Monday, April 20, 2015

Jadanstik - Doe Maar...Zolang Het Nog Kan! 7" (1983)

I'm not very fluent in Dutch but I'm guessing the title here translates to "Go Ahead...Make My Day". Both songs are ska. The A-side is in Dutch, the B-side is in English. Both songs are really good.

There is a very successful Dutch ska band called Doe Maar but this has nothing to do with that band. I have all of Doe Maar's 80s discography. If anybody gives a damn, let me know and I'll post it.

A - Doe Maar...Zolang Het Nog Kan!

B - Aline


Friday, April 17, 2015

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - All Good Ska is One (2015)

Watch on YouTube.

...from the album "Ska Me Forever".

The video was filmed during SkaPara's recent tour of Mexico.

Mod Philo - What Went On 7" (1981) [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

There's a personal story behind this one. Many moons ago somebody sent me a sound clip of this record and I've been looking for it ever since. The thing is that their sound file was labeled as "MAd" Philo" and I have been looking for Mad Philo ever since - with no luck. I asked your friend and mine Bristolboy if he had it. I didn't really expect that he would but I was hoping that he had at least heard about it and could give me some more info, and could you believe it, he sent me the files. All 3 tracks and the scans.    

I had no idea that these guys were from California. I am compiling a 'rare ska from California in the 80s' set and I'm up to about 60 songs so far and I will definitely be including this band in that post.

 Now that I know how to spell their name correctly I should have an easier time getting a copy of my own. As a record collector you have to love that packaging.

A1 - What Went On?
B1 - Working Man
B2 - Could've Been

"What Went On?"

"Working Man"


Again, thanks to Bristolboy for this one!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spark N Cinder - Spark N Cinder LP (1984)

Rare LP by this California ska/reggae/calypso band. They are still active to this day but I don't know that they ever released anything else. The internet is stingy with the details.

1 Sing This Song
2 Dangerous
3 Looking Glass
4 Batucada
5 (I am) In the Mood
6 Paradise
7 No Exceptions
8 The Music Still There


"Looking Glass"


Friday, April 10, 2015

Beatroots - Unnecessary War 7" (1982)

 "In the late 70’s Flashback began life, in Cardiff, as a Reggae/Funk outfit.

With the early success of UB40 and the rise of Two-Tone, the decision was made to concentrate on Reggae, and the band’s name was changed to The Beatroots to better reflect the new direction.

1982 saw the independent release of the Bob Lamb-produced tracks Unnecessary War and I Wanna Dance With You. Both songs were written by J. Henry.

The band split around 1983 due to business disagreements."

A - Unnecessary War

B - I Wanna Dance With You


Much thanks to Bristolboy from My Life's a Jigsaw for providing the sounds and scans!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Chainska Brassika [London] - Bad Habits (2015)

Incredible British ska done right. This song is a prelude to their upcoming debut album that should be released later this year. It was released on April 1st and is available at Bandcamp - name your price.

Watch on Youtube

Their 2013 5-track EP "Unwind" is available at iTunes HERE. The song "This I Know" from the EP was also released as a single with an otherwise unreleased B-side also available at Bandcamp HERE.

Chainska Brassika Twitter

Chainska Brassika Facebook

Chainska Brassika SoundCloud