Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Instigators [D.C.]

Another band called The Instigators. These guys were from Washington DC. They played lots of shows throughout the mid 90s but they released their only album in 1999. They did release a 5-song cassette and a 7" prior to the album. I do have the 7" but not the cassette.

The Instigators - Just for Starters 7" (1996)
A - Matty's Song
B - Are You 18?

The Instigators - Happy Hour (1999)
1 Fravo Fravo
2 Spider Monkey
3 Bandido
4 Only You
5 Just a Little Bit Longer
6 Tea and Toast
7 How Can You Blame Me?
8 So Jake
9 Rudy at a Show
10 St. Thomas
11 Pool Hall
12 Matty's Song


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I'm selling my stuff

I have to get rid of my music collection. I am not a big fan of eBay but I tried other ways of selling and trading and that didn't work. Thank you to everybody who generously offered to take things off my hands for free, the people who thought I was being unreasonable asking for $3.00 for something I spent $25 on, and to that one guy who got mad and called me a douche ("All Americans are douches!") because I didn't respond quick enough to his email because my wife was in the hospital having a baby and I was a bit preoccupied.

I listed everything for really cheap but the shipping prices are ridiculous but that's only because shipping prices are ridiculous. I am not trying to make a profit off of the shipping. If I overcharge at all for shipping I will refund the difference.

I didn't grade anything. It all is from my personal collection. I don't sell junk but some things are a bit scratched or warped or whatever and I will list that in the description.

I can only ship things out on Saturdays so it will be the next Saturday after shipping is received. I mail the records in the sleeves. If you want them out of the sleeve please let me know.

Here's what I posted so far. There will be more.

Floella Benjamin - Reggae Rita 7" (1984)

Floella Benjamin, is a Trinidadian-British actress, author, television presenter, singer, businesswoman and politician. She is known as presenter of children's programs such as Play School, Play Away and Fast Forward. On 28 June 2010, Lady Benjamin was introduced to the House of Lords as a Life Peer nominated by the Liberal Democrats with the title of Baroness Benjamin, of Beckenham in the County of Kent.

She released a few recordings of songs aimed at children but she released two records in the 80s that were not childrens' records - this one and an elctro-disco 7". She also has a cameo role as Libby's mother in Run Fatboy, Run.

A - Reggae Rita
B - Reggae Rita (dub version)


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Far Image - Mr. Cop 7" (1981) [REPOST]

A - Mr. Cop
B - Hey Girl


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Tighten Up - demo tape (1990) [REPOST]

UK band that was performing during the Unicorn era. They had one song "Trouble in Town" on Skankin' 'Round the World Vol.5 but I don't know if they've ever released anything else.

A1 - Trouble in Town
A2 - Ska'd for Life
A3 - Inspector Clueso
B1 - How Can I be Sure
B2 - Dog on Heat


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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Bushbaby - Hey-Yo 7" (1988)

This is another one of those extremely rare California ska records from the 80s.
I don't know much about this band but I know the band-leader/vocalist Stavros has remained active in music and is still playing ska.

He has several songs available on CD Baby HERE.

This record isn't available anywhere as far as I know.

A - Hey-Yo
B - Spaceman


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Marina - Baby I Love You 7" (1980)

A - Baby, I Love You
B - Silly


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Name that tune!

Does anybody have any idea what song this is?
It's possibly from a California band. It was taken from a tape of a recording of a ska radio show from San Diego in the mid-90s.


Voodoo Glow Skulls - singles (part 1)

Who do voodoo? We do...
Here are their first four singles. They didn't start out as a ska band but you can see how they progressed from a unique punk band to a unique ska band in these early records.
(This is part 1. There will be a part 2 and maybe a part 3 of their non-album stuff.)

