Friday, October 30, 2009


For Halloween:

The Klopeks from Birmingham UK.
Not exactly a ska band. They cite influences by Dexy's Midnight Runners, Tom Waits, and Adam and the Ants.
They have a four piece horn section and some well written atmospheric music and, yes, there is some ska influence.
Recommended to fans of Tiny Hat Orchestra.

Here's their OFFICIAL SITE or sample them first on THEIR MYSPACE

Giving Up These Ghosts EP
1 Children of the Carnival
2 Everyday is Halloween
3 Mr. Pink
4 CB Lovers
5 The Model


The Klopeks
1 The Pilot
2 Take Her to the Sea
3 Saviour of the Soul
4 9 Inches From the Business End
5 CB Lovers
6 By Midnight
7 Taking the Money
8 Every Day is Halloween
9 Dynamite Sweet Dynamite
10 March Thirteen
11 Sordid City Ant Weather


Night Doctor 7" (1981)

Thanks to the tragically short lived blog ChickitupPickitup for originally posting this.

A - Just Enough
B - Hits and Misses


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Perks - Reggae Sue

I should point out that on the Laurel Aitken post I just did that the song "Peggy Sue" is in fact NOT a cover of the Buddy Holly and the Crickets song.
This one, however, is.

(The b-side is mod/soul and at first listen I didn't care much for it but it really grew on me. It's the better song on this single.)

A - Reggae Sue
B - Keep On Doin' It


Laurel Aitken - Ringo the Gringo

This is the 1990 cd version of the Unicorn Records 12" release from 1989. The vinyl version had only 10 tracks. You can tell this is the cd version because the lettering on the cover is blue whereas on the LP it's white. I apologize for the cover pic. I actually have a really good scan somewhere but I can't find it. You will have to suffer with this one.

His backing band this time around is The Pressure Tenants.
This is a bit different from the sound that Laurel Aitken is recognized for. Noticeably eighties.

(Though it's nothing like the single he wrote and produced for Sugar Candy in 1975. It was bubblegum pop called "Mummy, I Want to go to the Disco / You Only You" put out by EMI which I would post for novelty's sake if I had it. I have heard it before - and that's why I don't have it.)

1 I Love You, Yes I Do
2 Lookin' In the Mirror
3 Night Train to Tokyo
4 Don't Turn Your Back
5 Rock With You Tonight
6 Ringo the Gringo
7 Peggy Sue
8 Going Back to the Frontline
9 Rude Boy Dream
10 Hitchike
11 Hey Little Girl
12 Sally Brown
13 Since You Went Away
14 Je t'aimerai Toujours
15 Eh Mon Amour


Friday, October 23, 2009

Max Headroom and the Car "Parks" - Don't Panic 7" (1980)

First, I want to thank Steve for requesting this. I had never heard of it before.
I have contacted Steve Curtis from the band but he never did respond.

I just received this in the mail yesterday and I didn't think much that there was a gash in the padded envelope until I opened it and the record was cracked straight through...
(artist rendering - not an actual photo)

...and there was a gouge in it at the beginning. It was packaged well so I'm sure it wasn't in this condition before it was shipped. I was certain it was completely ruined so I didn't clean it or anything but I wanted to at least hear a bit of it just to get an idea of what it sounded like to see if I should find another copy.

It played straight through. I played each side only once and was smart enough to have recorded it. I didn't clean up the recording at all so here it is in all its crackling popping glory.
(Let's see a cd do that)

A - Don't Panic
B - Rhythm & Blue Beat


Ngobo Ngobo - Rude Fruit

Ngobo Ngobo's first full-length from 1993 submitted by Craig.

1 Hi There Hello
2 Spaceflight 505
3 Hello Everybody
4 Rude Boy Jamboree
5 Lily
6 I Can't Stand It
7 No One Cares
8 Way Out
9 All Over Now
10 Agadir
11 Big Mistake
12 Blue Shoes
13 Good for Nothing Man
14 Blind Colors
15 Hangin' Around



Reinholds - Sta upp Svensson 7" (1985)

...submitted by Rikard.

Swedish mod/ska in the vein of Baby Snakes.

A - Sta upp Svensson
B - Hort det forrut


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stupidity - Maximum Insanity : Live at the Gaelic Club 1983

The last post I did on Stupidity turned out to be more popular than I thought it would be. Thanks to everyone who left comments.
The countdown comps are no longer available on Twilight Zone but they look like a good mix. I'll have to get them someday.

This is Stupidity live at the Gaelic Club in Sydney 1983. It is from a cd that came free with issue 5 of a Brisbane modzine called Modern Times that was acquired at a Stupidity gig in 2001 at the Metro by Richard who has submitted this for your pleasure. Incidently, he is still looking for that Skazoo cd.

1 Stupid's Party
2 Get Off of My Cloud
3 Down at the Doctors
4 Stupidity
5 Something's Happening
6 I Won't be Alone
7 Two Days and a Night
8 Buddy, Buddy Friends
9 The Sweeny


Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Regulars - Rude Boy Gone Jail 7" (1980)

...submitted by Rikard.

A - Rude Boy Gone Jail
B - Don't Stay Out Late


The Youth - Make Me Rich 7"

More rare punk-reggae from 1981.

A - Make Me Rich
B - Where Does it Go?


