Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Armstrong Band - Stretch (1996)

Someone requested this well over a year ago so now here it is.
This is the band Stretch Armstrong from Provo Utah.

1 New Orthophonic
2 Kiss the Bride
3 Truth Surrup
4 Rodent Deoderant
5 Household Sponge
6 Lounging in a Mood Rut
7 Gizzards and Giblets
8 About Time
9 B-Minus Soap
10 Knuckle Sandwich
11 Tug of War
12 Flabbergasted
13 track

"Rodent Deoderant"


Skeletones - 1988 debut

This delightfully hissy cassette was submitted by Ronan. It's the first album that the Skeletones released and all five songs are ska. (Not like their later releases)

1 You Make Me Wanna Laugh
2 Sheba
3 Mugsy Shambles
4 Dr. Bones
5 Unity


Skiptooth [REPOST]

Reposted by request...

Cool Ska Cool
1 Pachuco
2 Cuban Cigar
3 My Turn
4 Otra Vez
5 Preacher Joseyah
6 Rum and Coke
7 El Detectivo

Skiptown vol.1
1 My Turn
2 Reggae Man
3 Taxi Driver
4 El Detectivo

"Reggae Man"

"El Detectivo"


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Club Ska

You probably remember the song "Cupid" from Ska Skank Down Under vol.1.
These two singles are all they ever released.

On the Road 7" (1987)
A - On the Road
B - Beside

Cupid 7" (1986)
A - Cupid
B - Bottom End


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beshara - When You're Wrong 7" (1980)

I like Beshara. As long as I have been doing Tone and Wave I never posted anything by them yet.
Bruce recently sent me this, which is great because I didn't have it. I like it. I hope you do too.
If you do you gotta let me know and I'll post more of their stuff in the future.

Hear more of them on their Myspace

A - When You're Wrong (Say You're Wrong)
B - That's Life


Itchy Feet - Cliff Young Shuffle 7" [REPOST]

...submitted by Craig

You might remember these guys from the song "Orange Chupa Chups" from the first Ska Skank Down Under

A - Cliff Young Shuffle
B - Lonely Dreamer

Here they are on Star Search performing World War III



(This was originally posted over 3 months ago and downloaded over 100 times and only just now I'm informed the file was faulty?!
Maybe you didn't like the live performances but if you skip this one you're missing out.)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does anybody know...?

I have been asked a question that I don't know the answer to. Maybe you do.

Steve is looking for an 80's ska song:

Basically, it's an upbeat instrumental with the band spelling "dance" during the song.

The lyrics are basically,
"Hey New York City D A N C E",
solo, "D! - why don't you D A N C E",
solo "A! - yo rude boy D A N C E" etc.

Anyone know? Anyone? Class? Anyone?


Thanks Jon!! That is it.

NY Citizens "D.A.N.C.E"

Bad Manners - live in '95

Rikard sent me this a week or so ago and I never did get around to listening to it yet so I don't have a track listing but it's Bad Manners. You don't need a track listing.
This was a performance at Hultsfredsfestivalen in 1995 that was aired on a Swedish radio station.
It's just under an hour long.


Highball Holiday - S/T (1997)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin's own version of the Selecter.

1 First That Crosses
2 Why
3 Poetry in Motion
4 South Africa
5 Wake Up Call
6 Skinhead Girls
7 Multiple Personality Disorder
8 Playground
9 Orange Stars
10 Speedway
11 Playground (dub)
12 Why (dub)
13 Speedway (Camille Mix)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Supertonic Sound Club - Truly Something Special

Ronan says the balcony looks much bigger than it really is.

The Club - demo (1992)

Ronan submitted this two song demo cassette from this Newbury, England band that was made up of some members of The Loafers.

1 Waste My Time
2 Not You

"Waste my Time"


v.a. Ska Gone South (1994)

1 The Good Guys - Fun Lover
2 Freedom of Expression - Tales to Tell
3 Full Stop - Skankin'
4 Everything - I Don't Care
5 The Pressure Boys - Policeman (In My Neighbor's Yard)
6 Fighting Gravity - Deep Blue
7 Magadog - Too Much Trouble
8 Burma Jam - New Ground
9 The Pietasters - Catalog Bohemian
10 The Good Guys - Big Guy Town
11 Freedom of Expression - One Whiff
12 Fighting Gravity - Munsters
13 Tweed Sneakers - Third World Rock
14 The Pressure Boys - Fakin' Dub
15 The Flip - 2Tone
16 Regatta 69 - Someone to Cling to
17 The Fiascos - What Gives, Luis?


