Sunday, March 17, 2019

Hipnoses - Stilrichtung (1995)

Another band that nobody knows anything about. I can tell from this cassette that they were from Germany. That's all the information I got. And I believe "stilrichtung" means "stylish".

The sound is unique indie rock but they do have one ska song and they had the foresight to begin the tape with the ska song.

Listen to "Pharoah".
Depending on your taste in music this may be the only song you listen to more than once but there are a couple other decent songs.

1 Pharoah
2 Peace, A Heat Wave*
3 Cheer Ali
4 Little Fagget**
5 Haribo
6 My Favourite Marsian


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*This song is mislabeled on Discogs as being two separate songs

**This is a double entendre. It's played off in the lyrics as though she's referring to a cigarette but you can tell she's mad and she's implying that he is gay for standing her up. What's offensive today was just clever wordplay back in the 1900s. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sheep's E-Band - Aks Aks (1993)

1 Chicken Ska
2 Bodo
3 Spending Money (for Naked Women)
4 The Very First Time
5 My Body Aches
6 Ska is Life
7 To be or Not to be
8 Car Stereo
9 I Wanna Wanna
10 Nowhere
11 (A Message to You) Rudi
12 No Fault of Mine
13 Coffee
14 Don't Wanna Lose Ya
15 Patchuko Hop
16 Aks Aks


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Name that Tune - SOLVED!

Last April I did a post (THIS ONE) asking if anybody knew what this song in this video is.

Not one person knew or even made a suggestion.

This was not my personal search. Someone had been looking for this song for 25 years and asked me for any leads. I had nothing to offer.

This past week the person who started the search finally found the artist and song title.

"Drowning in a Sea of Shit" by a band called Citizen X.
The song was from the 1990 Thrasher compilation cassette called "Pierced Ears".

Here's the full song:

Thanks to Matt for the follow up. I was pretty wrapped up in the hunt myself. This was relieving for me I can only imagine what he feels like after 25 years.
Also thanks to the person who was kind enough to rip their tape and send it to him and to the vocalist from Citizen X who allowed it to be posted on YouTube.

The Silence - Return of the Rude Boys (1985)

Remember in the late 90s/early 2000s when so many underground bands were naming themselves with the word "ska" as pun in their names? They used "Rude" and "Skank" in their song titles and everything they wore and owned had the black and white checkers but the actual ska beat was notably missing from their music.

This band pre-dates all of those bands by at least a generation.

Look at this cover. Look at the title. Look at the phrase "Give Me Some Ska". This has to be a ska band right? But it isn't.
You can tell that they are aiming for a ska beat but they really need some practice. The sound is very raw and amateur but there is something charming about their music, especially "The Boss Song".

This band was from Stoke. They recorded this demo at Star Trax Studios in October 1985.
The band consisted of
Dave (vocals/harmonica)
Benny (lead guitar)
Joker (bass/maracas)
Nick (drums/percussion)

Their debut show was at Chesterfield with The Threads in January 1986.

1 Dancing Thru' the 80's
2 James Bond
3 Stood Up
4 The Boss Song


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Sunday, March 3, 2019

Too Hot [Devon, U.K.]

Too Hot - Kickin' Off EP (1993)
1 Agent 69
2 Fake
3 In Search of Harry
4 Grandad
5 Special Agent


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Too Hot - Big Time EP (1999)
1 It's a Shame
2 Kingston Town
3 Big Time


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Too Hot - Nice 'n' Easy (2000)
1 Round and Round
2 Ska Train
3 Catch My Eye
4 Sunshine Holiday
5 Dark City
6 I Don't Believe in You
7 Every Day
8 Charlie Says
9 Just a Woman
10 You Said
11 Lovely Day


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Too Hot - Wise Up (2002)
1 Too Hot in the City
2 Feelin' Happy
3 In the Sun
4 Victoria Way
5 Special Agent
6 Bad Day
7 The Two of Us
8 Without You
9 Wise Up!
10 Across the Sea
11 I Can't Wait


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Too Hot - Time Flies (2006)
1 A Certain Peace
2 If I Could
3 Back Then
4 Alcohol
5 First Sight
6 Time Flies
7 Skalloween
8 Life Won't Wait
9 Surrounded
10 Been a While
11 Where Have You Been?
12 You Said '05


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Big Dog Small Fence

Third wave ska-punk from California. I remember these guys being considered a Christian band because they always played with other Christian bands. They all thank God and Jesus Christ in the liner notes but all mention of anything religious is pleasantly absent from the lyrics.

