Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mari Elliot (Poly Styrene) - Silly Billy 7" (1976)

Before X-Ray Spex Poly Styrene released this 7" under her real name.

A - Silly Billy
B - What a Way


There are a few copies of the re-pressing left at Jump Up Records' eBay store.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Noise - College Student 7" (1982) [feat. Buford O'Sullivan]

Before Buford O'Sullivan was in the Scofflaws he wasn't exactly sitting around doing nothing.
Here's his story and discography.
For more on Big Noise go HERE.

A - College Student
B - (Do the) El Coyote Dip
* Full Nelson
* Virgin's Delight



There's a great Scofflaws live show from 1995 with lots of songs they never released over at Ruder Than Rude

Gals Panic - I Think we Need Helicopters (1995)

The only album from this Texas ska-punk band. Both sides of their debut 7" are on the album
A - Space Race & B - Gal's Panic

1 Intro
2 Pit
3 Ketchup
4 Dogs Don't do Drugs
5 Segaface
6 Fuentes
7 Cosmonaut
8 Talk...Laugh...Cry
9 Mummy Cops
10 Space Race
11 Ace Frehley Doll
12 Skoliosis Skank
13 Superstar
14 We've Only Just Begun
15 Backpack
16 Thirteen
17 Chuck Norris Action Jeans
18 Gal's Panic

"Space Race"


Club Ska - Club Dub 7" (1986?)

I posted their other 2 singles HERE and, out of ignorance, I said those were their only releases. I was wrong.
The song Black and White was written about the US Supreme Court decision in 1954 that outlawed racial segregation in public schools. It was first recorded by Sammy Davis Jr. but it's more known because of the Three Dog Night version recorded in 1972.
It was recorded in 1971 by the UK reggae group Greyhound as their first single and it was their rendition that inspired Three Dog Night to do their take on it.

A - Club Dub
B - Black and White


This was submitted by Merrick, but I think this will be the last thing he submits to Tone and Wave because he now has his own blog:

I'll be putting him in my blogroll, but for now you can find his blog HERE.

The Plugs - Crackin' Up 7" (1980)

The same UK band who did Indoor Shopping Center

A - Crackin' Up
B1 - Watching the Box
B2 - Hard Work Never Hurt Nobody


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Strange Tenants - Live at Pharoah's Night Club in Adelaide - 5th of April, 1985

Much thanks to Merrick who will be submitting lots more rare Australian ska in the next several posts!!

1 Cannon Fodder
2 Soldier Boy
3 Just What You Need
4 Shoulder to Shoulder
5 Ball and Chain
6 Two Steps Back
7 Hard Times
8 Afro Beat
9 I Work at My Machine
10 Temptation Got the Better of Me
11 Grey Skies Over Collingwood
12 Killer Zombies
13 007 (Shanty Town)
14 Can't Pretend
15 Born on the Waterfront
16 This is the U.S.A.
17 The Firm
18 Big Red Bus
19 crowd part 1
20 One Thirty
21 Rudeboys Outta Jail
22 crowd part 2
23 Nairobi Airport



We Are Stronger (1984)

1 We are Stronger
2 It's My Imagination
3 What She Wants
4 Let Me Be
5 Dreaming of You
6 Ball and Chain



Movin In (1984)

1 I Work at My Machine
2 Shoulder to Shoulder
3 Corporation
4 Big Red Bus
5 This is the U.S.A.
6 Just What You Need
7 Born on the Waterfront
8 I Can't Pretend
9 Nairobi Airport
10 Temptation (Got the Better of Me)


The Mobsters

The Mobsters were an Italian ska band that was formed by members of Strange Fruit and the Downtowners.
For more on them and lots of live and demo downloads go HERE

1 Steppin Out (You might remember this from Skankin' 'Round the World vol.4)
2 Stop the Pressure (live)
3 Skatty Dread
4 Stereotype
5 Prayer
6 Ludwili
7 Please More Music
9 Far From You
10 Stir it up
11 End of the Party



...incidentally that same site has a lot of Downtowners recordings as well which I put into a handy .zip file for you here:

Much thanks to Emilio "Ludwilio" Gregori for this submission!!