The Old of Tomorrow (1990)
1 Change of Face
2 Ugly Stick
3 Jocks From Hell
4 Freak Show
5 The Clash
6 Nicotine Fit

Rasta Mis Huevos (1992)
1 Matter of Time
2 Mr. Bossman
3 Here Comes the Sun
4 You're the Problem
5 Trouble Walkin
6 Empty Bottles

We're Coloring Fun (1993)
1 Method to this Madness
2 Closet Monster
3 You Don't Have a Clue
4 Thrift Shop Junkie
5 Jive Psycho
6 This ain't No Disco
7 Wife & Kid

Dogpile 7" (1993)
1 Dog Pile!
2 Can't Happen Here
3 C-School


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Sunday, February 25, 2018

va Ska Spelled Backward (1997)

1 Skinnerbox - You Rascal You
2 Mad Butchers - Cause and Effect
3 Slow Children - Big Fat Women
4 Offbeats - By Myself
5 Umbrella Bed - I'm a Veg
6 Dr. Manette - Fifteen Labels (Don't Mean a Thing)
7 Liberator - Flee
8 Skallops - Americana
9 Telegraph - Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
10 Peapod Jr. - Rudy at the Mall
11 Jesters - What's Real
12 Fitzgeralds - Midnight Hour
13 Greenhouse - Agua
14 Chickenpox - Anything You Say
15 Dr. Raju - Just Want to Sing
16 Skavenjah - Skafari
17 Before 20 - Start Again
18 Roscoe P. Soultrain - New Day
19 Gangster Fun - A Date with Destiny
20 The Executives - Robb Ska
21 Youth in Asia - Party at Ground Zero
22 Sluggo & Dave with The Demanders - Cocaine
23 Skinnerbox - Paint it Black


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Reggae Cooper - She Loves You 7'' (1978)

A - She Loves You
B - I Need Your Loving


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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trio - Tutti Frutti 7'' (1983)

My fellow Americans who watched MTV in the mid-90s might remember that Volkswagen commercial where the two guys are driving around in a Volkswagen and they pick up a chair that somebody left by the curb but then they realize the chair doesn't smell so good so they drop it back off on the street. In the background the German band Trio's song "Da Da Da" from 1982 was playing and, even though Da Da Da was a pretty big hit in Europe and was pretty much well known everywhere throughout the eighties, this commercial introduced this song to a whole new audience.

Oh shit, the commercial is actually on YouTube:

And here is the original video for the song from 1982:

Trio put out a few albums and lots of singles but their cover of Little Richard's "Tutti Frutti" was their only ska song.

A - Tutti Frutti
B - Ich Lieb den Rock 'n' Roll

I included the Da Da Da 7" and 12" in this download because that's what you really want.

Incidentally there was an actual ska/reggae band called Trio + 1 that has nothing to do with this band.


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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Two Tonne Bowlers - Mantifiluss (1994)

Very rare demo(?) from this Canadian band that I know nothing about. All tracks are uptempo 2 Tone inspired ska. No punk/distorted guitars.

1 Status
2 Styles
3 Luvin' in the Oven Train
4 Guys Like Us
5 Vassili Town
6 8's Enough
7 Fallopian Tube Fandango
8 Lion Tamer
9 untitled


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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Take 5 - demo tape (1998)

This band was from Lexington, Massachusetts and I know nothing about them. If they ever put out anything besides this cassette I'd like to know. This tape starts off weak with a cover of Eddie Floyd's "Knock on Wood" - don't get me wrong, they did a good job of it, but it's the least interesting song on the tape. Then it gets good, really good with a few original ska tunes and then they end with Baba Brooks' "Country Town". The sound is low quality and a bit hard to listen to but the talent is high quality and I hope these guys recorded more than this.

1 Knock on Wood
2 Hour Glass
3 El Sol
4 Mars Invasion
5 Country Town (The Mood)


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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Turned Around Turtles

 The Turned Around Turtles were an unsung band from Germany that started in 1989. They put out 1 full length album in 1992 called "Ask" (an anagram for "Ska", obviously) with all tracks being sung in English. They were able to release a 2-song 7" in 1993 before breaking up with core members going on to form the band Frau Doktor.

This 7" rip is my own but the LP was graciously donated to us by Rude Rich.

 The Turned Around Turtles - Ask (1992) 
1 Rocksteady Beat
2 Hope My Friends
3 Betty
4 If You Wanna
5 K.K.K.
6 Live for Today
7 Popkings
8 Zummernight
9 A Little Bit of Soap
10 The Promise
11 One Drink Too Many
12 Fat Man
13 General Truth
14 Rude Boy Reggae

The Turned Around Turtles - De Working Monkey 7" (1993)
A - De Working Monkey
B - Bahama Drama

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¡Gracious Rude Rich!