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Uptown Rulers - Speak Up! EP (1984)

Authentic 2 Tone sounds from Bloomington Illinois from 1984.
Their 6 song EP Twelve Inches is also included in this download.

A1 - Somebody Else's Fun
A2 - Bay of Kids
B1 - Leaky Roof
B2 - Nightclub Dying

"Somebody Else's Fun"
"Nightclub Dying"


Top Secret - Another Crazy Day (1981)

I previously posted their single for "She's So Ugly" HERE.

Thanks to Bristolboy for this submission!

1 Another Crazy Day
2 Let Me Take Your Photograph
3 I Love My Video
4 I Wanna be Your TV
5 Oi Referee
6 She's so Ugly
7 Let Me Take Your Number
8 Don't Say No
09 Do You Like My Stereo
10 Talking Heads
11 It Won't be Long Now
12 Radio

"Let Me Take Your Number"


Stormed - demo tape (1985?)

1 Red Men
2 Trouble at Home
3 The Burn

This version of Trouble at Home is very different than the version that is on the Trouble at Home 12". The song The Burn is on the Beau Terry 7" but is also a different version. The song Red Men was not on either record release.

"Trouble at Home"

For those of you who don't have the vinyls they are included in both downloads


Strange Tenants - Live at Cardiff's Worker's Club (8th December 1984)

1 Two Steps Back
2 Just What You Need
3 Hard Times
4 Shoulder to Shoulder
5 instrumental
6 Cannon Fodder
7 Killer Zombies
8 007 Shantytown
9 Dreaming of You
10 Things are Looking Good
11 I Work at My Machine
12 Temptation Got the Better of Me
13 Not a Crime
14 Grey Skies (Over Collingwood)
15 Soldier Boy*
16 Big Red Bus
17 The Firm
18 This is the U.S.A.
19 One Thirty
20 Rude Boys Outta Jail

*track 15 Soldier Boy cuts off. It sounds as though this came from a tape that either got chewed up or came to and end in middle of this song.

Thank to the anonymous submitter!!

You're Goddamn Right!

(I was just having fun with this. Nothing serious. Just 8 songs from series 1,2 and 3. One isn't really reggae but I like it so I included it. If you're a fan of the show or you just like dancehall/instrumental dub you may like this. Not recommended for meth-heads. Definitely recommended for pot-heads.)

In Crowd - Mango Walk (1975)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tom Collins and the Cocktail Shakers - Pick It Up (1992)

 Tom Collins was formed in the fall of 1991 by Gerry LaFemina and Matt Mullins, two mfa students at WMU. As far as we know they were Kalamazoo's first and only ska fusion band. At its height the band contained 10 members: Gerry (vox), Matt (guitars) Levi Strickland (bass), AA Miller (drums), Megan Coats (keyboard), Kelly Argyle (baritone sax) Jon Laviari (tenor sax), Paul Dorich (alto sax), Dave Marlatt, (trombone) and Jeff Sarnacki (trombone). They regularly played Club Soda, Harvey's, local festivals and various clubs throughout Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin. In late 1991 they put out their first recording, a 45 with the songs "Chaplinesque" and "Animated Violence" recorded at Brown and Brown studios. This was shortly followed by their full length cassette release "Pick it Up" also recorded at Brown and Brown. The band was known for its high energy shows and played with a number of Ska legends including, Bad Manners and The Toasters. The band broke up in 1994. Members have since gone on to play in many well known local bands including, Schrodinger's Cat, Tao Jones, The Large Hungarians, Blue Dahlia, Whiskey Before Breakfast and Yoroka. 

1 Skamunist Party
2 Chuck Taylors
3 Witness
4 Chaplinesque
5 Washcloth
6 Cereal Box
7 Picnic
8 State Trooper
9 Crush
10 Big Hair
11 Animated Violence

"Skamunist Party"
"State Trooper"


Real to Real - White Man Reggae (1980)

Real to Real were a U.K. new wave/reggae band that featured Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode and, as far as I know, they had three singles. This is the most popular of the three.*

A - White Man Reggae
B - One of These Days


*(...and, no, I don't have the other two. Not yet anyway.)

Black Crowes - Play Bob Marley

1 Pimper's Paradise
2 Time Will Tell
3 Three Little Birds
4 Kinky Reggae


Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae 7'' (1982)

This record was apparently a big hit for this Dutch duo. Read HERE.
A - Sunshine Reggae
B - White Horse


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Sharp Ties - Get That Beat (1981) [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

Sharp Ties were from Greece. They played new wave rock but their first album had a heavy ska/reggae/mod influence. Their second album "Safari Boys" released a year later was almost completely devoid of the ska sound. There were 2 songs that had a slight influence Sleep Tight Tonight and Camino Real but the rest of the album was straight forward new wave rock.

They had a total of 4 full length albums and I only have the first two so I don't know if they have any other ska styled songs but they also had some singles (HERE's their discography). One of which was the "Work" 7" from 1985. The b-side "Boogaloo" has the influence so I have included that song in this download.

1 Ties
2 Making Bombs
3 Get That Beat
4 Playing Jesus
5 Rock the Boat
6 Perfume
7 Black Wars
8 Just Five Minutes
9 My Girl
10  Ende
* Boogaloo