Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's Go Bowling - Rude 69 7'' (1988)

A - Rude 69

B - Dance Some More

Much thanks to Miguel for submitting this!!


Untouchables - Dance Party EP (1986)

A1 - Freak in the Street (Freak Out Mix) Remixed by Don and David Was (these guys)
A2 - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone
A3 - Hey UT's live at Spring Break Daytona Beach Florida 1985
B1 - Free Yourself (Special London Mix)
B2 - I Spy (For the FBI) (National Security Mix Up) produced by Jerry Dammers
B3 - What's Gone Wrong (Lovers Rock Mix)

Manovalanza - Anziani a Vent'anni + Le Cose Che Vorresti single (2011)

Italian ska-punk band Manovalanza would like you to have their most recent efforts: Their full length "Anziani a Vent'anni" released earlier this year and the single "Le Cose Che Vorresti" that they just released last week. It is not available in physical form.

They have an OFFICIAL SITE and something called a MYSPACE.

Anziani a Vent'anni

1 Siamo Anziani a Vent'anni
2 Fuoco Alle Micce
3 Una Sola Esigenza
4 Sotto Controllo
5 Skapestrato
6 Enigma
7 Adesso Basta
8 Non Mi Riesce
9 La Citta di Vettro
10 La Danza Delle Spade
11 Vengo da Viamaggio
12 Via da Questa Realata
13 Quando Arriva la Sera

Le Cose Che Vorresti single

1 Le Cose Che Vorresti
2 Puzzle Bubble Theme

Download icludes full length and single

On Safari with Beat Happy Music (1995)

These were not sold as a set. Each 7" was limited to 1000 copies and were hand-numbered. I'm not sure what else Beat Happy Records ever put out but I think they were affiliated with Raj Records.


A1 - Mustard Plug - Dressed Up
A2 - Punch the Clown - CIA Chick
B1 - The Independents - Buried Alive
B2 - Spies on Sabbatical - Inside Out


A1 - The Skolars - Get Away
A2 - Critical Mass - It Doesn't Really Matter
B1 - Space Heaters - 0635
B2 - Easy Big Fella - Lucky Donkey (live)