Saturday, January 14, 2017

Eastern Standard Time - Take Five (cassette-only release 1997)

1 Tick Tock
2 Oh No!
3 Bemsha Swing
4 Barbados (live at 9:30 Club)
5 Summertime (live at Blondo's)


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Allniters - 1981 Demo Tape

1 54-46
2 Solomon Gundie
3 The Israelites
4 Boots
5 Wooly Bully
6 Chatty Chatty
7 Allniters are Allriters
8 What Gives You the Right?
9 Do the Dog
10 Police and Thieves
11 You Made a Monkey Out of Me
12 Ring Dang Doo
13 Rude Dude
14 Skinhead Girl


Respectfully stolen from Bourgeoizine.

Thank you Mr. Moule!

Investigators - Steal the Show (1996)

Up-tempo 90s ska from Washington with a pre-third wave sound. Not ska-punk.

1 Investigators
2 Evil Twin
3 Rudy
4 Atomic Cafe
5 Spending the Night
6 Mr. Dupont
7 A Look Ahead
8 Let Her Know
9 Uh Oh! Oh No!
10 Mass-Ska-Raid
11 Alcoholic
12 I Don't Wanna Hear It Anymore


Void! [Denmark] - Middle Class Rebel 7" (1982)

A - Middle Class Rebel

B - Wonder Fun


Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Eclectics - We Can Make it Happen (1996)

This is the Eclectics' demo tape. I am posting it by request. To be honest I thought I already posted it but I have searched the blog and found no evidence of any former post so - here you go. Obnoxious ska-punk done right.  The first three tracks are on the vinyl version of their first single but the song "Cutting" is not available on any of their other releases. The same recording of the song does appear on "Misfits of Ska II" but it plays faster on the cassette than on the cd version.

A1 - We Can Make it Happen
A2 - Boba Fett
B1 - Harry
B2 - Cutting


Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Busters - 1987 demo tape

This is the Busters' first release. There are two studio recordings - Orion which was re-recorded and featured on their second album Couch Potatoes as Space Patrol Orion. The version on this tape is a different version from the one on Couch Potatoes. Then there is the song Keen on Games which is the same version that was on the bonus tracks of the Ruder Than Rude re-release.

A1 - Orion
A2 - Keen On Games
B1 - Guns of Navarone (live)
B2 - My Girl Lollipop (live)
B3 - Lip Up Fatty (live)


Much thanks to fellow skarcheologist Charles Leonard for preserving these tracks! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Yebo - What a Desaster...! (1991 demo tape)

1 You Really Got Me
2 Dead End Street
3 Midnight in Ethiopia
4 Apple Ska
5 Carry Go Bring Come
6 Phoenix City
7 What a Desaster..
8 Sound Pressure
9 Famine
10 Rocker's Rumba


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Dutty Rass [California] - Dutty Rass 7" (1980)

Okay, here it is. This is the third in my series of the three rarest ska records in California history.

In case you missed them the others were RAM - Our Physics May Not Apply, and The Corvairs - Self Abuse.

This is a 7" with 4 songs. All 4 are reggae/ska. No punk, no new wave. As usual I have no information to offer. Enjoy.

A1 - Our Time, Baby
A2 - How Many Chances (Would You Take)?
B1 - Burnin'
B2 - Out Of It


Not Quite Ska - Part 1

Quite often I find a lot of music on eBay, Discogs, and other online sellers that is sold as "ska" which isn't ska. I have been disappointed so many times by buying things blindly that you would assume I would learn my lesson at some point and only buy things that I hear first, but I keep falling for it. There are a couple reasons for this - firstly, when I go to record shops, conventions, thrift stores, etc. I take way more chances on things than I do when I buy online and I have struck gold too many times that I see no need to to change my ways. Secondly, I listen to lots of different types of music (we all do, I know) so, even though it may not be what I'm looking for, it might still be good.

Here are a few things I bought thinking they were ska but they aren't - but they're still pretty good.

Drive-Ins - Movie Girls (1985)
I'm posting this one because I get requests for it - a lot of requests. It's labeled as ska on Discogs but it's not ska at all. It's upbeat new wave/rock with lots of keyboard, distorted 80s guitar, and a bit of saxophone here and there. The closest it comes to ska might be the title track "Movie Girls", or maybe the song "Get the Message". But it is very rare so you might want to download it for that reason alone.

1 Just Respondin'
2 Don't Kiss My Face
3 Movie Girls
4 You're so Independent
5 Life ain't no Day on the Beach
6 Busy Signal
7 Sylvia
8 Secret Sessions
9 Echoes of War
10 Get the Message


Grunwaldt & Bley - Shout it Loud 12" (1987) 

I knew this one wasn't ska before I bought it because there is an edited video for the song. How do you not like that energy?

A - Shout it Loud
B - Sing es Laut

Alleybirds - Habasit 7" (1981)

This one was on my wishlist for years because it was sold on eBay as a ska record. I think this was only due to the title of the b-side which is neither ska nor reggae. I quite like the a-side though.

A - Habasit
B - Reggae Music

Harvard Wingtip Collection - Fall Flat 7" (1984)

There was an expensive copy of this on eBay for years. This is that same copy. Try as I might, I was never able to find out anything about it so one drunken night I just bought the damned thing. It was disappointing to hear in the end but at least the vase was finally broken.  (There was an old fable about  a woman who had a priceless vase and she was so constantly stressed about it breaking that she finally broke it for some relief. Maybe it wasn't a fable. It could have been an episode of Growing Pains.)

A - Fall Flat
B - Luxury Suite


Buddy System - Sad Story 7" (1983)
I am not a fan of Buddy System. They had a hard rock look with a soft rock sound and all of their music was incredibly 80s. They wanted to impress Cyndi Lauper's, Poison's, and Bonnie Raitt's fans all at the same time. They were radio-friendly enough to the point of being bland.
Now, after slandering their good name (I know they have a fan base that wouldn't tolerate my comments all that well), I have to admit that I absolutely love their first record. Both sides are great. It doesn't sound like their other releases. Both songs are a little more heartfelt and there is a slight-but-noticeable ska influence in the rhythms of both songs. I heard samples of both songs before I bought this one and I sat on it too long so somebody else bought it. It took me years to find another copy and the small sample ate at me for those years.
Some of the other stuff in this post is just okay. This is one of my favorite records ever.

I have included their self-titled record and the "Go Back to Hollywood" single so you can compare it to this release.

A - Sad Story
B - Lonesome Cowboy


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Barley Wine - That Train 7" (1982)

A while back I posted a 7" by a Belgian band called Heavy Manners (not to be confused with Heavy Manners from Chicago) and I said they had a second single called Barley Wine.

If you have been following this blog for a while you know I can be pretty stupid at times. I base my knowledge on the things I read on eBay and Discogs and I take them at face value. The Heavy Manners record was posted on Discogs and it was linked to this one here but they really have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

First of all it's the band that's called Barley Wine and the song is called Heavy Manners. Secondly, they are not the Belgian band. These guys are from England and Saxa from the Beat (The English Beat to my fellow Yanks) is their sax player. I know nothing else about the band or about any other releases they might have had but if I learn anything new from an eBay seller who specializes in Andorrian folk music but stumbled across this record at a swap meet I will report anything he says as fact. That's my style.

A - That Train (Click to hear on Soundcloud - I'm trying something new)
B - Heavy Manners