Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Jumpers - Galimatias Amoureux 7" (1981)

A1 - Girl & Toy
A2 - Every Time I Look at You
B1 - Me No Send, You No Come
B2 - Anytime

Band members include
Johnny Jumper -Vocals
Cathy Tune - vocals
Dave Lennon Drums (Later with Strange Tenants / Allniters / Club Ska)
Michael Hope
Jim Bowden

They had one song called "1966" which was released in 1980 on a compilation called "5MMM's Compilation Album of Adelaide Bands 1980" and was later released on the first "Ska Skank Down Under" compilation but the band was called The Jake Jumpers for some reason. It is included in this download.

Thanks to Rude Rich for providing the rip!

...and to this channel who put it on Youtube.


Famous 4 - Hume Tunes 1. 12" (1984) [REPOST]

Rare British ska.

A1 - Sand Dance
A2 - I Want That Girl
A3 - I Want That Girl (Dub)
B1 - Not Just Any Picture
B2 - Never the Policeman


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Beeside - What You Call Love 7'' (1981)

This is an extremely rare record that took me years and years to find. The a-side is female-fronted punk reggae. The b-side is a rockin' song with an early new wave influence. Both sides are good.

I don't know anything about the band but I'm pretty sure they were from the US. I have no idea if they ever released anything else.
As rare as it is there is currently a copy available on Discogs for $45.00 which I think is reasonable (no, I'm not the one selling it and I don't know the person who is selling it.)


Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Mobsters - The Mobsters (cassette 1991)

The Mobsters was a Canadian band who released two cassettes in the early 90s before there was a third wave.
This is their first release. Six tracks of pure 2 Tone inspired ska.

I also have their second 4-track cassette from 1993 which I will post when I get a decent rip of it.

1 One of These Days
2 Rude Awakening
3 Miss Schiffer
4 Simone
5 Untitled
6 Ease Up the Pressure



Bang - Soundtrack (1997)

"Bang" was an independent movie from 1995 that was about a woman who had a bad day and she steals a police uniform and motorcycle and goes around L.A. for a day pretending to be a cop.

Every song on the soundtrack is ska.

The entire movie is available on Youtube HERE.

Here's the trailer:

...and here's the soundtrack:

1 Ocean 11 - Hong Kong Lowrider
2 New York Ska Jazz Ensemble - Elegy
3 The Slackers - Run Away
4 The Skunks - Dubz 57 Sauce
5 Dr. Sauce - Barret Yall's Ride
6 The Toasters - Brixton Beat
7 Los Pies Negros - Pesadilla  [Nightmare]
8 Let's Go Bowling - Cumbia del Sol
9 The Toasters - Toast on the Coast
10 Isaac Green & the Skalars - Don't Count
11 House of Rhythm - Sign of the Times
12 Dr. Ring Ding & H.P. Setter - Louis Gone a Foreign
13 Skavoovie & the Epitones - Riversion
14 Dr. Ring Ding & H.P. Setter - Emergency Case
15 Isaac Green & the Skalars - Don't Count Dub
16 The Articles - The Ska's the Limit, Take 2
17 Dr. Ring Ding & H.P. Setter - Trombone Sound


Humdrum - 79 7" (1980)

A - 79
B - Tooza

Belgian rock band who only released this one record. I don't know what the rest of their repertoire was but the A side is power pop with a 2 Tone influence and the B side is power pop/new wave with a 50s influence that's kinda reminiscent of The Bay City Rollers' "I Only Want to be With You". Both songs are sung in English with a harsh but charming accent.


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Skatterbrains [Canada] - The Killer Beat (cassette 1991)

Not to be confused with the Skatterbrains from Colorado, these guys were from Canada and I don't know anything about them. This is probably the only thing they ever released and it's incredible. This should be right up there with everything that was released on Unicorn Records at the time this was recorded. There are 12 tracks on this cassette-only album and all 12 are ska. How did this go unnoticed for so long?