Lot's of distorted guitars in some songs but also some 2Tone style instrumentals. 

1 Human
2 Finite
3 Joel's Song
4 Rikki Fake
5 Circus Mirage
6 Pass the Buck
7 Shrimp Gumbo
8 Circus Mirage (extended mix)
9 Impossible
10 Stand Tall
11 L.A.


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Bumble & the Beez

Bumble & the Beez was a German band that was started by two members of Headline. They were not a ska band but there was a bit of the ska sound left over from their days in Headline. In 2009 Marco on the Bass interviewed Winston Blisset who briefly mentioned why he left Headline to form Bumble & the Beez. Read the interview HERE.

Bumble & the Beez - Fools 7" (1981)
A - Fools
B - Working Class

Bumble & the Beez - My Life 7" (1982)
A - My Life
B - Signing On

Bumble & the Beez - The Room Above 7" (1982)
A - The Room Above
B - Blowsing


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State of Emergency [REPOST]

State of Emergency - State of Emergency (1989)
1 Stranger
2 Can't Compare
3 Understand
4 Someone Like You

State of Emergency - Ska-Terbrain (1990)
1 Another Day
2 Far Away
3 He'll be Back
4 Circumstance
5 Get There
6 Pinky

*Police Chase
(*from the compilation Ska Takes the Great Lakes)

Key members of State of Emergency went on to form the 90s band Skapone.


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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mistakes [U.K.]

Mistakes - Out of Time 7" (1995)
A - Stand in Line
B1 - Out of Time
B2 - All Over This Land

Mistakes - Shut Up and Dance 7" (1996)
A - Shut Up and Dance
B1 - Fortune Teller
B2 - Plastic Gangsters

Mistakes - Out Now CD (1998)
1 Make No Mistake
2 Ordinary Day
3 Stand in Line
4 Can't You See
5 I'm in Front Now
6 Looking for a Way

*Sense of Freedom (from A Full English Breakfast compilation)

They made videos for all three songs from the first 7"

They had a demo tape from 1998 that was released as a CD called "Shot in the Dark" but I have never found the cassette demo, or the CD.  


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Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Touch - Come Feel 7" (1983)

I have posted a lot of rare stuff on this blog over the years but this is definitely in the top 5 rarest things I've posted.

I think The Touch was from Texas but I'm not sure.

I have been looking for this record for a long time and I have heard that there are about three copies known to exist. The reality is that the band members probably each have crates of these records in their basements and that two years from now there will be 15 copies available on Discogs for $5 each. But I wasn't so lucky to score one for cheap. The copy I found is in amazing shape so I'm lucky for that, but the seller knew what he was selling.

I tell people that when they go to record conventions you need to go against your instinct. If you're looking for ska, go to the guys selling rap. If you're looking for punk, go to the guys selling country. Most vendors at conventions sell things outside of their scope of interest and they don't know the value of some of what they're selling but let me tell you...the guy who specializes in ska knows what he's selling and what it's worth. The guy who sold me this record...I respect him and hate him at the same time.

Rare doesn't always mean good, but in this case it does. This is one of the best rare records you'll ever hear.

A1 No Guarantees
A2 Don't Touch Me There
B1 Trouble on My Street
B2 Agent 109
B3 Jungle & Such

Listen to "Trouble on My Street"


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Sunday, January 27, 2019

The Squids - Don't be Afraid...The Squids are Here (1985)

Calypso/ska band from Los Angeles. This record was also released on CD with a different cover as seen in this YouTube video for the song "Bottle Cap".