Lou and the Hollywood Bananas - The Best of... [LINK UPDATED March 29, 2015]

1 Les Petites Rues de Singapore
2 J'suis en Desamour
3 Cooky Paradis
4 Les Diamants du Ritz
5 Hollywood Hollywood
6 Dand le Regard des Filles
7 Kingston Kingston
8 Ca Swingue un Max
9 Pas Peur du Loup
10 Ma Jamaicaine
11 C'est Pas Noel
12 Pouquoi as-tu Quitte Ma Vie
13 Hong Kong Ska
14 Et Puis...et Puis...Rien
15 Jericho (Dance Around the World)
16 I Won't Never Let You Go


Monday, April 11, 2011

The Twits - Sweets for My Sweet 7'' (1980)

Patricia Paay is a well known pop star from the Netherlands and she and her sister Yvonne Keeley were in the band Star Sisters.
This is the only thing they recorded under the name the Twits and it's extremely hard to find. It appears on eBay every now and then and never goes for less than $100 because it's sought after more by Patricia Paay fans than ska collectors.

After Star Sisters broke up Patricia had a very successful solo career and even posed for Playboy a few times.
She was married to American MTV veejay Adam Curry.

(Different hair but the same leotard)

A - Sweets for My Sweet

B - Definitely Too Young


The G-Men - The G Files [REPOST]

Great 2Tone sounds...

...from their Myspace

"The G Men are a ska band from Northern England who were formed in 1989 in Darlington. The first band rehearsal took place at Chandos Street Recording Studio with Dins, Dell (aka Mr Sausage) and Crozzer. Shortly after this evening of song, Mark Wilson and Laze joined the band and The G Men were born. After a handful of successful local shows, The G Men supported ska legends including Bad Manners, The Selecter, The Nutty Boys, Laurel Aitken, The International Beat and Bim Skala Bim. North Sea Records approached the band to record an album, and 'The G Files' was released on the label in 2000 to favourable reviews from the UK press. The G Men decided to take a break in 2002, but five years later they reformed after a number of alcohol fuelled rehearsals in Darlington. Since their reformation, the dudes have performed alongside Prince Buster, Bad Manners, Neville Staple, Pauline Black, The Toasters, The Hotknives and The Blaster Master. In 2009, the band appeared at the Feuerwerks Open Air Festival in Mainz, Germany, where their crazed set went down extremely well with the crowd. The G Men celebrate their 22nd anniversary this year, and we would like to invite you to join us in the celebrations."

1 Freedom Train
2 Shout Out
3 Teenage Nightmare
4 Sunshine Boy
5 Victims
6 Valley of the Kings
7 You Go Up
8 Barton Street
9 Stop the Clock
10 The Chosen Few


Monkey Business - Mistakes 7'' (1991) [REPOST]

I had this posted before but it got almost no downloads so here it is again.
They were from Seattle. I don't know if they released anything else.

A - Mistakes
B - Keep On Walking


Ozo - Listen to the Buddha 7" (1976)

British band that played what was called "world music". I forget the lead singers name but her father was in the show Last of the Summer Wines

A - Listen to the Buddha
B - Kites


Monday, April 4, 2011

The Lotions 12" EP (1981)

I know what you're thinking..."who's this Rastaman?" Right? That's what you're thinking. Well, I have a surprise for you - this man is not Jamaican, no, he's actually from Texas.
His name is Alan Monsarrat and he started the first ska/reggae band in Texas.
I have not found any information that would lead me to believe that they released anything other than this EP.