1 The Killer Beat
2 Theme Song
3 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
4 Love Thy Neighbour (But Don't Get Caught)
5 Scandal
6 Possessed
7 Cheesy Love Song
8 Questions
9 Messin' Around
10 Road Warrior
11 Skankin' for Family Pleasure
12 TV Preachers


Skapa [New Zealand] - Easy Street (cassette 1992) -&- Skapa - Skaparty (cassette 1990)

Skapa - Ska Party (1990)
1 Easy Street
2 It's Your Round
3 Ska Polka
4 Easy Street (Extended version)

Skapa - Easy Street (1992)
1 Easy Street
2 Suzanne Beware of the Devil
3 Ska Jig
4 It's Your Round
5 Times are Hard
6 Step Lightly
7 Mr. Ed
8 Ska Polka
9 Jamaica Ska
10 Tear it Up
11 These Boots
12 Special Brew
13 Rudy Got Married
14 Shame and Scandal
15 Nite Club

...from the Ska-Otea-Roa
*Jane Bondage
* Ska Jig


va Beat of the Street (1989)

There's a record store in Southern California called Dr. Strange Records that I have mined many gems from over the years. Many years back I came across this record in the back room (where all the good stuff is) but it had a price tag of $30.00 so I put it off for a few years. It has a rare song by The Loafers which was later featured on Skarities in 1990. I eventually stumbled across a copy for $2.00. This is that copy.

The Instigators are an amazing punk band from Dewsbury, England not to be confused with the ska/punk band from Auckland, NZ that I previously featured HERE.

There are only two records in this series and I have included a Frankensteined version of the first record which I know aren't the original versions but it's still good stuff.

A1 -  The Crack - My World
A2 - The Instigators - Cry Freedom
B1 - The Loafers - Feelings Right
B2 - Frantic Flintstones - Honey Maker

DOWNLOAD a vinyl rip of vol.2 (pictured) with an inaccurate version of vol.1

*Incidentally there was an American band also called the Instigators who only put out one single in 1985 and I absolutely love it. It's campy new wave with naive lyrics but it's brilliant. We Don't Know What We Want.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bud's Balooxe - Skamenco 7" (1995)

A - Skamenco
B - The Ugly Bone

This is a great German band who only ever released this one 7" and a 4-track demo tape. I don't have the tape but I have this and it's better than you might imagine. The A-side is sung in Spanish and the b-side is in English.


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jamaican Survivers - Jamaican Survivers LP (1980)

1 Dark Side of Hong Kong
2 Baby Face Nelson
3 Attack of the F.B.I.
4 Buggy's Theme
5 Murders of Chicago
6 Dillinger is Back in Town
7 The Vendetta
8 Chicago Stomp
9 Theme from The Gamblers
10 Stoned in Bangla Desh


Monday, April 17, 2017

Danny and the Terminals - Investigations 7" (1981)

This one has been overlooked by everybody. I don't know one person who has it or has even heard it and it's too good to be this unknown, not to mention that it is readily available. There are lots of copies out there and some are very cheap.

Two sides of great ska-inspired power pop that get better every time you listen to them.

A - Investigations
B - Lazy Afternoon



I still haven't even started the list yet. Life has been hectic lately. I'm really aiming for next weekend.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

After Drizzle - Jamaican Tango 7" (1980)

A - Jamaican Tango
B - Back in '83



This is just a quick post because I didn't have time this week to do anything else. I haven't even started making a list of the things I'm getting rid of. I'm sorry. Stay tuned...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Captain Dompfaff - Let's Spend the Night Together 7" (1980)

A - Let's Spend the Night Together
B - Ein Gefühl


Everything must go!

Some of you have been to my house and you know it's very small.
I have a baby on the way and the little bit of room that I have is getting smaller.
I need to make some room and that means I need to get rid of some stuff.
By "stuff" I mean music. Tapes, CDs, and records. It all has to go. I tried selling some things on Discogs and eBay but it didn't sell. This might be because the wife is a bit too ambitious and she posts it for ridiculous prices. I don't go that route. I will be compiling a list of all of the music I have to get rid of and I'm asking you guys to make an offer.

As some of you know I am willing to trade my original physical copies for MP3s or dubbed tapes or burned CDs. There is a lot of music I still need but I don't need any more stuff.

In two weeks I will be posting the things I have that I need to get rid of. If you have anything on my wishlist  let me know and we'll make a deal.

 I'll post my wantlist/wishlist from Discogs

If you don't have anything on my wishlist but you still want something I have, still, let me know and we'll make a deal. Maybe you have something I don't know about. Some rare ska demos or something.

