Sunday, September 13, 2020

Flash Harry - Going Straight (1981)

This is a new wave/ska band from South Africa. They released a couple of singles and two full length albums. This is their first album.

I have their second album as well and one of the singles - both A and B sides are on that second album so, basically, I have all of their stuff except for that elusive first single that I have never ever seen for sale in my lifetime. The ska on this album isn't really ska in the traditional sense but it's more along the lines of "punk-reggae". The second album has less ska than this one, but it does have some. I'll post that album too...eventually.

1 Late Night Show
2 Success
3 Handlebars
4 Saving Up My Money
5 Hideaway
6 Hot Blooded
7 No Football
8 Feel the Pace
9 Beverly
10 Please...Don't Raise the Alarm!!


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Blister - Cosy Places

This is one of the worst album covers I have ever seen.
This was a German ska band who opened for big names like Mark Foggo and the Busters. They released three albums between 1999 and 2003. This is their second album and I don't know what year it's from but I'm guessing 2001. Who knows? I don't have their other two albums and it took me forever to find this one. If any of you have their other albums, let me know. Let's make a deal.

Despite the weird cover (come on, there's how many people in the band and not one of them said this cover sucks?) the title track "Cosy Places" is actually a really good song. But the winner here for me is the first track "Could it be You?" which I think should go down in history as a ska classic.

1 Could it be You?
2 Goin' Insane
3 Sun, Moon, & Cow
4 Listen to Me
5 Another Song
6 So Goodbye, Sober Day
7 Cosy Places
8 Hey You


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Dogz - No Encuentro Nada 7" (1987)

This is known as a ska record but it's really not ska. Ska-influenced, sure, but not ska. Anyway, it's really rare so I think it belongs here.

I received my copy severly warped. I didn't think it would play at all because of how warped it is,
but I managed to get a recording of it. All of those thumps at the beginning of each side are from those large waves in the record. I apologize for the horrible sound quality but if you can do better, please send me a copy of yours. I'll drink a beer in your honor.

A - No Encuentro Nada
B - Primavera


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Monday, September 7, 2020

Ska-Men - Skandal Street (1999)

2Tone style ska from Australia.

1 Sunday
2 Brighton Fling
4 Day Tripper


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Monday, August 24, 2020

va French Ska L' Ete' Sera Ska (1980)

This is a compilation of 5 complete ska singles from 1980. Both the A and B sides are there. The format of this record has each song segue into the next with a lot of overlap. I thought it would be better to get each individual record and post them separately but I gave up on that. I have a couple of them but one or two of the other ones just aren't worth getting. At least not while there are other things on my list that are of a higher priority.

I had a copy of this that sounded pretty bad with all of the crackling and popping so I bought another copy and it didn't sound much better. The record looks to be in great condition but it sounds beaten-up. Oh well. I sat on this one for too long without posting it and some of you have asked for it so here you go. I didn't edit each individual track because it just sounded bad that way so it's on two tracks.

A comment on Discogs said it was edited like this for DJs, so they can just put the record on and go get themselves a drink. 

01 Side 1
 Chico - Tell Me What You Smoke
 Tara - Ska Man
 Bloom - Danskorla
 Tara - Here I Am
 Bloom - Bong

02 - Side 2
 Chico - Fakin' It
 Skunks - C' Est Eski C' Est Eska
 Vodska - L'Espion Qui Venait du Ska
 Skunks - Solenzara
 Vodska - Thérèse


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Friday, August 21, 2020

Active Culture - Power of Assimilation (1993)

I'm pretty sure these guys were from Maine but I can't find out for sure. Too many ska bands from this era played very little ska and a whole lotta funk and punk and other things. These guys dabbled in the funk/punk/other sounds but they stuck to ska closer than a lot of other bands did at the time.

I know they have a demo tape that I have never been able to find anything about. Not a tracklist or the cover or anything. Besides that, this is the only thing they ever released but they had four different songs on compilations. One of which (at least one) is from the demo.

There are only 10 tracks on this album but I have added the four songs from the comps so here is just about everything they ever released.

1 Redneck Ska
2 Skary
3 Bully Pulpit
4 Type of Joke
5 Work Rest and Play
6 Rudyscooter
7 Blessed
8 Blue Water
9 Urban Jungle
10 Bonus Track

11 Bully Pulpit (demo version)
12 Eat & Eat & Eat
13 Marshall Law
14 Dick Tracy Cues


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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Jack Rabbit Slim - Dracula in Traffic 7" (1995)

Little-known ska band from DeKalb, Illinois. They only released this one 7" with a couple of great up-tempo ska instrumentals and they had a song on American Skathic 4 called Cutthroat Cafe. Aside from that I know of nothing else they recorded. I have included Cutthroat Cafe in this download so you can be the proud owner of their entire discography.

