Saturday, July 31, 2010

AK Band - Manhole Kids LP (1981)

This isn't hard to find in the back alley shops of the internet and, yet, it took me many years before I ever got around to getting myself a copy. In the end I didn't have to buy it because it was posted on a blog called Rip it Up which has since transmogrified into the blog Fade2Grey.

1 Round and Round
2 8-3-12
3 Walnuts-Molteazerz
4 Over You
5 Too Long a Night
6 Sole Survivor
7 Mister President
8 Nothing's Happening
9 Sea of Smarm
10 Manhole Kids

If you aren't familiar with their sound they sound very much like the Police without sounding like a rip-off of them.

"Round and Round"


The T-Shirts - Mr. Swing LP (1981)

Great new wave ska from this Swedish band who had a hit with Walk on Water. This is their only LP but they had a 6 track self-titled EP in 1980 and five singles. Listed HERE.
Their first single "Walk on Water / Is it Gone" was posted on Tone and Wave a long time ago but the link is still active HERE.

1 Not Another Love Song
2 Dancing in a Glass House
3 You Got What it Takes
4 Last Week's Hero
5 Oriental
6 Walk on Water
7 I'm the Television
8 Be Bop Pop
9 Searchin'
10 Computer Man
11 The News
12 Private War
13 Don't Wanna Say Goodnight

"Walk on Water"

"Last Week's Hero"


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Viewers - Accident 7'' (1980) [RE-UPPED]

Re Ripped. The B-side doesn't skip!

A - Accident
B - Pen Friend



O'Doyle Rules - That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Great 3rd wave ska-punk from Texas submitted by April.

The only ska band endorsed on live TV by Adam Sandler

They have lots more releases for sale on their OFFICIAL SITE.

"Party Girl"

1 Intro
2 Disappointment
3 Monkeys Live
4 Party Girl
5 Sunday Morning
6 Kill Ojay
7 Loser Denial
8 Alone
9 Worms
10 Oh Kay
11 O'Doyle Rules!
12 Short Lived Happiness
13 Death Becomes Her


Native - a Strange Land (1981)

Tone and Wave has posted various things over the years but the main focus has been on bands from all over the world from the early 80s that were inspired by the Jamaican sound. That's why you come here and listen to this music.
Something I never really considered is the actual music scene of Jamaica at that same time. We're well versed in the Jamaican influence in the UK and of the ska and reggae bands still putting out the good stuff directly from Jamaica but was that all that was really going on?
One of the biggest bands in Jamaica in the early 80s was Native. They did have a minor ska/reggae tinge but ultimately they were a rock band. They were offering the club-goers in Jamaica an alternative to the sound that Jamaica is known for. White subcultures the world over were skankin to the two tone sound or were smokin' ganja whilst the latest dub reggae was oozing out of their ghetto blasters but in Jamaica the subculture was rebelling against that "old people music" and they were rockin'.

1 Make no Mistake
2 Easier Said
3 Piece of the Pie
4 Rollin' Calf
5 In a Strange Land
6 Painkiller
7 Collecting Information
8 Chain Reaction
9 Super Dread

"Piece of the Pie"


(this is not the full cover - naturally my scanner couldn't scan the whole cover so I took it to a local print shop and even though the picture is much clearer than my scanner would've produced - even more of it is cut off
I'll try to fix this later.)

Paul Kelly and the Dots - Billy Baxter 7" (1980)

A - Billy Baxter
B - Hard Knocks


...thanks to Craig for inspiring this post!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Piranhas - Tom Hark: The Piranhas Collection

The Piranhas re-recorded all of their classics (and then some) for this collection.

1 Tom Hark
2 Boyfriend
3 Love Game
4 Green Don't Suit Me
5 Fiddling While Babylon Burns
6 Coffee
7 Something
8 Tension
9 Pleasure
10 Solo Sex for Two
11 Getting Beaten Up
12 Saxophone
13 Final Straw
14 Jilly
15 Coloured Music
16 Yap Yap Yap
17 Happy Families
18 Tension (Voltage LP version)
19 Virginity

LINK REMOVED because someone tattled on me to Blogger and I was sent a stern reprimand. I don't know who owns the rights because the label doesn't exist anymore but if they had written directly to me I would have respectfully removed the link and then directed people to where they can buy a copy but they decided to do things the "legal" way so I will also do things the grown up impersonal way and now direct folks to where they can buy a used copy for a better price.