Me and You - In the Future 7'' (1979)

A - In the Future
B - In the Future

(same track on both sides)

...submitted by Bruce


Monday, August 9, 2010

Dixo Wankers - Bang Bang 7'' (1980)

This was Dixo Wankers' first release and, in my opinion, their worst. Maybe I shouldn't say that because I really like them but this was inferior to their other two 7-inches.
The A-side is a Sonny Bono cover and the B-side is a Booker T and the MGs cover.

WEA first released this without an actual cover because they weren't happy about putting out the name Dixo Wankers and originally released them only as Dixo.

A - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
B - Time is Tight

DOWNLOAD (my entire Dixo Wankers collection)*

*Thanks to Ronan for the live tracks!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Press - Press Here LP (1981)

This is the first of two albums from this band from Maastricht, Netherlands. This LP and their first five singles had a ska influence with equal parts their former skiffle sound (they used to be the skiffle band The Walkers). Their second LP "Do Not Lose the Beat" was more keyboard-driven new wave.

This LP includes both A and B sides of their much sought-after single "Write Off".

1 I'm Gonna Shoot the Deejay
2 Crossing the Line
3 Rescue Me
4 In the Quiet of the Night
5 No Message (Wreath or Rose)
6 It Takes a Sheriff to Cry
7 Gipsy Love
8 Alaska Nights
9 Write Off
10 Boys Check Your Toys
11 Hit the Headline

"Write Off"


("In the Quiet of the Night" was the B-side of "Cantara Pepe" which is not on the album but was posted earlier HERE"

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Babylon Warriors - Forward EP (1983)

California's first reggae band and another regular ON Klub band. Sadly, this is the only thing they released aside from the "Feeling Alright" single. I could write more about them but I would only be repeating what Marco wrote here.

1 Old Board Carpenter
2 Reggae Lives
3 Thinking of Me
4 Let the Children Beware
5 Music Man
6 Feeling Alright

"Thinking of Me"


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Let's Go Bowling - 1988 demo cassette

I just got this earlier today from Rikard. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

1 Hair Tonic
2 Spy Market
3 Happy, Sad, Reggae
4 Cumbia del Sol
5 Bitch
6 Beat of the Dream
7 Y Jamaica Mess
9 Badminton on a Rope


Complexions - Another Teardrop 7" (1981)

I have been posting things recently that are influenced by the Police and, in fact, I have been listening to the Police a lot lately. Synchronicity is one of my favorite albums ever. Every single song is a gem.
Yes, yes, even the song "Mother". Yes, I like the song "Mother".
Shut up!

Here's another brilliant single with a noticeable Police sound to it. This was also submitted by Bruce.

A - Another Teardrop
B - I've Had Enough

"Another Teardrop"


Ocean 11 [REPOST]

It was pointed out to me that these links have expired so here they are again. I have included yet another track from the Blackpool's live compilation. The song is "Ancient Chinese Ska"

1 Housewive's Choice
2 Confucius
3 Solid as a Rock
4 Freedom Sounds
5 Rules of Life
6 From Russia with Love
7 Rock Steady
8 Let's Start Again
9 Song for My Father
10 Can't Forget About You
11 Rockfort Rock
12 Ska-Go-Mambo
13 Take it Cheazy
14 Night of the Dragon
15 Be Thankful
16 Hong Kong Low Rider
17 Stone Boat
18 Cairo East Pt. II


Non-album tracks:
*Miss Understanding
*Stop That Train
*The Best of Love
*Ancient Chinese Ska


If you only need "Ancient Chinese Ska" you can get it HERE.

Open letter to xtimmyx:
I only noticed today that you left a comment in February offering "Keep the Pressure On". Sorry I never responded but I really never did see it until today. If your offer still stands, yes, I am still in need.