Saturday, May 31, 2014

Zzipp 7'' (1980)

I have been looking for this record for over a decade now. It was on eBay twice in the last several years and I was outbid both times. Three's a charm. It was on eBay a few weeks back and, in the end, I was the only bidder.

I have been trying to find any information about this band that I can but there's not much out there. I do know that they have 5 other songs that have been released on compilations but this is the only release of their own that I know of. I do have one other song of theirs called Masochism from a comp called Popmuziek In Doetinchem that I have included in this download

A - "I Quit"
B - "Footprints"
* - "Masochism"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Club Ska - Live (1986)

Club Ska is an Australian band that only existed for a few years and in that time only released 3 singles.
This bootleg shows what a talented band they really were.

1 Darling Patricia
2 Rub Up, Push Up
3 The Tide is High
4 Soul Shakedown Party
5 It Mek
6 Let Your Yeah be Yeah
7 Intensified
8 Good Thing
9 Miss Jamaica
10 Money Worries
11 Montego Bay
12 Cupid
13 Soon You'll be Gone


All three singles have been posted previously but if you don't have them, they're HERE usual, much thanks to the original submitter!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tiny Hat Orchestra - Put a Hat On it (1992)

Several of these songs were included on the "Noon at Nine" cd - same recordings. But here's their full first album with a few songs that were not included in later recordings.

1 Shoe
2 Skaface
3 Sing Sing Sing
4 Insomnia Cafe
5 Blank
6 Beyond
7 Yellow Bird
8 Empty Cup
9 Fine Thing
10 Taste of Honey
11 Long Shadows



I.H. Ska - Live EP (199?)

Here's their official site. 

1 Skankin' Town
2 Tin Tin
3 Cowboy
4 Flung Zum Mond
5 Sex Spider


Regatta Sixty-Nine - Regatta Sixty-Nine (1992)

1 Byronic Hero
2 Bring Me Back
3 Somebody's Cadet
4 Micro Bus
5 Sometimes Things are Easier Said than Done
6 Rockin' in My Rocking Chair
7 I Would Rub Her the Wrong Way
8 Journey On
9 The World is Too Much with Us
10 Trouble
11 Breathe Clean Air
12 Time of Day
13 Taking My Chances on You
14 Addicted to Coffee
15 Someone to Cling to
16 Good Luck
17 Home All Alone
18 Slit Her and Sliced Her into Halves

"Sometimes Things are Easier Said than Done"


Mahjun - Baby-Sitter 7" (1980)

A - Baby-Sitter
B - Emmène-Moi Dans Ta Rolls


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spy Eye - Hot Pursuits (1990)

Unicorn Records classic. In 1994 it was released on cd as a split with Mr. Review's Walkin' Down Brentford Road but the last song "Everything Crash" was not included. This is the vinyl version with all 10 tracks.

1 VC 10
2 Neither Red/Black Nor Racist
3 Look Smart
4 Shake it Up
5 A Message to You Rudy
6 The Things I Feel
7 Phantoms
8 Morange
9 Reminds Me of Cairo
10 Everything Crash

This is the only album they released but they did record a demo in 1989 called "Have a Good Ska Stomping" that had 6 tracks:

1 Brand New Beat
2 Rude Boys
3 Me and My Shadow
4  These Boots are Made for Walkin'
5 Reminds Me of Cairo
6 I Hate You