Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Phoebe Cates - Paradise 7'' (1982)

Yes, THAT Phoebe Cates.

She released an album of slow ballads in 1982 also titled Paradise and this was her first single. It was on the soundtrack for the movie of the same name.

A - Paradise
B - Paradise (Instrumental)


She later went on to record two more songs for the movie Private School and that concluded her short recording career

Giant Steppers - Uptown Downtown 12'' (1983)

A1 - Uptown Downtown (Clubmix)
A2 - Out of Order
B1 - Updub Downdub
B2 - Uptown Downtown (LP Version)

Submitted by Rikard!


The Malchiks - Skavant Garde (1998)

Rare Canadian 3rd Wave!

1 Sleep Over at Libby's
2 Jerry
3 Smugglers
4 Dr. Skank N. Stein
5 My Feet Told Me
6 Spanish Song
7 Fuck James Bond
8 Mario
9 Lover Boy
10 They Stole My Suit
11 Skankouver, B.C.
12 Drunk at the Carnival
13 The Frog Song
14 I Got so Drunk that I Peed Myself
15 My Friends Call Me Mr. Electric Pan
16 Scott Likes Acid

"Lover Boy"

"Skankouver, B.C."


Professionals - Primitive Man 7'' (1983) & Jungle Drums 7'' (1980)

A - Primitive Man
B - Maigret Theme

A - Jungle Drums part 1
B - Jungle Drums part 2


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rev Counta and the Speedoze - Life Begins at Thirty (1980)

Christian Ska from the UK that sounds a lot like Ishmael United - because it IS Ishmael United. Same band, different name. READ MORE.

1 All Mixed Up
2 Love so Great
3 Motex
4 Hell ain't for Heroes
5 For What We're About to Receive
6 Dr. Heckle and Mr. Snide
7 Marksman
8 No Coincidence
9 2 Years on a Camel
10 Every Circus Needs a Strongman
11 Marmite Sandwiches
12 Ferguson's Mule
13 Miss Us
14 Wot a Life


...another great submission by Rikard!