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Manicured Noise

Beware eBay. There are lots of things posted on eBay as ska that aren't ska. I am always looking on eBay for rare and obscure ska music but I have been jilted quite a few times. The latest was this

Manicured Noise - Moscow 1980 7"

Not ska, but I can see how the poster thought it was. It's not bad music, in fact I quite like it.

Manicured Noise was a band that played funky disco-type music.

The A-side is an instrumental 2Tone sounding song, the B-side is a song reminiscent of the Higsons.

A - Moscow 1980
B - Metronome


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stupidity - From Frederick Street to Duntroon Avenue

Horn-heavy mod revival. Not exactly ska, but good stuff nonetheless.
C'mon...not everything the original Two Tone bands did is straight forward ska either. Give these guys a chance. You may not love them but you will like them.

1 Something's Happened
2 The Sweeny
3 Stupid's Party
4 Bend Don't Break
5 Try Not to Let it Show
6 I Read a Book
7 Turn Other Cheek
8 Stop Right There
9 You've Got My Number


This post was submitted by long-time Tone and Wave friend Richard who has been searching for quite a few years for a cd by the Australian band Skazoo.
I, myself, didn't realize they had a cd but now my curiosity is piqued.
Anybody have it?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Little Chief - Loosen Up

...submitted by Ronan.

A Unicorn Records release from 1989.

A1 Loosen Up
A2 Teenage Ska (Baba Brooks cover)
B1 Darkhouse (live at the Astoria)
B2 Lose It (live at the Astoria)


Wide Boys - Stop That Boy 7''

submitted by Rikard.

Keyboard driven ska from 1980.

A - Stop That Boy
B - Heart of Stone


Screaming Orgasms - We Play Ska request.

The Japanese ska band from New Zealand.

1 Skamerston North
2 Ringo Dub
3 Ska Dong '99
4 Khabarov
5 Johnny on the Monorail
6 Ringo Ska
7 Sun La Ska
8 Skallington
* Meskal
* Ska Dong
* The Pedlar


(*non-album bonus tracks)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark Foggo - Taking Things Too Far 7" (1985)

Rare 7" from Mark Foggo. Neither of these songs are on any of his albums. They're not ska but if you're a Foggo fan you're going to appreciate them nonetheless.

A - Taking Things Too Far
B - Oops, I Did it Again (NO, NOT the Britney Spears song. This was recorded in '85)


(actually...oops, I did it again. I gave some wrong info on this one. the song "Taking Things Too Far" is on the album "Weapons and Guitars".
I was wrong and I apologize. I will try not to let it happen again.)

Skaville Train

Take Over 12" (1989)
A1 - Take Over (Ska)
A2 - Anarchy Sax
B1 - Spiritual Homeland
B2 - Skaville Train

Mike Brooks, Earl Sixteen, and Skaville Train - Rough and Tough 7"
A - Rough and Tough
B - Rough and Tough version

Jet 707 7"
A - Jet 707
B - Darker Shot

One Hundred Men / Skaville Train split 7"
A - One Hundred Men - Reggae Juk
B - Skaville Train - Hit the Town version


Thanks to Rikard who submitted most of these!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Checkered Cabs - Remember request.

This is Checkered Cabs only full length but they did release 2 7-inches
"Something About the Weekend / Heathcliff 8" 1994
"You Told Me That You Loved Me / La Bamba" 1995
as well as a demo tape. (I don't have any of these)

1 On My Way
2 Darling Boy
3 Walk Right In
4 Josephine
5 Honour Your Mother and Your Father
6 Puddin' Pop
7 Walking in the Threads
8 La Bamba
9 Brass Balls
10 Can't Hurry Love
11 Live Happily
12 Perfidia


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ska Skank Down Under

Volume 1

1 Strange Tenants - One Thirty
2 The Leftovers - The Lemonade Song
3 F-Troop - She Was My Baby
4 Jake Jumpers - 1966
5 The Allniters - She Made a Monkey Out of Me
6 The Latenotes - Work to Go
7 Itchy Feet - Orange Chupa Chups
8 Allsorts - Temper Temper
9 Furious Turtles - Citizen
10 Just Kidding - Why Must We Fight
11 Club Ska - Cupid
12 Off the Shelf - Dr. Raju
13 Naughty Rhythms - Naughty Rhythms
14 The Hangovers - People Come, People Go
15 Loonee Tunes - Life of Crime
16 Funaddicts - What's Going On?
17 The 88's - She Fell in Love with James Bond
18 Vegimite Reggae - Rude Boy, Rude Girl
19 No Nonsense - French Connection
20 The Porkers - Earthquakin'


Volume 2

1 The Allniters - Frustration
2 Skapa - Ska East Street
3 The Seen - Liquified Veggies
4 Loin Groin - Chicken Parma
5 The Porkers - Beergarden
6 Screaming Orgasms - Skallington
7 Area 7 - Peter Mac
8 Blowhard - Big One
9 Dr. Raju - Leaving on a Jet Plane
10 The Natural Mystics - Mary Jane
11 Ska-Men - SFJ
12 Bedlam Beggars - Young Love
13The Offbeats - Gravedigger
14 The Last Hemeroids - Over the Hill
15 Backy Skank - Waste of Space
16 Bomba - Automatically Man
17 The Managers - Think Twice
18 The Kingtides - Breaking Up
19 Yeah Yeah! - Graveyard Shift
20 Skazoo - Monster Mash
21 Strange Tenants - Grey Skies
22 Loin Groin - VB Ska