Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vive le Ska (1989)

Unicorn Records classic.

1 Les Internés - Pushska
2 Verska Vis - Go Out Anymore
3 Carré Blanc Pour Serie Noire - Jackson the Ripper
4 Les Toons - Miss America
5 Dr. No - A Frenchy in Brooklyn
6 Pick It Up - Charlemagne
7 Les Frelons - C'est Du Ska (Monster Version)
8 Machtoc - The Yeti
9 Les Giovanni's - Wa Ya Go?
10 Les Ejectés - Aaoaoaa
11 Le Bubars - King of the Jungle
12 Les Saxas - Chez Fefer


Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Eighty Eights - (She Fell in Love with) James Bond 7" (1981)

The Eighty Eights was an Australian power pop/new wave band who released a few singles and an album called "Top of the World" in 1980/1981. This song was featured on the first Ska Skank Down Under compilation.

A - (She Fell in Love with) James Bond
B - (You're Gonna Get) What's Coming to You


The Planets - complete singles

This download is for all 8 of The Planets' singles.


This is off topic but look at the cover for the EP which was released in 1980, then look at the cover to the California rock band Gamma's third album that was released in 1982. That's one hell of a coincidence.

Ian Mitchell Band - Goin' Crazy (1980)

1 Everybody's on the Fiddle
2 Ska Music
3 Hold on to Love
4 Get Down and Boogie
5 ABCD I Love Me
6 Goin' Crazy
7 Take Me Back
8 Hit With a Hook
9 Peekaboo Love
10 Girls
11 Midnight in Tokyo
12 Thunder and Lightning
13 Danny's on the Dance Floor

"Everybody's on the Fiddle"
 "Goin' Crazy"


Herman Brood and the Wild Romance - The Tattoo Song 7" (1984)

A - The Tattoo Song
B - Answer as a Man


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Belly Button and the Knockwells - Look Around 7" (1988)

Belly Button and the Knockwells were a rock band from Germany that played a hard rock sound with horns. This is their first release and I'm posting it for the b-side "I Left the Army" which isn't their only ska song, they did have another one called "When She's Around" that was on their only album "Blow Baby Blow" which was released in 1991 but was comprised of mostly older material including both songs from this single. With that in mind this download is for the album - not the single.

A - Look Around
B - I Left the Army

"When She's Around"


*(I tried to get a good rip of the song "Look Around" but the version I have skips. There's nothing I can do about it.) 

Australian Crawl - Boys Light Up 12" (1983)

A1 - Boys Light Up
B1 - Looking for Cool
B2 - The Night


The Ska-Ville - Ska Fantastic (1980) [REPOST]

 ...submitted by Ronan (originally posted September 20, 2010)

Some of you may remember Vin Gordon as Don Drummond Jr.

...if not maybe the song The Clash and the Specials Gone to Jail might ring a bell -?

1 Last Call
2 Gun the Man Down
3 Dyema One
4 Military Ska
5 Skin Tone
6 The Clash and The Specials Gone to Jail
7 Skin Head Shuffle
8 River Bank Ska
9 Pink Stripe Shuffle
10 Tribute to the Mods, Skinheads, Punks


Urban Blight [Repost]

 (originally posted April 20, 2010)

My Side of the Fence EP (1983)
A1 - My Side of the Fence
A2 - Shades of Blue
B1 - Bits About
B2 - A Nite Out

A Night Out 12" (1983)
A - A Night Out
B - Urban Night Dub

Peace Train 12" (1984)
A - Peace Train
B - Peace Dub

From the Westside to the Eastside EP (1987)
1 House of Gold
2 Get Closer
3 The World Keeps Spinning
4 U Must Be
5 Go Bouncin'
6 The World Keeps Spinning (instrumental)


Much thanks to James!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

SLK (Street Light Knights)

This Ann Arbor, Michigan band was one of the pioneering ska bands of the American Midwest scene.