A - Dracula in Traffic
B - Profolactic
C - Cutthroat Cafe


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United Balls - Hobo (1989)

1 Sing a Song
2 Help Me Baby
3 Rock Cafe
4 Red Light District Waltz
5 Diamonds are Tough
6 May I Please You?
7 Hobo Song
8 Pissin' in the River
9 Freedom, Music, Whiskey, and Wife
10 One for the Money, One for the Soul
11 Two Drunken Horses
12 Fisherman


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Thanks to Rude Rich for contributing this one!

The Aquabats - Bat Boy demo tape (1995)

1 It's Crazy, Man!
2 Aquabat March
3 Phantasma Del Mar
4 My Skateboard
5 Doll Art


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Monday, August 17, 2020

Effe Plat - Gein Gezeik 7" (1984)

Perfect Two Tone style Dutch ska on the A-side with new wave/power pop on the flip side. Both songs sung in Dutch This is probably the only thing they ever released.

A - Gein Gezeik
B - Sjtale Zenuwe

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

DiVersion - Champs Elysees 7" (1979) [LINK FIXED]

A couple of cover songs from this unknown British band. The A-side is a cover of Prince Buster's "Take it Easy" and the B-side is a cover of "Rough Rider" that was written by Eddy Grant in 1967 for his band The Four Gees. It was the B-Side for their Ethiopia single but I think everybody has covered it since. Prince Buster being the notable cover. So, essentially, this record is a couple of Prince Buster covers. I just didn't want to say it that way.

I know I scanned my record but I can't find my scans so I respectfully stole the images from Discogs.

'Cause I'm gangster like that.

A - Champs Elysees
B - Rough Rider


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Oh, and I think (I didn't say I know for sure) this record is what inspired Ocean 11 to do the song "Take it Cheazy".

Crocodile Dandy - Rebirth 90s Ska (1994)

Here's one nobody asked for.
Nobody asked me to post it.
Not one person has it in their wantlist on Discogs.
And I'm guessing nobody gave a damn when he released it.

It's not bad. He has a great voice and these cover songs are very true to the originals. Except that they were done in an early 90s style. Which means electronic. Which means early 90s electronic.

1 Hey Little Girl
2 No Good
3 Dog War
4 Love and Affection
5 Lion Say
6 Solomon Agunday
7 Honor Your Mother
8 Little Did You Know
9 Chinny Chin Chin
10 The Look of Love


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Area 52 - Skattoo 7" (2002)

Talented ska-punk from Stuttgart, Germany. This band had the look of a 2Tone ska band. They took to the stage in their white shirts and black ties putting out the black and white checkered symbolism right away but they played punk saturated in ska riffs with a tight horn duo who might not have expected the band to sound this way when they joined. Or maybe the horn section is the reason they sound that way. I don't know because these guys don't have much of an internet presence.

This is the only official release I found that they have but on their MySpace page they mention "The Yellow Album" which may or may not have been released. I have an alleged copy of "the unreleased album" / Yellow Album but I know they recorded other tracks that aren't on either the 7" or the album.

They did have one song "No Reaction" that was on a compilation called Ska 21 - Ska Aus Stuttgart und Umgebung and I have to say this is probably their best song. It's not on the 7" but, lucky for you, it is on the unreleased album that I have included in this download.

Area 52 - Skattoo 7" (2002)
A1 - Skattoo
A2 - So What
B1 - Pizza Hills
B2 - Stalker

Area 52 - The Yellow Album (2003?)
1 Weiner*
2 EZ Come EZ Go
3 Dog Named Dog
4 New Job
5 Skattoo
6 I Wanna Believe
7 The Stalker
8 Suck Me Dry
9 Z-Speed
10 No Reaction
11 Do it Yourself
12 Bedman


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*Fun fact: when hot dogs, or "hot dog sausages" as some call them, were invented there was a dispute about what to call them because they were going to name them after the town that they came from but they just couldn't agree on what town they were originally from. Some say Frankfurt, and some say Vienna. You have probably heard some people call hot dogs 'frankfurters' or 'franks' but the larger support was for Vienna so they are called Vienners but Americans will do what Americans do and bastardize languages so we prefer to pronounce the V as a W, thus we call the Vienners "weiners". When they were introduced in New York - I think it was during a World's Fair - they started out calling the 'dachsunds' but nobody could spell it right. Since they were served hot as opposed to cold sausages that were more familiar at that time and region like pepperoni and salami people just started calling the 'hot dachsunds' which was immediately shortened to 'hot dogs'. Ironically, today, people refer to dachsunds as 'weenie dogs'.