Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tchicky Monky

Here's everything I have by this band. They released two tapes that I don't have yet. I've been looking for them for many years but have not had any luck. In my search for those tapes however, I did find a tape called "Démo 6 Titres" which did not have a track listing. There are 7 songs on the tape and I don't recognize any of them. Hopefully some of you folks can help me out here.

Then there's the live recording "Live in Bologne" which I though has 14 tracks but their old MySpace page shows it as having 20 tracks so I'm missing 6 songs. Any of you have them?

Tchicky Monky - Wishbone 7" (1992)
A - Wishbone
B - Melody Ska


Tchicky Monky - Démo 6 Titres (1991)
7 tracks - all unknown titles
*OK Les Boys from Skankin' 'Round the World volume 4
*Sally Cannonball from Move to the Ska Groove
Tchicky Monky - Live in Bologne 
1 Intro
2 Trop Fatigue
3 Ska Every Night
4 Killers
5 Susie-Marie
6 Baby Baby
7 Night Boat to Cairo
8 Summer Train
9 Dju Dju Jamiaka
10 September
11 OK Les Boys
12 Helicoptere
13 Kinstown
14 Rude Boy Train

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Re-Ups / Re-Posts - Stupid Lazy Pig edition

I do try to get to all of the re-post requests but it's hard to do. It's very time-consuming and I don't have a lot of free time. Here's what I was able to do today which is only a handful of the requests that I got in the last few months. I will try to get to the others in the next few weeks. Thank you all for being patient.

To that small percentage of you who have been sending me those emails and messages with such shitty attitudes, I'm still going to re-post your requests but you are at the end of the list. Calling me a "stupid lazy pig" and telling me to burn in hell isn't really the best way to get what you want from me or anybody else. Getting mad at me because I didn't respond to your precious email quickly enough isn't going to motivate me in any way. I don't know what you think this blog is, but I'm just some stupid nobody who likes sharing music with people. I don't owe you anything. Sometimes I go over a month without even reading my email. This blog isn't my whole life. It's just a hobby.
Get over yourself. Drink some beer, smoke some weed, and listen to some ska. I'll get to you when I get to you. You can't make me get to you any quicker but you can make me get to you later, or not at all.

Spy Eye - Hot Pursuits and demo tape




Busters demo tape



va Welcome to Skannecticut




Question 16 - Jungle of Love



Nancy Nova - Made in Japan 7"



va Skandinavian Dance Craze (1999)

1 The Phantoms - Shack 78
2 The Blaster Master - Jolly Bum
3 Liberator - Sinking
4 The Cigarres - The Legend
5 Duck Soup - Look the Other Way
6 The Skalatones - 4 of them Outta Jail
7 Jing & Jangsters - Wet Dream
8 Skanksters - Weekend
9 Stiff Breeze - Misfit
10 Chickenpox - Rocket
11 The Phantome - Local Boys
12 The Blaster Master - Sunday's Best
13 Liberator - Nervous Breakdown
14 The Cigarres - Beautiful Day
15 Duck Soup - Shame and Scandal in the Family
16 The Skalatones - What I Really Had to Do
17 Jing & Jangsters - Egyptian Skank
18 Skanksters - New Year
19 Stiff Breeze - Two Weeks
20 Chickenpox - No Mistake


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Thursday, February 20, 2020

10 Ska Bands You NEED to be Supporting in 2020 (and Beyond)

Jeremy Hunter is who I aim to be someday when I get the time. Jeremy knows - and cares- more about today's ska scene than anybody I know of.

Follow Jeremy's Skatune Network on:



(as you can see, Facebook wasn't the way to go so other options are there in the most current post)

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Brave New World - Brave New World 12" (1988) [REPOST]

I originally posted this in May of 2012. It's one of my favorites that I lamented was lost to time but, thankfully, somebody recognized its importance in the grand scheme of things and requested that I re-post it. So here it is. Don't lose it this time. Save it. Share it with everybody.

A - Hard Yard
B1 - I Wanna See You (Dance)
B2 - Yes I Love You


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Pressure Cooker - Azores 7" (199)

A - Azores
B - Lugg It (higher)

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Basement 5

Basement 5 - 1965 - 1980 (1980)
1 Riot
2 No Ball Games
3 Hard Work
4 Immigration
5 Last White Christmas
6 Heavy Traffic
7 Union Games
8 Too Soon
9 Omega Man

Basement 5 - Silicon Chip 7" (1980)
A - Silicon Chip
B - Chip Butty

Basement 5 - Last White Christmas 10" (1980)
A - Last White Christmas
B - Paranoiaclaustrophobia

Basement 5 - Peel Session (1980)
1 Last White Christmas
2 No Ball Games
3 Silicon Chip
4 Immigration

Basement 5 - Basement 5 In Dub (1980)
1 Paranoiaclaustrophobia
2 Work Dub
3 Games Dub
4 Immigrant Dub
5 Holocaust Dub



Sunday, February 2, 2020

The Indestructables - 20 Penny Nail (1999)

1 20 Penny Nail
2 Don't Hate Me
3 Watch Out!
4 Shut Up and Drink Your Jo
5 Perfect Order
6 Outlaw
7 They Don't Like It
8 Being Struck
9 Dirty Pictures
10 People Grow Up

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Gus - On Dead Level 12" (1984)

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US so here is a rare ska song about the man.

