Friday, February 24, 2017

Strange Idols - Tired of Earth 7" (1982)

A - Tired of Earth
B - I'm Normal

This is the very rare single from this Australian band. The a-side did get some airplay and they even made a music video for it, but I'm posting this for the b-side that you can hear HERE.


F-Troop - She Was My Baby 7" (1989)

A - She Was My Baby
B - Rude Girl

This is the only release that I know of by this Australian band. The A-side was on the first "Ska Skank Down Under". The B-side can be heard HERE.


Newmatics - But My Love 7" (1981) [REPOST]

A - But My Love
B - Love Dub


The Notables - Quite Notable (1997) [REPOST]

These guys were from Seattle Washington. This is 13 tracks of pure instrumental ska in the style of the Skatalites.
1 Escobar
2 Knuckles
3 Teen Party
4 Who Knows
5 Rude Mood
6 Misfit
7 Godfather Ska
8 Palladin
9 Vital Organ
10 The Beachcomber
11 Perdido
12 Night Watch
13 Freak Shuffle


Sunday, February 12, 2017

J.C. Superska

J.C. Superska - self-titled cassette (1993)
1 I'm Silly
2 Power of a Union
3 Got so Much
4 No Parking
5 See You Dead
6 untitled
7 Theme
8 Speedball Train
9 Peace
10 Home (for Dave)
11 I'm Silly

J.C. Superska - Hepstepper 7" (1995)
A - Hepstepper
B - A Little Bit Nothing

J.C. Superska - demo tape (year unknown)
1 Sneakyman
2 Danger Zone
3 Feel Like Jumpin'
4 People Get Mad
5 Scooter Gang
6 Speed Ball Train
7 Home
8 Dancing Girl
9 Bartender
10 Fess Up

J.C. Superska - Bartender (from "Welcome to Skannecticut" comp)
J.C. Superska - Hey Jackie (from "Skanarchy" comp)
J.C. Superska - Home (from "Skarmageddon" comp)



Joe Salvo - Life Could be Better 12" (1984)

A - Life Could be Better
B - Life Could be Better (Instrumental)

Don't take this as fact but I think Joe Salvo was a blues/rock musician from the US who made this one-off new wave/reggae song in the UK.
I don't know anything more about it except that this song makes me happy. It sounds like it would be perfect playing over the credits at the end of an 80s movie. You can almost picture Emilio Estevez roller skating in shorts and striped socks into the sunset...

HEAR IT on Soundcloud


Noit Otni & the Pits 7" (1979)

A - A Heart Can Only be Broken Once
B - Moving Target

It's all about the b-side for this one. Slow punk/reggae. Even though Discogs has this listed as being from the UK the singer sounds American and the whole record sounds like a demo.

(Zippyshare is down so the link is for MEGA)

The Emotion Pictures - They Say Space is Cold 7" (1980) [REPOST]

Thank you  Edd Bartlett for informing us that the vocalist for this band passed away last week. There's really nothing online about the band so it's hard to put anything together as a tribute. At least we have this one record. If anybody else knows anything more, please leave a comment.

A - They Say Space is Cold
B - Rescue Remedy


Does anybody have this?

This is a rare 7" from 1981 that nobody can seem to find a copy of. It's called "Galimatias Amoureux" from the Adelaide, Australian band The Jumpers. It was released on Smash and Grab Records and there are four tracks:

A1 - Girl & Toy
A2 - Every Time I Look at You
B1 - Me No Send, You No Come
B2 - Anytime

Band members include
Johnny Jumper -Vocals
Cathy Tune - vocals
Dave Lennon Drums (Later with Strange Tenants / Allniters / Club Ska)
Michael Hope
Jim Bowden

They had one song called "1966" which was released in 1980 on a compilation called "5MMM's Compilation Album of Adelaide Bands 1980" and was later released on the first "Ska Skank Down Under" compilation but the band was called The Jake Jumpers for some reason.
HEAR "1966"

If anybody has some MP3s or if anybody knows of a copy of this single for sale please let me know. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Click Clack - Ketchup 7" (1982)

Click Clack (not to be confused with the British band Click Click) were a Belgian new wave/disco/ska band who put out this 7" in 1982. I have seen it for sale quite a few times listed as a ska record but I had never heard it so I was reluctant to buy it. I found a cheap copy so I thought 'what the hell' and bought it.
I was very surprised...this is a great record. It's not exactly ska but it is definitely Tone and Wave type of stuff.
There are at least three other singles that I intend to get at some point and I'll post them when I get them. It won't be for a while. I have to put it at the bottom of my list with the other "not exactly ska" stuff like Otitis and Ex-Hole.

A - Ketchup (hear it on Soundcloud)
B - Theo (hear it on Soundcloud)

DOWNLOAD through Zippyshare


va Goat's Milk Soap (1982) [REPOST]

1 Mockers - Trendy Left
2 Swingers - Never Never
3 Newmatics - Playing the Champion
4 New Entrants - The Kids are Crying
5 Famous Five - The Girls
6 Instigators - The Israelites
7 Toy Love - 2nd to Last Song Toy Love Wrote
8 Screaming Mee Mees - Pointy Ears
9 Danse Macabre - ECG
10 Corners - Ward
11 Blue Asthmatics - Blue Asthma
12 Bongos - Familiar Strangers
13 She Collapsed - Save It
14 Riot 111 - 1981

DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys

Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys (also spelled Jil Thorp & the Beat Boys) were from Louisville, Kentucky. They were a five-piece new wave/rock/ska band that sometimes went a little psychedelic. They played everything and Jil Thorp sometimes sounded like Patti Smith. The reason you may know them is because the song "Central Intelligence" from this album was on the Jump Up Records compilation "Death of an American Skathic

1 Father Knows Best
2 Music for Easy Girls
3 Play with Fire
4 Slippin' Away Boys
5 Tourists
6 Greasy but Fast
7 Central Intelligence
8 Moisture
9 Black Jeans
10 Tumours of Love
11 (Got to) Get Rid of Them
12 Mission Complete

This download also includes their 7" even though it doesn't have any ska on it. My record is in pretty rough shape so I apologize for the sound quality but since it's hard to find and usually sells for about $60.00 I'm in no hurry to replace it.
A - The Young and the Breastless
B1 - Stranded
B2 - Love Young

DOWNLOAD - Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys from Zippyshare

DOWNLOAD - Jil Thorp & the Beat Boys from MEGA



What the hell...I threw this one in as a bonus
DOWNLOAD - Death of an American Ska-thic