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Billy Rancher and the Unreal Gods - Boom Chuck Rock Now (1982)

This is a relatively rare and expensive record. It's not great and it's not really ska but there is a ska influence.
The only other release the band had was a single called "Happy Santa Claus" which was a one-song/one-sided 7". I do have a copy and I intended to post it with this record but I can't find it at this time. It is not a ska song and after you hear the album you will probably be okay with me not posting it. Let's be're going to download this record because it is a rare "ska" record but you're not going to listen to this record ever again.  

1 Boom Chuck Rock
2 My Girlfriend's Drawers
3 The Cyllycybin Doll Face Child
4 Symmetry in My Play
5 Upstroke Down
6 Rude Buddy Holly
7 (I'm Walkin' Down a) Rocky Road
8 Go Go Boots are Comin' Back
9 Rockabilly Queen
10 Uptown
11 English Boy
12 Somethin' New


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Skampler 2 (1994)

This is the second and last in the series released by Tudor Rock records. There were volumes 3 and 4 that were put out on a different Swiss label called Leech records. I don't know what the connection is and I don't have vols. 3 & 4. I got this cd because it was cheaper than the Spots 7". I don't know what the b-side sounds like and sometimes it's a hell of a gamble to pay a high price for a record when you already have one of the songs and the other one is complete shit. (The Charlie Parkas "Ballad of Robin Hood" for example.)

1 Radio Active - James Bone
2 Schlössch - I Ask Myself
3 The Peacocks - Living in a Town
4 Cadizier - Die Nachbarn
5 Les Congélateurs - Ace of Space
6 Kalles Kaviar - Stand By Me
7 Godzilla - Body Count
8 Peacestreet - El Nino de Ringo
9 Wicked - Julie
10 Hans 'N' Moses - Body
11 The Spots - Mr. Career
12 Aligaga - La Grève
13 The Ventilators - Try Me One More Time


  Volume 1 was posted a few years ago on the Ruder Than Rude blog but if you need it:

1- The Ventilators - Blue Beat Sky
2- Nude Club - Tree
3- Les Enfants De St. Gall - Mexico
4-Lucky Hiob - Röschtiland
5- Jimmy Bastard - Looser
6- Crank - I'm A Reiser
7-The Noses - Ai,Ai,Ai
8- Free Cheese For All - Blue Beat Confrontation
9-The Peacocks - My Generation
10- Jolly And The Flytrap - Gäng-Bäng
11- Die Aeronauten - Du Wärst So Gern Dabei
12- Melk Them - I Love You
13- The Monsters - Whisky Song
14- The Ventilators - Mystification
15- Free Cheese For All - Louis Goes To The Guigoz