A - Martin in A Rub A Dub (vocal version)
B - Martin in A Rub A Dub (dub version)


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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Tone and Wave's Favorite Ska of 2019

This wasn't a great year for ska. Every now and then (it almost seems like the years alternate from one to the next) everybody slows down and all of the "ska" releases are reggae. It's boring.
I prefer the up-tempo stuff with a ska beat and there were some good releases this year but not many. Individual songs stood out above full albums or EPs. In fact I can't think of one release from 2019 that I can listen to all the way through. So many songs start out as a great ska song and then goes into a reggae or pop-punk or (egads) funk. Come on people. Stop ruining your own songs by trying to appeal to too many different interests. If you play a ska song then, for fuck's sake, play a ska song. Ska from beginning to end.
A few of the selections on this playlist do that. Start out as ska but becomes something else. But I kept them in there because I had a hard time scraping up 35 songs this year. My end-of-the-year posts usually have 50 songs but that wasn't going to happen. These are songs I actually like, not just stuff I feel like I have to put on there.

In the spirit of brutal honesty there were some anticipated releases this year that I was very disappointed with. Top of that list is The Specials. I seriously didn't appreciate one single second of that album. The content was as drab as the cover. Of course the cover inspired my picture up there because I wasn't all that enthused about this past year in ska myself.

One thing I like to see is when old bands make their music accessible. If they all did that there would be no interest in blogs like this one. But the only two noteworthy releases I know of are The Tigers who made their classic album "Savage Music" available on iTunes and they even included the song "Religion for the Hungry" which was non-album b-side which I do have but I never posted it on the blog before. The only other one I know of is a little-known California band called One Legged Bob who only ever released one 4-track 7" in 1996 called "The Unbearable Lightness of Bob". They put out "Best of One Legged Bob" on CD Baby which has the 4 songs from the 7" and three unreleased studio songs with three live tracks. I have never posted the 7" before but, even though they made the recordings available, I might still post it because I think the record sounds much better than the version available on CD Baby.  

Some of the releases that I can't complain about are
Rantanplans - Stay Rudel, Stay Rebel,
Crepitans - Tribulations,
Rocksteady Conspiracy - Rough and Sweet
Roy Ellis "Mr. Symarip" and the Transylvanians - Almighty Ska
Steady 45s - Meaning of Love single
Void Union - Return of the Super Vape
The Beat - Public Confidential (RIP Ranking Roger)
Scotch Bonnets - Come On Over
Eastern Standard Time - Time for Change
Culture Shock - Found it in a Skip (not great but still a must-have)
The Offenders - Class of Nations
Death of Guitar Pop - In Over Our Heads
Mark Foggo's Skasters - Ska Pig Returns

The Max's Kansas City compilation is also essential and Buck-O-Nine, Big D and the Kids Table, and The Planet Smashers also had some new releases in 2019 as well as the 90s band The Miggedys who haven't released anything since 1995. Get The Miggedys - Destined for Mispronunciation.

The one release I regret not being able to hear this past year is an unreleased song that was put out on a 7" by the band The G-Men called "Bottle of Dog".

Here's the songs I enjoyed this past year. When I listen to them all together I have my doubts about whether a few of them should be on here but I really do like them so they get to stay with no promise that you will like them.

1 Skapones - When it's Gone it's Gone

2 AKA The Syndicate - Fu Manchu
3 The Beat - Who's Dat Looking
4 Vankeys - Hand in My Pocket
5 Common Sense - She Loves to Party
6 Bombskare - No Matter What

7 Sick Pins - Vertical Drops
8 Bowcat - Ghosts in the End
9 Miggedys - Panic
10 Earl Pepper and the Dubtings - Always Love You More
11 Drunksteady Beaters - La Peluda
12 Cherry Poppin Daddies - Billy Liar
13 Last Fix - Tale of Todd
14 44 Degreez - Evolution
15 Skaos - Coffee
16 Bocs Social - When We Gonna Get Angry
17 Tellways - Bow to Your Sensei
18 Soul Ska - Lover's Melody
19 Mark Foggo's Skasters - Light on My Feet
20 Sweetleaf - Conspiracy
21 Boomshot - Blood Run
22 Rich Adams - STOP (anti-knife crime song)
23 Bruce Lee Band - When You Say It's Okay
24 Skamania - Power
25 Dosed - Wobbly Van

26 Fat Picnic - Cheap Lovers
27 Green Room - The Rabbit
28 S.A.D. - Three Monkeys
29 Mr. Kingpin - Cards on the Table
30 The Apollonians - Derby
31 Overbites - Time Was Up
32 Phony Image - Midnight Snack
33 Divils - Six Can Plan
34 Shoot The Moon - Where We Began
35 Cafe Con Tequila - Outro


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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Madness - Patches flexi 7" (1980)

This is a flexi that was included in an issue of Patches Magazine in 1980. It's Madness talking about their upcoming album "Absolutely". It starts out with the guys singing Engelbert Humperdinck's "Release Me" acapella then they play a few seconds of instrumental versions of "Close Escape" and "Solid Gone".

My copy here looks okay but it sounds pretty bad. That's a flexi for you. A much better version of the guys singing "Release Me" was included on the anthology  "The Business (The Definitive Singles Collection) that was released in 1993. The other two fragments were not included in the collection and are only available on this release.


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Royal Crown Revue - Hey Santa!!! single (1992)

I tried posting swing music on my other blog but it wasn't well received. I guess there's no real place for it but it makes more sense to post it on a ska blog rather than on a punk/new wave blog so here we are.
The song "Hey Santa" was later re-recorded but this is the original and, in my opinion, much better version.
The b-side is only available on this single. It's a joke that only works the first time you hear it.

I love this single and I hope at least one other person out there appreciates it.

1  Hey Santa!!! (I'm not Sharin' My Baby this Xmas)
2 The Gift


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