Naturally, if I have something you want and you don't have any music to offer in return I will sell it and I guarantee I'll sell it for a better price that anyone else.

I have until July to get rid of everything. My loss will be your gain. Everything must go!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Crystal Set [U.K.] - Know How 7" (1981)

This is probably the only thing released by this band. Not to be confused with the Australian band of the same name. Both sides are ska.

A - Know How
B - Critical Town


Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Ventilators - SKA live cassette demo (1991) [UPDATED LINK]

The Swiss band The Ventilators really is one of my favorite bands. They're right up there with Mr. Review. This tape was recorded when they first started out and it shows how amazing they were from the beginning. From what I know there were less than 100 copies of this tape made and the number of them that exist today is God's own private mystery. There are four songs on it and none of them were ever recorded in the studio. The only way to ever hear these songs is from this tape. Unfortunately my copy is warped pretty badly. I tried my best to adjust the sound to make it listenable but the sound quality sucks. Nothing I can do about it.

Most of you will want to skip this one, but Ventilators fans will truly appreciate it.


La banda suiza The Ventilators es una de mis bandas favoritas. Están ahí arriba con Mr. Review. Esta cinta fue grabada cuando comenzaron por primera vez y muestra lo increíble que eran desde el principio. Por lo que sé, hubo menos de 100 copias de esta cinta hecha y el número de las que existen hoy en día es el misterio privado de Dios. Hay cuatro canciones en él y ninguno de ellos fueron grabados en el estudio. La única manera de oír estas canciones es de esta cinta. Por desgracia, mi copia está muy deformada. He intentado mi mejor para ajustar el sonido para que sea audible, pero la calidad del sonido es una mierda. No puedo hacer nada al respecto.

La mayoría de ustedes querrán saltarse éste, pero los ventiladores de los Ventilators apreciarán verdad.

1 Jah War
2 In Heaven
3 Take Me Away
4 (Why Don't We) Start a Revolution

DOWNLOAD from Dropbox


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Johnny Too Bad & the Strikeouts - Memoirs of the Hunted (1996)

Cassette-only release. Much thanks to Tim Caron for contributing this!

1 9 to 5
2 Doesn't Matter
3 Eugene
4 Russian
5 220
6 Stay Inside
7 1952
8 Hello Baby


Wild Horses - Funky Poodle 7" (1980)

A - Funky Poodle
B - Neighborhood Angel


Peter Proud - Hypnotist 7" (1981)

A - Hypnotist
B - Crazy


Friday, February 24, 2017

Strange Idols - Tired of Earth 7" (1982)

A - Tired of Earth
B - I'm Normal

This is the very rare single from this Australian band. The a-side did get some airplay and they even made a music video for it, but I'm posting this for the b-side that you can hear HERE.


F-Troop - She Was My Baby 7" (1989)

A - She Was My Baby
B - Rude Girl

This is the only release that I know of by this Australian band. The A-side was on the first "Ska Skank Down Under". The B-side can be heard HERE.


Newmatics - But My Love 7" (1981) [REPOST]

A - But My Love
B - Love Dub


The Notables - Quite Notable (1997) [REPOST]

These guys were from Seattle Washington. This is 13 tracks of pure instrumental ska in the style of the Skatalites.
1 Escobar
2 Knuckles
3 Teen Party
4 Who Knows
5 Rude Mood
6 Misfit
7 Godfather Ska
8 Palladin
9 Vital Organ
10 The Beachcomber
11 Perdido
12 Night Watch
13 Freak Shuffle


Sunday, February 12, 2017

J.C. Superska

J.C. Superska - self-titled cassette (1993)
1 I'm Silly
2 Power of a Union
3 Got so Much
4 No Parking
5 See You Dead
6 untitled
7 Theme
8 Speedball Train
9 Peace
10 Home (for Dave)
11 I'm Silly

J.C. Superska - Hepstepper 7" (1995)
A - Hepstepper
B - A Little Bit Nothing

J.C. Superska - demo tape (year unknown)
1 Sneakyman
2 Danger Zone
3 Feel Like Jumpin'
4 People Get Mad
5 Scooter Gang
6 Speed Ball Train
7 Home
8 Dancing Girl
9 Bartender
10 Fess Up