However, Alan himself is currently heading Austin's premiere reggae band Mau Mau Chaplains. (As well as the band Stop the Truck)
They sound like this:

The Lotions sound like this...this is a cover of "Pushin' Too Hard" originally by the Seeds

A1 - Pushin' Too Hard
A2 - Groovin Song
B1 - Get Up (Don't Get Down)
B2 - Just Like a King


rare Australian ska

Bedlam Beggars - Sweet Talkin' Girl
Gilgamesh - Unity (OPIV cover)
Loin Groin - Aiyefel Seat Covers
No Nonsense - Danger is My Business
Off the Shelf - Thief
Offbeats - Ripple Sole Shoes
Strange Tenants - Living Life
Stranger Cole - When I Call Your Name (live in Sydney February 2011)
The Allniters - Jingle Bells
The Allniters - Still in Love
The Hangovers - Large Sum of Money
The High Tides - Wrong em Boyo
The Igniters - Ignition

This amazing collection was submitted by Merrick who provided these tidbits of info:


This band is most of the Allniters plus Kirk Pengilly from INXS - they released 2x 12"s.

I interviewed Brett from the Allniters in 1997, and he told me that INXS supported them
when they first started out and gave them a demo tape with ska songs on it including a cover
of Gangsters ! INXS doing Gangsters, to my knowledge, has never been found.


You have to hear this one if you haven't already. It comes from a rare cd called
Arise Sir Loin which was only given away at their last ever gig. Sadly I missed it
- them being in Melbourne and I in Sydney, but I managed to track down a copy of the cd.


This was the band I played in - I wrote song #12 on ska skank down under vol.2,
but not this one. There's about 20 studio tracks in total, and a few live bootlegs.


Gary Skaman Rosche from Melbourne sent this to me only a year or so ago, rare as rocking horse poo,
apparently Pete wanted to put a copy on Ska Skank Down Under vol. 1 but couldn't get this track at the time.
It comes from a 4 song demo tape.


Gilgamesh were a punk ska band from Sydney, recently done some reunion shows. This is an OPIV cover,
they also do "Here we go again" live, which I have on a video bootleg. Graham, the drummer, recorded some
songs with Tim and (either lars or matt) from Rancid when they toured Oz in 1996, but those recordings have
never surfaced over here, not even Graham has a copy.


This comes from a live set in Manly, the only bootleg of theirs I have.

Half of this band went on to become Dr. Raju, who I have a few cds, live tracks and one dodgy live video of.


Gary Skaman's band from Melbourne, 4 song demo tape 2008. Garry puts in guest vocals on Bluekilla's new album as well.


This came from an Ausrock compilation in the early 90s. I had remembered seeing an Allniters
track listed on the cd when I saw it in a store 20 years ago, but only ever found a copy of it
again recently and snagged it straight away.

Pete Porker was after a cd copy as he only had it on tape, apparently there were more tracks
from this session which were never released and I dont have :(

A cover of a Dragon song - are you familiar with them, have you heard the original? they were a fantastic band,
not really ska but April sunn in Suba, Sunshine and this song are classics. Also, Im into heaps of Aussie pub
rock of the 80s, which occasionally crossed over into reggae & ska. Check Cold Chisel's Best Kept Lies or breakfast
at sweethearts if you haven't before.


The Hangovers live track, from a live comp called pulling on the boots, a show put on by Garry singer for the Bedlam Beggars
in 1997. Also had Backy Skank, HBlock, Dr. Raju, Skazoo, plus heaps of punk stuff. One individual track from each band,
then the last track contained another song from most bands.




The biggest all-ska station on the web is now running on its own server so if you've visited in the past and noticed the imperfections keep in mind that they are now all cleared up.

There are also submit/edit features so you can contribute to the large collection of information, news, and band bios.


Heavy Manners - Flamin' First 7'' (1982)

A - Flamin' First
B - Old Man Bates


The Planet Smashers - Meet the Planet Smashers (demo) [REPOST]

A1 - Coolest Guy in the World
A2 - My Love (Vampire)
A3 - Phantom
A4 - Frozen
B1 - Pee in the Elevator
B2 - Lonely Guy
B3 - Wheel of Fortune
B4 - Gotta Get Away
B5 - Untitled (hidden track)