1 The Squids are Coming
2 But I Don't
3 Se Maiageo
4 She Just Doesn't Drink It
5 Bottle Cap
6 Sammy's Song
7 Island Cafe
8 The Squids are Coming Again


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Monday, January 21, 2019

I-Tal [Ohio]

I-Tal - Brown-Eye Girl 7" (1979)
A - Brown-Eye Girl
B - Close to the Wire

I-Tal - Rockers 7" (1980)
A - Rockers
B - Better Dread

I-Tal - I-Tal LP (1981)
1 King's Peace
2 Na True
3 Nobody Else
4 Dub it inna U.S.A.
5 Who Seh
6 Fight Down Babylon
7 Babylon Na Control
8 Beautiful Lion

The LP starts out with a song about Martin Luther King Jr. - a fitting tune on this MLK day.
The record ends with a ska song:


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Id and the Superegoes - Gumshoe (1996)

Fast third wave from Utah that leans way more toward ska than punk.

1 Why Em See Eh
2 Vietnam
3 Firestation
4 Rosa
5 Pro
6 Seventeen
7 The Can Opener
8 Halloween
9 A Team
10 Driving Me Crazy
11 Captain Glen
12 The Russian Limbo Kungfu Fight Theme (Work)
13 Jazz Song


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Apparently Utah had quite a ska scene in the 90s. Check out the Utah Ska Preservation Project for a list of bands from Utah from the 80s through current.

They have a Bandcamp page that posts rare releases from these bands. They have ten releases posted so far for "name-your-price". It looks like an ongoing project.

And a Facebook.

More people should be doing this. What state do you live in? Why haven't you started a similar project to raise awareness of your state's ska scene?  (Not necessarily the Bandcamp part - of course that would be nice - but the preservation part.)


Crazy Kids - House Music 7" (1979)

This is a funny one. Way back in the days this used to sell for no less than $30.00 and I was intrigued. For being such a rare and expensive record it had to be a great lost ska record, right. Well, not so much. The song "Achmed" is ska but just barely. It sounds like the Happy Tree Friends theme song. Not great but it sounds like they had fun making the record.

Even though it sells for way less now, you may want to move it down on your list of "must-have" ska records. 

A - House Music
B - Achmed


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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Tone and Wave's Favorite Ska of 2018

2018 was an incredible year for music in general but, by far, the greatest year for ska releases since I've been doing this blog.

A lot of the old bands we used to listen to (by "we" I probably mean "I") released new music in 2018 like Reverend Horton Heat, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Southern Culture on the Skids, They Might be Giants (they released three albums in 2018), Mudhoney, Suicidal Tendencies, Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Belly, Gin Blossoms, Pennywise, Suede, Nine Inch Nails, and a lot more.

But the ska scene was so prolific that it was hard to keep up with it all.
The Specials released their first new recording with Terry Hall on vocals in decades.
The Beat (The English Beat to some) with Dave Wakeling released their last album in 1982 but Here We Go Love was finally released in 2018 and if you ask me I'd say it's half Beat and half General Public.
Bad Manners and The Selecter both put out a live album as did The Papers (remember them?).

Dick Lucas (Subhumans, Citizen Fish) revamped his pre-CF band Culture Shock and they put out a new EP.
Roddy Radiation has two new EPs (1) (2), the Slackers, Rhoda Dakar, The Toasters, Bluekilla and The Porkers all released EPs/singles.
There were albums by
Reel Big Fish
Maroon Town
Stranger Cole (with the Steadytones)
Rude Boy George
Neville and Sugary Staple
Barstool Preachers
Mad Caddies
2 Tone Lizard Kings
Yellow Cap
Two Tone Club
Les SkartOi!
Beer Beer Orchestra
Lollypop Lorry
Cartoon Violence
The Offenders
Strange Tenants
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Hub City Stompers
Capone and the Bullets 

The pre-Let's Go Bowling California band Khyber Rifles finally released their treasure trove of recordings from 1984

and Napoleon Solo has some new material that I will say is one of my top five albums of 2018.