J.C. Superska - Bartender (from "Welcome to Skannecticut" comp)
J.C. Superska - Hey Jackie (from "Skanarchy" comp)
J.C. Superska - Home (from "Skarmageddon" comp)



Joe Salvo - Life Could be Better 12" (1984)

A - Life Could be Better
B - Life Could be Better (Instrumental)

Don't take this as fact but I think Joe Salvo was a blues/rock musician from the US who made this one-off new wave/reggae song in the UK.
I don't know anything more about it except that this song makes me happy. It sounds like it would be perfect playing over the credits at the end of an 80s movie. You can almost picture Emilio Estevez roller skating in shorts and striped socks into the sunset...

HEAR IT on Soundcloud


Noit Otni & the Pits 7" (1979)

A - A Heart Can Only be Broken Once
B - Moving Target

It's all about the b-side for this one. Slow punk/reggae. Even though Discogs has this listed as being from the UK the singer sounds American and the whole record sounds like a demo.

(Zippyshare is down so the link is for MEGA)

The Emotion Pictures - They Say Space is Cold 7" (1980) [REPOST]

Thank you  Edd Bartlett for informing us that the vocalist for this band passed away last week. There's really nothing online about the band so it's hard to put anything together as a tribute. At least we have this one record. If anybody else knows anything more, please leave a comment.

A - They Say Space is Cold
B - Rescue Remedy


Does anybody have this?

This is a rare 7" from 1981 that nobody can seem to find a copy of. It's called "Galimatias Amoureux" from the Adelaide, Australian band The Jumpers. It was released on Smash and Grab Records and there are four tracks:

A1 - Girl & Toy
A2 - Every Time I Look at You
B1 - Me No Send, You No Come
B2 - Anytime

Band members include
Johnny Jumper -Vocals
Cathy Tune - vocals
Dave Lennon Drums (Later with Strange Tenants / Allniters / Club Ska)
Michael Hope
Jim Bowden

They had one song called "1966" which was released in 1980 on a compilation called "5MMM's Compilation Album of Adelaide Bands 1980" and was later released on the first "Ska Skank Down Under" compilation but the band was called The Jake Jumpers for some reason.
HEAR "1966"

If anybody has some MP3s or if anybody knows of a copy of this single for sale please let me know. 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Click Clack - Ketchup 7" (1982)

Click Clack (not to be confused with the British band Click Click) were a Belgian new wave/disco/ska band who put out this 7" in 1982. I have seen it for sale quite a few times listed as a ska record but I had never heard it so I was reluctant to buy it. I found a cheap copy so I thought 'what the hell' and bought it.
I was very surprised...this is a great record. It's not exactly ska but it is definitely Tone and Wave type of stuff.
There are at least three other singles that I intend to get at some point and I'll post them when I get them. It won't be for a while. I have to put it at the bottom of my list with the other "not exactly ska" stuff like Otitis and Ex-Hole.

A - Ketchup (hear it on Soundcloud)
B - Theo (hear it on Soundcloud)

DOWNLOAD through Zippyshare


va Goat's Milk Soap (1982) [REPOST]

1 Mockers - Trendy Left
2 Swingers - Never Never
3 Newmatics - Playing the Champion
4 New Entrants - The Kids are Crying
5 Famous Five - The Girls
6 Instigators - The Israelites
7 Toy Love - 2nd to Last Song Toy Love Wrote
8 Screaming Mee Mees - Pointy Ears
9 Danse Macabre - ECG
10 Corners - Ward
11 Blue Asthmatics - Blue Asthma
12 Bongos - Familiar Strangers
13 She Collapsed - Save It
14 Riot 111 - 1981

DOWNLOAD from Zippyshare


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys

Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys (also spelled Jil Thorp & the Beat Boys) were from Louisville, Kentucky. They were a five-piece new wave/rock/ska band that sometimes went a little psychedelic. They played everything and Jil Thorp sometimes sounded like Patti Smith. The reason you may know them is because the song "Central Intelligence" from this album was on the Jump Up Records compilation "Death of an American Skathic