I mentioned them before in my picks for 2013 when they released their 'greatest hits' compilation. All of the songs on the Dance Disk 12" were on that compilation with the exception of the song Television, but neither of the songs from the 7" were on it.

SLK 7" (1984)
A - Betrayed

B - Why Don't You Call

SLK - Dance Disk (1982)
1 Trigger Talk
2 Loralle
3 So Hard
4 Rudeboy Soon Come
5 Walk of the Mummy
6 Bored and Tired
7 Fight
8 Television


Buy the 2013 compilation HERE.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Pedi & the Lions - A.E.I.O.U. 7" (1980)

A - A.E.I.O.U.

B - Let the Honesty Out


Recorded at the legendary Gooseberry Sound Studios.

The Fools - It's a Night for Beautiful Girls 7" (1980)

This was a hit for this power-pop band from Boston. They did a lot of serious rock-n-roll music but these days they are probably best remembered for their parody of the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" called "Psycho Chicken".

A - It's a Night for Beautiful Girls

B - Sold Out


Charlie da Vinci - Got to Get You Into My Life 7" (1980)

Beatles cover by this UK act (I don't know if this is a person or a band). I can't find anything else about this artist so I'm assuming this is their only release.

A - Got to Get You into My Life

B - I Want to Taste Your Oranges


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Knucklehead - Go Go Rockers 7" (1990)

A1 - Go Go Rockers
A2 - No Attitude
B1 - Sharp Shock
B2 - Ninja



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dangerous Bananas - Cloud Nine 7" (1981)

I thought this band was from Birmingham but I have heard they were from London. This could just be because this record was put out on Beggars Banquet Records. I don't know anything about them to be honest but this record could have very well been on 2 Tone Records. It had that perfect sound but, like so many other great records from that time, it went unnoticed since then.

A - Cloud Nine
B - Life at the Woodman dub

"Cloud Nine"


Bertrude Bartok - Léger Contratemps (2006)

I have to admit that I never heard of this band until I received an email from Dylan who contributed this album. Great instrumental ska from this little known, but highly talented, band from Geneva, Switzerland.

  1. St James Infirmary (Part. 1)
  2. St James Infirmary (Part. 2)
  3. Skamasutra
  4. Grave Party
  5. Kalasmirnoff
  6. Pick Up
  7. Ginette A La Plage
  8. Le Sale Ska De Raymond
  9. Voyage Avec Un Ane Dans Les Skarpathes
  10. Skadadasurmonbidet
  11. Trash Dans Face
  12. Manon Des Ours (Part. 1)
  13. Manon Des Ours (Part. 2)
  14. Melodiska
  15. La Tête Dans Le Frigo
  16. Elle Est Trop Bonne Ta Trompette


Thank again Dylan!!!

The Upstanders - An Informal Introduction to the Upstanders (1996)

If you were into the ska scene at the dawn of 3rd wave in Pennsylvania you probably knew these guys. Nobody else did though. I don't think they had a formal release outside of this demo cassette.

1 Damn Me, Delilah
2 Open Arms
3 At the Moment
4 Window Watcher
5 Tobias
6 Numero Uno

"Numero Uno"


I Shadow - An I for an I (1986)

No ska on this one. This is a new wave album that features members of The Zero Heroes who continued on as I Shadow after Zero Heroes broke up. If you like Zero Heroes' non-ska stuff you'll like this.

1 Riders of the Setting Sun
2 Ghost of a Chance
3 Snake Charmer
4 Blue Men
5 Making Love in Overdrive
6 Stranger in the Night
7 To be or Not to be
8 Night of the Long Knives
9 La Dolce Vita

"Snake Charmer"

"La Dulce Vita"


Quank - Panzerknacker 7" (1983)

A - Panzerknacker
B - Tee Oder Kaffee


Norman Nardini and the Tigers - Burnin' Up 7" (1980)

...submitted by Bruce!

Mellow punk-reggae from Pennsylvania.

A - Burnin' Up
B1 - Stay Away From Him
B2 - Ready Freddie

"Burnin' Up"