Whenever I make a "Top Five" or "Top Ten" list I almost always go back and wonder what I was thinking so I try not to do that. I'll put it like this: "These are the five albums that I listened to the most in 2018:"

5. 2 Tone Lizard Kings - Robert Faceplant

4. Hub City Stompers - Hater's Dozen

3. The Sporadics - Hear It Is

2. Napoleon Solo - Open Channel D

1. The Skapones - Cradle to Grave

And of course the Interrupters "Fight the Good Fight" is a landmark album that I played a million times. They put ska back in pop culture when they played "Kerosene" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

 As you can imagine with all this wonderful new ska music I can make one hell of a playlist but I'm going to take a different approach. I'll try to not use any of these records on the list. These are established bands that you already know and love. I'd like to introduce you to some new bands. There will be a few of the aforementioned bands on the playlist but the focus will be on the up-and-coming bands. Let's give these artists some attention. They are the future of ska:

Part 1
1 Boomtown United - Love Like Fire

2 Oddrob - Rat Race
3 The Fuss - It's a Shame
4 Sporadics - Freaks
5 Brewfish - Pain
6 Cartoon Violence - Serpico

7 Filthy Militia - Storm Warning
8 Pick It Up - Gypsy
9 General Chaos - Tick Tock
10 King Kong Girio - When the Music Stops
11 The Bees Trees - Ska Tune
12 NR&D - Chipballs
13 Hub City Stompers - Hard Place to Be

(The girl dancing in the video is Aranivah who is not a member of the band and also not a girl she's 29 in this video. She's originally from El Salvador but she lives in New York. She plays accordion in a band called "Ratas En Zelo" but she is most known for her YouTube videos where she dances to ska, and other, music.)
14 Shandon - Wrong Note
15 Well Charged - Family Tree
16 Ancestree - So Nice
17 Dirty Notion - Devils and Demons
18 Skapones - From Cradle to Grave

19 Napoleon Solo - House Conflict
20 Neville and Sugary Staple - Way of Life

21 Rundown Kreeps - Not a Clue
22 The Yoties - Funky Yotie Party

23 Culture Shock - The Humanity Show
24 Yellow Cap - Safe & Sound
25 Divils - Useless
(This is the first version - they released 2 EPs in 2018 and this song was on both. I prefer this one.)

Part 2 
1Ska'N'Ska - Boom

2 The Silencerz - Don Logan
3 The Skatuesques - Back in the Day

4 2 Tone Lizard Kings - Red Flag
5 Stratus Fear - Radio Overload
6 King Kong 4 - My Lovely Grenadine
7 Stranger Cole (with the Steadytones) - Ungrateful
8 Shoot the Moon - Grow Some Stones

9 AkinSanya - Fancy Girl
10 Soul Ska - Do Right
11 Interrupters - Leap of Faith
12 The Magnetics - She Don't Wanna Sleep Tonight
13 Wolverine Amadeus Bastard - Mat&Lazy
14 [6 Foot 7] - Have a Can
15 Skaghoors - Ernest Boogie
16 Well Charged - Family Tree
17 Dinner Club - vs. the World
18 Big Fat Panda - Home Sweet Home
19 Kneejerk Reaction - Apathetic Society
20 Marc - Movin' On
21 Capone and the Bullets - Cruel to be Kind
22 Ska Skank Redemption - Age Like Wine
23 The Offenders - Missing the Dawn
24 Skaworkers - 7 Days
25 The Sentries - Renegade (cover of the Zodiac's song from 1965)






Only after I was done with everything did I realize I have one song repeated and there are at least three songs that were released prior to 2018 (but they were also re-released in 2018 on comps and albums so they're fair game), but the biggest mistake is that one song is mis-titled. Oh well. I'll try harder next year.