1 Father Knows Best
2 Music for Easy Girls
3 Play with Fire
4 Slippin' Away Boys
5 Tourists
6 Greasy but Fast
7 Central Intelligence
8 Moisture
9 Black Jeans
10 Tumours of Love
11 (Got to) Get Rid of Them
12 Mission Complete

This download also includes their 7" even though it doesn't have any ska on it. My record is in pretty rough shape so I apologize for the sound quality but since it's hard to find and usually sells for about $60.00 I'm in no hurry to replace it.
A - The Young and the Breastless
B1 - Stranded
B2 - Love Young

DOWNLOAD - Jil Thorp and the Beat Boys from Zippyshare

DOWNLOAD - Jil Thorp & the Beat Boys from MEGA



What the hell...I threw this one in as a bonus
DOWNLOAD - Death of an American Ska-thic

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let's Go Bowling - 3 song demo (1987)

01 Pin Striped Suit
02 Stone Cold
03 Rip Tide 28

The song "Stone Cold" is a very different version of the song that later became "You Take Me" from the album Mr. Twist.

This rare Let's Go Bowling stuff is some of the most requested re-up requests I get so here they are in one download:

3 song demo

Rude 69 7"

1988 9-song demo cassette

and "...Does the Spiral Live" cassette



There is a second 3-song demo from the same year but I don't have that one. If anybody else has a copy I can make it worth your while to share.

Thanks to Charles Leonard for providing this rarity!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The best ska of 2016

I don't know how we will remember 2016 in the future...was it a good year?...was it a bad year? I had a lot of really bad things happen in 2016 but I also had a lot of really good things happen.
I don't know how we will remember it, but we definitely will remember 2016.

The underground music scene in general was amazing but the worldwide ska scene was better than I've seen it in all the years of doing this blog.

I'll start with the older bands who have made an impact on the year:

I really like the Norwegian band The Monroes who released Sunday People in 1983 and were obviously inspired by Madness. They are not really a ska band but they did a lot of ska-influenced music in their early days (early-eighties). In 2016 they released a CD of their live performance from London from 1984. The sound quality isn't great but the performance is.


I have featured the U.K. band the Skanxters previously and I lamented that I had their rare cassettes "Spark in the Dark" and "Knights on the Run" but I could not find a copy of their only CD release "Call it a Crime". Thankfully for all of us, bandleader Erin Bardwell has released all three releases for purchase on Bandcamp.
You can buy all three rare recordings for the price of one marked-down modern pop CD HERE.

(Incidentally, Erin Bardwell has a new release slated for 2017!)

One of the earliest posts I have ever done on this blog was for the British/California band The Hoovers. They released one album in the eighties called "Skin and Blisters" but, seriously, one of my favorite ska records ever released is their EP from 1981 called "Smut and Class".
In 2016 they released a new album called Moonstomper that diverged so much from their original sound that I can't say I really care for it much but, then, they  released a collection of  five songs that they recorded in 1981 that were never previously released. It's one of my favorite releases of 2016:

The Hoovers - The Lost Tapes:
$5 for 5 songs. Buy it.


 Do you remember when you bought the CD "Skankin' 'Round the World volume 3" and you recognized all of the featured bands except for the one called M.S.Q.? Well I did and I did extensive research to find out who they were and what else they released but that went nowhere. I drew the conclusion that they were a live band that didn't record much in the studio - like the French band Verska Vis.
I was happy to find that they are still performing and have actually recorded music in the studio in 2016. I have included their newest song "The Blame Game" - released in 2016 in this download.

I have posted some of the Suicide Machines' earlier releases on this blog but in 2016 the band made those releases available for download so I will not be re-upping any of the links. You can buy all of their early stuff in this one download  HERE.


The Chicago band Rude Guest released 4 cassettes in the 80s with 4 songs on each release. These tapes are nearly impossible to find but, luckily for us, the band worked with Jump Up Records to release all 16 songs that they released on one cassette called Rude Guest: Lost Chicago Ska 1982-1993.

I bought this tape as well as the Crombies cassette that was released in 2016 from Jump Up Records but they were lost in the mail. I wanted to do a review on both of them but the postal service didn't want me to (here's the tracking number 9500111247136350071619 ). Jump Up records did their part but the USPS failed me. "Lost" Chicago ska indeed.


