Martin who lent it to him.

Just Kidding - Live in the Studio (1990)

1 Wagon Train
2 Sunshine
3 Tell Me Baby
4 Please Tell Me
5 Ska'd for Life
6 Toast of the Town
7 Politician
8 Something's Going Down Tonight
9 Give a Little
10 Danger
11 Lipstick Traces
12 Strike it Rich



Furious Turtles - Antiturtalitarianism

Brisbane Australia's first ska band's 2nd release from 2004

1 Old Jack Rusty
2 Hard World / Mad World
3 Parks & Benches
4 Gamera
5 King of the Ska
6 Can't Keep Running


Their first 12" "Endangered Species" is available at Life in Monochrome

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

South Coast Ska Stars - Head On 7'' (1980)

A - Head On
B - South Coast Rumble


If you haven't gotten around to getting it yet everything else that South Coast Ska Stars has recorded is found on the Mod City compilation which can be found HERE.


Agent Double-O-Soul

Wild Child

Free Yourself

Ghetto Stout

Cool Beginnings - Rare and Unreleased 1981-1983

Decade of Dance - Live

(Thanks to Ruder Than Rude for Cool Beginnings and Decade of Dance)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

27 Red

1 Johnny Otherway
2 No Time
3 Secret Agent Man
4 Better Watch
5 Never Forget
6 Go Crazy
7 Rude Boy
8 Tomorrow
9 Friends
10 Autumn Ska
11 Girls
12 Leavin'

1 Man on the Moon
2 Best Day
3 Angry Man
4 Leavin'

Germany's 27 Red recently broke up at the end of '09. They left behind these two offerings and an official site and their Facebook.
They played well-composed straight forward Two Tone style.


Six Pack #1: Beat Brigade / Toasters split 7" (1987)

This is the first of the Six Pack series that only made it as far as two releases. The second featured the band Legal Gender with the song "Overcast" and the band The Scene with "Bruise in Me" and - like this one - was limited to 1000 copies. (I'm still looking for that one).
Much thanks to Ben for this submission!!

A - Beat Brigade - Try and Try Again
B - Toasters - Talk is Cheap


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clashed by the AML

Thanks to Rodrigo AKA and 2ToneRoom!!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Laboratorija Zvuka - Mod-Deran 7" (1980)

Another single from Serbia - former Yugoslavia. Лабораторија звука (Laboratorija Zvuka - or 'Sound Laboratory') was a new wave band known for their eccentric circus-like music and performances.

A - Mod-Deran
B - Ska-kavac Joj Zasto U Rukavac


Idoli - Maljciki 7" (1980)

Идоли's only ska song from 1980. Otherwise known as Idoli - or 'The Idols'.

A - Maljciki
B - Retko te Vidjam Sa Devojkama