Friday, October 31, 2008

The Caribs - Caribbean Capers


We all know the familiar black and white checkers of 2 Tone and that it stands for racial unity - particularly between blacks and whites in Britain in the late 70s and early 80s. Most of the bands were made up of both black and white musicians, and it is commonly accepted that they were playing traditionally black music with a new white influence.
It could be said , however, that the roots of the 2 Tone concept go way back - even before ska music came into its own.
Jamaica's first studio band was The Caribs who played and recorded in Kingston from 1958 to 1968. And though they are recognized as one of the first bands to ever play the ska sound they were in fact formed in Australia and were made up of only white musicians. They started playing clubs in Surfer's Paradise, Queensland in the late 50s and already were using the name The Caribs. They played calypso and mento and experimented with other Caribbean folk sounds.
In 1958 their manager Max Wildman was offered a job running a new hotel in Jamaica and he agreed as long as he could bring the Caribs with him. Only three members - Dennis Sindrey (guitar), Peter Stoddart (piano), and Lowell Morris (drums) made the move. They were joined by bass player Lloyd Brevett who later joined the Skatalites and other local black musicians and began incorporating ska into their set in effect becoming the first 2-tone ska band. They became a regular act at the Glass Bucket Club where they performed for Errol Flynn, Che Guevara, and even Winston Churchill amongst others.
When Jamaican studios first went into business the Caribs were in demand as a support group for Owen Gray, The Jiving Juniors (the Caribs was the band playing on the hit 'Lollipop Girl'), and lots of other acts including Laurel Aitken. They worked with producers Simeon Smith, Chris Blackwell, and Coxsonne Dodd.

As usual I can't find much information on the internet about them. I don't know what year this album was recorded or what other releases they have under their own name. I was happy to find this record on THIS site. Many thanks to them.

01 The River
02 More
03 Bangalou
04 Ecstasy
05 Miserlou
06 Jordan
07 Sammy Dead Medley
08 I Wish You Love
09 Mary
10 Let's Go
11 Sand in My Shoes
12 Yellow Bird Medley


Studio One engineer Graeme Goodall was the sound engineer on most of their releases as well as the Skatalites, Jimmy Cliff, and Bob Marley and the Wailers, and he himself was also Australian.

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Kontraritam is known as the first ska band in Serbia (though there was already another band in Yugoslavia playing reggae tinged music called Haustor). They formed in 1980 and recorded this album in 1982. This is pretty much the only thing they've ever released. They were on some compilation albums but only with songs from this album.

1 Sretne Noge
2 Drugacija
3 Obojeni Grad
4 Bruce Lee
5 Pesma Bez Imena
6 Miss Ska-Kulation
7 Zozo, Vrati Se
8 Decaci
9 Slobodna Devojka
10 Oko I Duh
11 Predstava
12 Zdravo, Kako Si


Monday, October 20, 2008

Dave's Big Deluxe


Billy K from Dave's Big Deluxe writes:

"This is Dave's Big Deluxe's first release, a self-titled cassette. It was recorded in a high-end home studio on some kind of video cassette format. It was some weird set-up. It sounds pretty weak by today's standards, but recording was not so easy back then, and we didn't have a lot of money to spend (we self-financed this one). It was released by Third World Underground, which was a very small local label that focused mostly on punk rock. The label owner, Jack, would soon start a new label, Slimstyle, that focused on ska and swing.

"My memory's fuzzy about most of the details, but I think we'd been together a couple years at this point. This was what I'd consider our first "real" line-up. In those days we just let anyone with a passing interest play. If you could hold a wind instrument, you were in. At one point we had 12 people in the band; 7 horns. And we (sadly) didn't have an organ player, that was done by the producer.

"There were two Guitarists/Singers back then; Dave and Doug. Doug was into space rock and trippy stoner stuff. "Hardest Thing," "World Full of Ugly" and "New Start Tomorrow" were his songs. Dave was really political back then, as you can hear in most of the lyrics not written by Doug. If I recall, "Idle Gossip" was written by our first bassist, Gordon, who was heavy into Mod culture at the time. I wrote most of the horn parts. Not that they're particularly intricate.

"The lineup on this record is basically the same as "Sounds from the Credenza," but would change drastically between there and "Miss Fortune." In fact, only Dave and I stuck around for the next "era." You can really hear a difference in the rhythm section. Gordon played this awesome Vox Cougar bass that had that old plunky sound that really defined us early on. His lines really moved. I think Dave was playing a vintage Mosrite through a vintage Fender Twin (killer vintage equipment was cheap and plentiful in Tucson in those days...sigh.) the guitar solos were all played by Doug. You may notice as we "grew" as a group, our guitar parts disappeared. Dave hated playing leads, and when Doug left, so did our guitar solos. But our horn section got a lot better, and started playing more and more solos. You'll notice the horns on this I hadn't really played in two years, but I was the only one with more than high-school band experience, which is why the mix is so heavy on trumpet.

"I did the "artwork" for all our releases (except the 45). In 1992 I didn't own a computer, so I hand-lettered the logo and set the credits with a typewriter. Remember, this was 1992/3. In the next couple years, desktop publishing would really take off, and I got significantly better at design (and got access to a computer). This one is kind of embarrassing, but also reflects the DIY way we did things back then.

"I don't even remember how many cassettes we pressed or how many we sold - if any. Frankly, I think we just gave most of them away. We never made any money in the band. Anything we made from shows or merch went into the band fund for equipment and expenses, and later touring.

"And that's officially more than anyone needs or wants to know about the early days of Dave's Big Deluxe."

