Sunday, September 22, 2013

Calcutta Transfer - Easy Loving (1983)

Calcutta Transfer was a Swedish ska band that released two albums (and several singles) in Swedish before releasing this - their only album in English.

1 Easy Loving
2 Katmandu
3 Mesopotamia
4 Be Together
5 Starvation
6 Rani
7 Coco-Nut
8 - G-Spot



The Carpettes - Johnny Won't Hurt You 7'' (1980)

This single was sold with a free 7" that included 2 live songs. Even though the title track is the only ska song I included all 4 songs in the download.

Record 1
A - Johnny Won't Hurt You
B - Frustration Paradise

Record 2
C - Keys to Your Heart
D - Total Insecurity


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

IN2XS! - In Khaki 7" (1981)

This UK band had 2 other releases that I know of. I will be posting another one at some point.

A1 - In Khaki
A2 - Too Many
B1 - Cybermen
B2 - Amount to Nothing

"In Khaki"
"Amount to Nothing"


Mek Pek Party Band 12" (1982)

I have previously posted this Danish band's Ska Beat 7"

This, like the 7", was submitted by Rikard.

They had other releases...

Hvorfor Så 
Heart Break
4  Party
Nattens Lys
6 Turn Me On
7 Ska Beat
8 Teacher
9 Don't do That
10 No Action in Space
11 2-1-0
12 I and I
13 People Needs

(both songs from the single are on this album but I included the single in the download anyway)


SOTD: Babyshambles - Dr. No (2013)

The latest Babyshambles album "Sequel to the Prequel" was released on the 2nd of September and it included the song Dr. No.
They have strayed into ska territory in the past with the reggae influenced "What Katy Did Next" and "Sticks and Stones" on their debut album Down in Albion and the great  "I Wish" from The Blinding EP but this one really impressed me.

This is a sample of the song. It has just been released so I won't post the whole thing, but if you like what you hear, consider buying it off Amazon when it's available.*

 *at the time of this posting it was available on Amazon UK, but not in the US or the other Amazons I checked

 Thanks to Jan from Redstar 73 for leaving a comment informing us that Mik Whitnall from 100 Men is the guitarist on this album. According to THIS article he shares songwriting credits and it says that the harmonica in Dr. No "plays with the harmonica line from The Specials' Ghost Town".

the harmonica line from The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’
the harmonica line from The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’
the harmonica line from The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’

Chalky White and the Shamrastas - One Shot 7" (1983)

Welsh band. They had a bit of a reputation but this might be the only thing they released

A - One Shot
B - The Israelites