Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rick Nolov and the Loosers - White Shoes

Ritchie and the Loosers formed in 1981 in Holland and released this 7" in 1982 (or '83 - I don't actually know). They released their next single - a cover of the Beatles' "And I Love Her" - in 1983 under the name Rick Nolov and the Loosers. In 1985 "White Shoes" was re-recorded and released as a single, this time without the ska sound. The band at that time was called the Rick Nolov Band. An EP prior to that in 1984, and a full-length later put out in 1986 was released under the name Rick Nolov.
Ritchie and the Loosers - White Shoes
The Rick Nolov Band - White Shoes

This DOWNLOAD includes both different "White Shoes" 7-inches...A and B sides. The Rick Nolov band version is my own rip. The Loosers version came from the Best of Rare British Ska unofficial compilation (even though the band is not British).

The Rick Nolov Band has been very active in the last few years playing shows, recording songs, celebrating zoological discoveries, and making videos. I don't know if they have an album to be released anytime soon, but I'm sure their Facebook page will keep us posted.

...recorded in 2013

SOTD: Starpoint - Send Me a Letter (1984)

Starpoint [Wiki] was an R&B/dance group from Maryland that released 10 albums between 1980 and 1991 [Discogs]. Their biggest commercial success was the song "Object of My Desire" from their 1985 album Restless. The song "Send me a Letter" was released a year earlier on the album "It's all Yours" and it didn't get any attention. It might have been a hit if it it was released a few years earlier and/or was actually promoted. Just listen to it. This is the only time they attempted a ska/reggae song (I'm pretty sure), but it seems like these guys were listening to 2 Tone records all the while.

"Send Me a Letter"  

You might remember this:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reluctant Stereotypes [Complete]

Their only album The Label was released in 1980. The version here is the one I downloaded from Melthebells Rare Shit!
1 Factory Wit
2 Side With Him
3 Back to the Greek
4 Plans for Today
5 Sunday's Tears
6 Reluctant
7 Lofaska
8 Reverend Green
9 Visual Romance
10 Confused Action
11 M.O.D.
12 The Label

They had 5 singles. Two of them (one & two) were submitted by Rikard. One (The Lull) was submitted by Anonymous. The other two are mine.

The Lull 7"
1 The Lull
2 The Rounds
3 Fetch Mr. Clifford the Political Boys are On Us

Nightmares 7"
A - Nightmares
B - Factory Wit

She Has Changed Not You 7"
A - She Has Changed Not You
Ben Shirtman

Plans For Today 7"
A - Plans for Today
B - Subway

Confused Action 7"
A - Confused Action
B - School Life

DOWNLOAD "The Label"

DOWNLOAD all 5 singles (includes lyrics to all of their songs)

"Factory Wit"

Bill Lovelady - She Done Me In 7" (1980)

Submitted by Rikard.

A - She Done Me In
B - Double Idemnity


Monday, October 14, 2013

Cover Story - It's a Lie 7" (1983)

This band was from Illinois. There's a new wave-ish rock song on the A side. The B side is ska-inspired new wave. I got this off eBay and the seller described it as sounding like Huey Lewis and the News. I agree.

A - It's a Lie
B - Brand New Start



Allsorts - Happy Happy happy

Peel Sessions + Tom Hark:

Local Operator

The Offs

Plate O'Shrimp:

Tom Collins and the Cocktail Shakers:

Untouchables - Cool Beginnings:

Big Jerks - Car Back:

Mr. Review - Ice and Snow

Ska Cha Cha - Secret Reagan Man

Toxic Shock 7"

Schmutz - Gigi

Terminals - Circuitry

Strange Fruit - At Last

Caribs - Caribbean Capers

Monday, October 7, 2013

City Indians ‎– Nicholas Parsons Is Feathery Galosh 7" (1988)

A -  Nicholas Parsons Is Feathery Galosh
B1 - Stars + Stripes
B2 - Take the Monkey and Run

" Nicholas Parsons Is Feathery Galosh"
" Take the Monkey and Run (edited to cut straight to the ska part)"