Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Sweeties - Midnight Affair / Moskow Train 7" (1980)


This was my birthday present this year from the wife. Practically impossible to track down.*
Even the discography for Sandwich Records on Discogs has a gap where this should be. (This is SR04).
Since Sandwich Records was a Belgian label I am assuming The Sweeties were from Belgium. (?!...brilliant deduction, right?). No info about the band or even about this record on the internet. Not that I could find anyway.

A - Midnight Affair
A - Moskow Train


* "Impossible doesn't mean very difficult. Very difficult is winning the Nobel Prize; impossible is eating the Sun."
 -Lou Reed in the service of Penn Jillette

Drowned Hampster - The P is for Political (1983)

Canadian punk band that sounds like they have an appreciation for early Circle Jerks and JFA. Only a couple 'ska' songs on this one but it's an all-around good record.

1 Politix
2 Joe Businessman
3 I Don't Wanna Dance
4 Zero Option
5 Benny
6 Surf Punks
7 Fight Back
8 Frat Guys
9 Phone Pigs
10 3 Hours with D.D.
11 D.A.Y.

"Joe Businessman"
"Fight Back"


Ten Cent Fun - Ten Cent Fun cassette (1993)

Band from St. Paul, MN.
Male and female vocals in an early 90s 2Tone style.

1 Do Tomorrow
2 Down on the Corner
3 Ed McMahon Skank
4 Skankin' in Moon Boots
5 How it Always Comes
6 Get-N-Up
7 Ten Cent Fun
8 All I Need
9 Too Young for Fun
10 Fooseball Fool

"Down on the Corner"


Control Boys - One Way Love 7'' (1984)

A - One Way Love
B - You're Not Happening
* - Been Awhile (non-record track)

Submitted by Rikard.
Control Boys on ReverbNation


Der Polizei - C.I.A. 7'' (1980)

A - C.I.A.
B - Jungle Book - Part II


The Clues - Mini LP (1981)

No ska on this one, nice mod revival. This was originally posted on Always Searching for Music. Thank you Gary for this one!
A1 - No Vacancies
A2 - Footsteps
A3 - Girl of My Dreams
B1 - Night Shift
B2 - Masked Emotions
B3 - Almost Framed

"Masked Emotions"


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Disband - Disband 7'' (1984)

Disband were from Michigan. I can't tell you if they ever did anything besides this.
There used to be a time that whenever this record appeared on eBay everybody would jump on it. After losing a couple bidding wars I bid really high on it. In the end I was the only bidder. I guess everybody who was fighting over it eventually found their own copies. There's one on eBay right now that nobody wants.

A - The Working Song (I Gotta Work)
B - A Night of Serious Drinking


Big Noise - College Student 7" (1982) [updated May 10th, 2014]

Reposted by request.
For information, view the Original Post.


Pharmaceutical Bandits - Demonstration (1996 demo tape) [REPOST]

I get more requests to re-upload this than anything else (Deltones is a close second).

 This has already made its rounds of the internet but this is a much cleaner version. This is my personal rip of the cassette that was lent to me by repeated contributor Justin.

1 Teen Idol
2 Too Tone
3 SAM (Secret Agent Man)
4 Band Aid (For My Soul)
5 Milk
6 High-Skool
7 Sleepy Tyme
8 Don't Care


Bop [Harvey] - Bread and Circuses (1990) [REPOST]

Bop (Harvey) were from Michigan. They mixed reggae and ska with African and Latin rhythm and, from what I hear, they put on one hell of a show.
This is often considered to be their first release - and is is the first on cd but they did have a cassette only release before this.

"Roadkill" cassette 1987 9 tracks
"Bread and Circuses" 1990
"Gitchee Gumee to Me" 1992 7 tracks
"Monster Butt Beat Dance Test" 1994

1 Bread and Circuses
2 Fun!
3 Vibe
4 Lazarus
5 Lazarus Speaks
6 Dubmaster
7 Poor Judge Bork
8 Can't Blame the Youth
9 Man in Disguise
10 Dues Due to Dudu
11 Vibe Dub


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Serious Drinking - Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk 7" (1984)

British punk-ska from 1984 (how can you go wrong?)
A - Country Girl Became Drugs and Sex Punk
B - Go for the Burn!


Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Lodgers

As you can see here the "official" demo is supposed to have 5 songs:

A Tribute to Glenn Ford
Silly Girl
Please Come Back
Wonderful World
Is this the life

...the demo tape I have is plain black with no writing on it. It has a total of 8 songs...the five listed above, a demo of "Do the Right Thing" from the 12" and two other songs that I don't know the titles of.
I'm guessing one is called "Forevermore" and the other is an instrumental so I have no clue what that one is called.

All 8 demo songs and the 12" are included in this download.

If you aren't familiar with the Lodgers they sound like this:

They have other songs from compilations that I didn't include...but you can hear them on their Myspace.