Thursday, December 31, 2015

Rank Outsiders - That is it 7" (1980)

A - That Is It
B - Crazy Things


The Blackpools Skampilation volume 1 (1993) cassette

1 King Willy - Watermelon Man
2 King Willy - Storm Warning
3 King Willy - Feelin' High
4 The Israelites - Sally Brown
5 The Israelites - Eternally
6 The Israelites - Roots
7 Orange Street - Rudeboy 3rd Generation
8 Orange Street - Undercover
9 Orange Street - SKA SKA SKA
10 Ye Olde English - Big 5
11 Ye Olde English - I'm Free
12 Ye Olde English - Doobies at Sunrise


Dallas 7" (1980)

A - The Bobby Patrick Band - Dallas
B - The Jamaican Survivers - Attack of the Maffia


Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Rag [Utrecht, NL] - Master of Disaster 7" (1989)

A - Master of Disaster
B - Overtures


Harry James - Little Brown Jug

This is not the sort of thing I would normally post on Tone and Wave but I'm posting it for two reasons: first, I have had multiple requests for it and, secondly, it is possibly the only known copy of Harry James performing Little Brown Jug in the studio. As far as I know it was never pressed for release and this aluminum-acetate is the only known copy. It was recorded at Cook Recorders in Los Angeles that usually recorded black gospel music but I know nothing about when it was recorded. I was told it predates Glenn Miller's version but that can't be true. Miller's version was recorded in 1939 and the 7" 45 format wasn't used until 1949. If anybody has any more information please share.

Actually, if anybody knows of any version of Little Brown Jug by Harry James please let me know.

A - Little Brown Jug
B - Little Brown Jug with recording mistakes*


*I'm guessing "side B" is the first recording and the side with the writing that I call "side A" is the second take. Either that, or they recorded side A and got drunk/high and recorded side B and it was even worse so they scrapped it and never released it.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Jay Dittamo - I Should Have Left You 7" (1980)

A - I Should Have Left You

B - Playing Games


va Alive! Rock City (1980)

Compilation of live recordings from some lesser known California bands including the only recordings that I know of the ska band Two Tones and a reggae song by Ace & the Eights who did release a single which was not ska. I do have it and I wanted to post it when I posted this LP but I can't find it right now. I'll update the link at some point.

1 Lifers - Missing Person
2 Two Tones - Reggae Woman

3 Two Tones - Random Riff
4 Elements of Style - Oh Bob
5 Elements of Style - Sacred Objects
6 JJ10 - Factory Limits
7 Impostors - Trouble
8 Impostors - Leave Me Alone
9 Ultrasheen - Super Bad
10 Ultrasheen - Danceannette
11 Dickheads - (S)he Love You
12 Ace & the Eights - Dead End
13 Ace & the Eights - Touch of Style


Abducted - Just Like You (1997)

Third wave ska from Southern California including a really good cover of Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al".

1 Just Like You
2 Work
3 Circus
4 Back in Time
5 Gravity
6 Heavy Metal Girl
7 Time
8 Girls Suck
9 You Can Call Me Al
10 *Secret Track*


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Regulators [U.K.] - demo tape (year unknown)

This band was from London and I don't know if they released anything else aside from this cassette. I don't know what year this was released but I'm guessing early 90s.
There are 6 songs - three of which are covers, and three are originals.

1 Longshot Kickee Bucket
2 Tyrone
3 Who is That Speaker?
4 5446 (Was My Number)
5 Spanish Ska
6 Monkey Man

"Whos is that Speaker?"


R.F. and the Radar Angels - Double Shot 7" (1981)

R.F. and the Radar Angels was a mod-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. This is their first release. The classic rock-n-roll styled b-side was included on their only album "Picture of Linda" but, for some reason, their only ska-inspired song, a cover of the Dick Holler & the Holidays song "Double Shot of My Baby's Love" that was made famous by The Swinging Medallions was not included on the album.

A - Double Shot (of My Baby's Love)

B - Chi Chi

This DOWNLOAD includes the very rare single and the cd version of "Picture of Linda".

Tenants - You Shit Me to Tears (1999)

Australian band The Tenants' debut release. There are 4 tracks on this CD but only the title track is ska. This song appeared on the (year 2000) compilation Triple J Hottest 100 Volume 7

1 You Shit Me to Tears
2 Joanne Wants a Pony
3 39 Steps
4 I See Red



Zatopek was a jazz-punk band from Berlin, Germany who named themselves after a Czechoslovak long-distance runner. 

They are not a ska band! If you like The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo you might like them. The only reason that I'm posting this record is because it is always sold online as a ska record.

1 Italo
2 Maxi on Bahamas
3 Strangers in the Night
4 Ach Wie Gut (das Ich Nich Beichten Geh')
5 Dispo Funk
6 Mord + Totschlag
7 Blinde Tollwut
8 Buschmann
9 James
10 Abschiedskuss


Detonators - Dance! EP (1982)

British new wave/punk band that had a ska song on this EP.
A1 - Don't Talk
A2 - Opening a Modern Art
B1 - Restless Kid
B2 - Passé

"Don't Talk"


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Plastik Bags - On the Rox 7" (1979)

Extremely rare Belgian single.

A - On the Rox

B - De Monki


va Stonehenge 7" compilation (1987)

A1 - Culture Shock - Stonehenge
A2 - Rhythmites - We Don't Want
B1 - Military Surplus - Time of the Dispossessed
B2 - Hippy Slags - Sunlight on the Truncheons

 "Rhythmites - We Don't Want"

"Military Surplus - Time of the Dispossessed"


Cats Under the Stars - Louie Louie 7" (1982)

This record is probably a one-off. I know nothing about the band and I have not found any information online about any other releases. As you can see by the record sleeve, they were from Minneapolis, Minnesota and the title track is a ska-inspired cover of the Richard Berry classic. Nowhere near as ska as the Toots and the Maytals version, in fact, not very ska at all. But it is sold on eBay every now and then as a ska record.

It's not very good but it is very rare.

A - Louie Louie

B - Blue Ghosts


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hot Chocolate Band - Give Peace a Chance 7" (1969)

Hot Chocolate Band later changed their name to Hot Chocolate and they had a hit that you might recognize.
They had a Jamaican singer Errol Brown who had an extensive list of records that he released on his own. His/Hot Chocolate Band's  first release was this cover of John Lennon's song that Errol changed the lyrics to. Lennon approved and this single was released on the Beatles' label Apple Records.

A - Give Peace a Chance

B - Living Without Tommorow


Errol Brown died in May of 2015.


 As some of you may know Tone and Wave is based out of San Bernardino California. I, Jason Duncan, am a social worker with San Bernardino County's Department of Social Services. The victims in yesterday's attack were my co-workers. In fact, the person responsible was also my co-worker. I try not to use this blog for my own personal agenda but just this once I think it's okay.

Like you, I have my personal views on gun control, religious extremism and every thing else. In the end we all have different views on many things.

Do you remember the old Dave Mason song "We Just Disagree"?
"There ain't no good guy...there ain't no bad guy...there's only you and me and we just disagree..."

I'd like to believe that this is how it is. But, what pushes somebody who disagrees with you to murder innocent people?

Religion is the backdrop but is it really about religion? Could it be that it's really about how we as people treat everybody else around us? That whole "You're either with us or you're against us" mentality?

Treat everybody with respect. Be nice to everybody.