1 Intro
3 Post Cold War Political Satanic Ritual
4 Idle Gossip
5 Hardest Thing
6 Left and Right
7 Political Correctness is McCarthyism
8 World Full of Ugly
9 New Start Tomorrow



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dave's Big Deluxe - Miss Fortune


Billy K - I hope this is okay. I've been meaning to post this for a while now anyway. This is the last of my Dave's Big Deluxe collection. I'm sure I don't only speak for myself when I say we'd love to hear the rest of your recordings. I didn't even know DBD had put anything else out because there's virtually no mention of the band on the internet. Is there a site I don't know about or any other info you feel like sharing with us?

01 Little L.A.
02 What Kinda Girlie
03 What I Used to Be
04 Power Grip
05 Time After Time
06 Ham & Egger
07 Girl in My Kitchen
08 Hole in My Shoe
09 Charlie Don't Surf
10 Brand New Second Hand
11 Miss Fortune
12 It's OK to be Ska


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dixo Wankers - City Boy 7"


The first release from this Dutch band from 1981. Read more about them HERE. The first song 'City Boy' is poppy with female vocals and 'Jaguar' is mostly instrumental with male vocals not toasting so much as just talking.

Here they are performing 'Bah Bah Bloemenbuurt!' with Ab Van Der Laak in 1983

Here they are performing the Selecter's "Danger". This video was posted by Ronan. Thank you very much for this great post Ronan!

side A - City Boy
side B - Jaguar

If you do download this keep in mind that you are doing so for reference only and that you must delete it within 24 hours. If you like what you hear save your money and hold your breath and wait for the day their record company accidentally hires a music fan who gets them to re-release this and buy it then so that the band can pay their bills and keep playing.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Both sides...

There are lots of good arguments for why I should continue to post music and a couple for why I shouldn't but the fact of the matter is that it is illegal. That's it plain and simple. That's why Tone and Wave won't continue in the same way it started out. I'm considering what to do next. Are any of you really that damn interested in reading more reviews? Maybe I could do a podcast and link to some Myspaces? Maybe I could keep posting obscure things that are unrelated to certain record labels and wait for them to threaten me with lawyers.

I'm being tongue-in-cheek right now, but I have to say that even though I'm a bit irritated at Megalith (not because of them telling me to take off their music, but because of the 'I'm telling my lawyer on you' attitude) I will not be boycotting them. I have gotten lots of good stuff from them in the past and I will continue buying from them in the future. I do support the ska scene and I support any record company that helps put out ska music. I could support them a hell of a lot more if I wasn't spending $80 on a rare used vinyl that they own the rights to and are not selling for whatever reason. Like Steve from Moon said labels should make more of an effort to make their back catalogs more available. Tone and Wave is an example that there is still a market for this stuff.

I would have a bit more respect for them though if they came straight out and said "Look asshole, you're affecting my livelihood!", instead of all this crap about how I'm affecting the bands. I've had numerous bands comment when I posted their music - some corrected the errors I made in describing them, some asked where I got certain things, some thanked me for posting their music, and some even just responded with "I was in this band". Not one told me to remove the post. Not a single one. Three of these responses were from bands that were on the list of bands I had to remove.

Here's a perspective from somebody in a band.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tone and Wave is coming to an end

This is Jeremy at Megalith Records (The Toasters / Moon Ska Records),
I have come across your blog and see that are you hosting links to many
bands on our label that you have no legal right to distribute freely.
Please remove all links in reference to the following bands and

The Butlers
All Skarmageddon comps.
Anything and everything Toasters, Skaos, Dr. Raju, Skavoovie and the
Epitones, Bluekilla, Mr. Review, The Busters, Too Many Crooks, No
Sports, Go Jimmy Go, The NY Citizens, Deal's Gone Bad, Royal Roost and
all related releases.

Not only is what you are doing completely illegal, but you are NOT
supporting ska music by pointing people to download their work for free,
you are hurting them. Many of these albums you have links to are
releases from 2008 and 2007. I know because I designed that Royal Roost
album cover and we released that last year, and the Deal's Gone Bad
album was released this year between us and JumpUp Records.

You MUST remove all links to these bands, if you do not comply within
48hours, we will have our lawyer contact you and Google and have your
account removed as well as Yahoo. Please take me seriously.
You are creating a DIS-service to these hard working bands and you are
breaking the law.

Jeremy Patton.

megalith records
c/o jeremy w patton
1529 sunrise circle
norman, ok 73071
cell 405.641.8114


Sorry folks, I can't argue with this. He's right.
My only dispute with this letter is where it says I am not supporting ska music. He meant to say I'm not supporting the people who make money off of ska music.

If you look on the Megalith Records site you'll see that the Toasters "Skaboom!" cd which I posted is out of print which means that I didn't harm their ability to sell it and that if you wanted to buy it you'll have to wait until it's repressed - if ever. (Or you can just get it used off of ebay)

How was I to know that there was still a market for many of the bands on the list when they aren't mentioned in their catalogue? It took me quite a long time and way too much money to collect all of the Too Many Crooks cds because I had to find them second hand in other countries because nobody in the US sold them - not even Megalith. How am I keeping them from making money from something they're not even selling?
But that's besides the point. I was told to remove them and I did. I will not send anybody the links so please don't ask. Support the bands by going to the shows and buying their music from them. Buy stickers and buttons and whatever else.

I also removed anything else I thought that anybody could still be making money off of.

This is not the end of Tone and Wave. I still have a few things left that I think I can post. After that I will call it quits. You will know when it's over.