Here's one on Amazon for $9.60 INCLUDING SHIPPING which is much better than blowing 18-20 dollars on the ones being offered elsewhere in "acceptable" condition. You can see there are new copies for under $8.

I'll add more as I find them.

Ian G. Harding - Black & White 7" (1979)

...another great submission by Bruce.

A - Black & White
B - Heavy Breathing

"Black & White"

The B-side isn't ska but I think it's the better of the two.


Max the Dog Says...Do the Ska

A Dojo Records compilation from 1993.

1 Potato 5 - Hijack
2 Trenchtown - Hitman
3 Laurel Aitken - Jesse James
4 Shot Black and White - Rebuild
5 International Beat - Stand and be Counted
6 The Latenotes - Ska Hop
7 The Burial - Shelia
8 The Loafers - She's Too Much
9 Arthur Kay and the Originals - Limehouse Lady
10 Mr. Review - Every Day Another Day
11 Mark Foggo's Skasters - My Little Girly
12 Spy Eye - These Boots Were Made for Stomping
13 Bad Manners - Walking in the Sunshine
14 Skaboom - Sister
15 Les Frelons - Tous les Matins
16 The Banditos - Just the Other Day
17 Maroon Town - Fire
18 Natural Rhythm - Blue Beat and Ska
19 Judge Dread - Belle of Snodland Town
20 The Riffs - Darling
21 Let's Go Bowling - Hare Tonic
22 The Hotknives - Double Barrell
23 Allsorts - Temper Temper


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ska Cha Cha - Secret Reagan Man (1985)

Ska Cha Cha was a band from L.A. that was a common presence at the On Klub. I think this is their only recording (but I hope not)

Transferred from a very hissy and faded old cassette.

1 Los Angeles
2 Cry of Revolution
3 Secret Reagan Man

"Los Angeles"


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jock Strap and the Suspenders - Al Capone 7" (1980)

Just a quick one...submitted by Bruce a while back, finally seeing the light of day.

A - Al Capone
B - The Fall

...a couple of nice instrumentals. You know the first one already.


Thursday, July 8, 2010


This full length has every song Headline ever recorded with the exception of the song "London City Strife" - the B-side of the Carolina 7" which I included to make the collection complete.

If you aren't familiar with Headline you have to read this Marco on the Bass post.

(Headline did originate "Don't knock the bald head - boongie boongie boongie boongie..." that was later recorded by Bad Manners)

Don't Knock the Bald Head LP
1 Don't Knock the Bald Head
2 Carolina
3 Stomp
4 Who Wants a Fight
5 Rudi Don't Fear
6 Immigrant
7 Scrounger
8 Who Got de Ganja?...Herb Talk
9 Rude Boy Beat
10 Abortion
11 Highway Hassle
12 Bald Head Revolution / Bald Head Reprise

Carolina 7"
A - Carolina
B - London City Strife


("London City Strife"..."Inner London Violence"...yeah, I don't see the similarity there either.)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Professionals - Jungle Drums 7" (1980)

...submitted by Bruce

A - Jungle Drums (part 1)
B - Jungle Drums (part 2)

"Jungle Drums (part 1)"


Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames - Rhythm and Blue Beat EP (1964)

...submitted by Rikard quite a while back but is only now receiving a proper post.

A1 - Madness
A2 - Tom Hark Goes Blue Beat
B1 - Humpty Dumpty
B2 - One Whole Year Baby

"Humpty Dumpty"


AK Band - Over You 7"

...submitted by Bruce

The AK Band Released one full length called Manhole Kids and three singles:
"Pink Slippers / Skegaway"
"8-3-12 / Walnuts-Moleteazers" which can be found on the illustrious blog Short Sharp Kick in the Teeth HERE
And this one. The B side is not on the LP.

A - Over You
B - Dead Slumber

"Dead Slumber"


Fishbone - Modern Industry 12" (1985)

A - Modern Industry (Dance Mix)
B1 - Modern Industry (Dub Mix)
B2 - Modern Industry (Single Mix)