As you know Madness put out a great album this year and I was going to include a song on this download but I removed it to make room for an up-and-coming band instead. It's Madness. You'll own it some day anyway. The Beat - The English Beat - the Rankin' Roger version of the band put out the album "Bounce" and, just like the Madness song, I didn't include it because you will have it some day anyway regardless of my input.


If you ask me what the greatest album of the year 2016 I will have to say "Peg and the Rejected - 4th Wave". I know Marco made the same comment a few weeks back and I disagreed with him but now I agree. This is not to say that any song on this album was my favorite song of the year but it was the album with the most consistently good songs throughout.
I did not include any of their music on this download because you will be buying this release anyway. It would just be redundant.

(Speaking of Marco...another old thing that came back in 2016 was Marco on the Bass that was dormant for a couple years is now being refreshed with new posts. Marco's current band Rude Boy George released a fantastic EP this year which includes one of my favorite songs of the year - a cover of Howard Jones' "Things Can Only Get Better")

My favorite song of the year is The Beat From Palookaville's "It's You Voodoo Working". This one is on the download.


Here are my top 50 songs from 2016:

Part 1

1 Skasouls - Disco Ska Bar

2 Transmitters - Jumpstart
3 Susan Cadogan - Take Me Back
4 Bazzookas - Torn
5 Cherry Reds - What Did You Say?
6 Barefoot Sojourns - Daydreamer
7 Zipheads - Earwig in My Brain
8 E.J. Moran - Dancin' to the Radio
9 Silencerz - Having a Laugh
10 1Eye - Mr. Baliff

11 D M Street - Lifeline
12 Begona Bang-Matu - My Mate
13 Dropsetters - Wanted
14 The Fuss - Trouble (To Trouble)
15 El Grande - Bygones
16 Defekters - Come Around
17 Screw Ups - Oh No
18 The Beat From Palookaville - It's You Voodoo Working
19 MSQ - The Blame Game
20 Rude Boy George - Things Can Only Get Better
21 Ska 'N' Ska - A Team

22 Yellow Umbrella - Two Lovers
23 Oldians - Same Old Song

24 Freecoasters - I Don't Even Know
25 AKC (Andy Keys Clark) - Wake Me Up When the Puppets are Gone

Part 2

1 Sea Bass Kid - Skaturday Night
2 Sentries - Funeral (of the Horseman)
3 Analog Bombs - Chinese Lucky Number
4 Culture Shock - Doesn't Work for Me
5 Soundabout - Dubbele Tong

 The Soundabout's second EP Nooit Genoeg is streaming HERE and they have a Facebook page.

6 Bartenders - Dead Man's Zone
7 The Big Ska Band - Big Mouth
8 Sean Arawjo - Games People Play
9 Urang Matang - Big Bobby's Back
10 Flowerdews - Fish Face
11 Big Fat Panda - Nobody There
12 Junior Bill - Respectable Man

13 Chancers - Without You
14 Mean Threes - Frying Pan
15 Defuser - Sitcom
16 Downtown Fiasco - What I'm Fighting For
17 Lynval Golding and Contra Coup - The Same
18 Jackie Mendez - Thought You Should Know
19 Heavy City - I'll be Around
20 Rude Guest - Spooked
21 Boss Riot - Hearts and Hands
22 Ricky Cool & the In Crowd - My Kind of Party
23 The Bionic Rats - New Day Rudie
24 Jam Iconz - Hurts so Much
25 Spawn - Stench of Misfortune



Saturday, January 14, 2017

Eastern Standard Time - Take Five (cassette-only release 1997)

1 Tick Tock
2 Oh No!
3 Bemsha Swing
4 Barbados (live at 9:30 Club)
5 Summertime (live at Blondo's)


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Allniters - 1981 Demo Tape

1 54-46
2 Solomon Gundie
3 The Israelites
4 Boots
5 Wooly Bully
6 Chatty Chatty
7 Allniters are Allriters
8 What Gives You the Right?
9 Do the Dog
10 Police and Thieves
11 You Made a Monkey Out of Me
12 Ring Dang Doo
13 Rude Dude
14 Skinhead Girl


Respectfully stolen from Bourgeoizine.

Thank you Mr. Moule!