Saturday, February 22, 2014

Everything Must Go!

I have to get rid of a lot of my music and I posted a few things up on eBay. A lot of it has been posted on Tone and Wave before and a lot of it has not been.

Click HERE you might see something you like.

I am not doing this for financial reasons and I am not trying to make a profit. I will combine shipping and if I over charge for shipping I will refund the difference.

I just don't have the room for them in my house and I might have to put them in my shed. With the weather, stray cats, and spiders they will not fare well in the shed.

I had several crates of new wave records out in the shed a couple years back and the warm California sun decided that round flat records are boring and that they should take on all different sorts of shapes.

I don't want to see these rare ska records suffer the same fate as my Flock of Seagulls collection. (Yes, I had them all - you got somethin' to say about it?!)

Some are really well priced and some aren't (you can tell which ones I don't really want to part with). If it's too expensive, talk to me...let's make a deal.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wild Billy Childish and the Blackhands Play Cap'n Calypso's Hoodoo Party (1988)

If you don't know who Billy Childish is read HERE so you know a little about the man who is going to mess up your idea of what punk-ska is supposed to sound like.

1 Rum and Coca Cola
2 Underneath the Mango Tree
3 I Love Paris
4 Long Tall Shorty
5 Cap'n Jack is Boss
6 Sen' Me to the 'lectric Chair
7 Anarchy in the U.K.
8 Three Blind Mice
9 Tequila
10 Yellow Skinned Babys
11 Dread Luck

"Long Tall Shorty"
"Anarchy in the UK"


AD 1984 - Race to Nowhere 7'' (1980)

A - Race to Nowhere
B - Leisure Crimes


Late Notes - Hallelujah Ska (1990)

Australian ska classic Unicorn Records release.

A1 Ska Hop
A2  Yeah Alright
A3 Suzie Sue
A4 Hallelujah Ska
B1 Bouncing Woman
B2 Local member
B3 Confucius
B4 Hard Man fe Dead

"Yeah Alright"
"Bouncing Woman"


Hope and Glory - Senza Patria 7'' (1984)

Italian Oi! record with one really good ska instrumental.

A1 - Senza Patria
A2 - Skin Heads
B1 - Ghost of the Ska
B2 - Giustizia

"Ghost of the Ska"


The Agents - Double Agents (1986)

This is a band from Texas (Austin, I believe). They were not a ska band. As far as I know they had two releases - one in 1983 called "Square One", and this one. The first track on this record is called "Reggae Beat" so people jump to the conclusion that this is a ska/reggae record. To give you an idea of what they sound like, when I was ripping this record my wife came in and asked me why I was listening to the Housemartins.
There is only one song here that is worthy of Tone and Wave, but due to it's rarity I am posting the whole thing.


1 Reggae Beat
2 Star Avenue
3 The Way of All Flesh
4 Don't Need Your Lovin'
5 Never Fell Before
6 Swept Away
7 Unconditional Love
8 Space-Touch
9 Feel It
10 My Time, My Life
11 Share and Share Alike
12 Balance


Sunday, February 9, 2014

6 Feet Under - Spaghetti Face (1989)

Eighties style ska-punk from Connecticut. You may remember the song Hormonal Inspiration from the Mashin' Up the Nation comps.

Side One
A1 Nothing To Say
A2 John Dough
A3 Politics
A4 Pearl In My Oyster
A5 Minnie The Moocher
A6 Fish Feeder's Rave Up
A7 Goidzilla
  Side Too
B1 Wicked In The Head
B2 A#1
B3 They Saved My Life
B4 Eternal Bliss
B5 Hormonal Inspiration
B6 Zarkon: King Of The Mutant Fly People
B7 Rude Boy (Special Bonus)

"Nothing to Say"


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Splashdown - It's a Brand New Day 7" (1982)

This record was produced by Neville Staples and Lynval Golding and was released on Neville's Shack Records label. The back-up studio band here is made up of a member or two of Fun Boy Three's studio band. Neither track is actually ska but both fit in with the non-ska 2 Tone bands like the Apollinaires and The Friday Club.

I posted this due to seeing it on eBay recently with the alternative Red Bus Records cover. Look at this incredible work of art:

A - It's a Brand New Day
B - Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I have also included the only other Shack Records release that I have which is the 21 Guns single (previously posted on Tone and Wave HERE)

DOWNLOAD Splashdown and 21 Guns 7"s

Checkered Cabs

This download includes the 1998 CD "Remember
1 On My Way
2 Darling Boy
3 Walk Right In
4 Josephine
5 Honour Your Mother and Your Father
6 Puddin' Pop
7 Walking in the Threads
8 La Bamba
9 Brass Balls
10 Can't Hurry Love
11 Live Happily
12 Perfidia

...and both singles:
A - Something About the Weekend / B - Heathcliffe 8 (1994)
A - You Told Me That You Loved Me / B - La Bamba (1995) a live version of Honour Your Mother and Your Father from Oi! Skampilation (1995)


Hoodlum Empire [REPOST]

Humorous ska punk band formed in Northern California in the early 90s. They had one demo tape and one full length cd. This download includes both.

1992 demo tape
1 Charlie and Me
2 Get Drunk at Work
3 Cynthia Johnson's Clothes
4 Hey, Fuck You Guys!
5Surfer Joe
6 Headbolt
7 Milkshakes in Milwaukee

Looooking Gooood (1996)
1 What Does it Take to Get on Your Show Jenny Jones?
2 Buried in Debt
3 I'm in a Snit
4 Hey, Fuck You Guys!
5 Cynthia Johnson's Clothes
6 The Jester's Gestures
7 Charlie & Me
8 The Four-Word Song
9 Trying to be Alone
10 Dead Samaritan
11 Postmodern Romance
12 Cartoon Lagoon
13 Milkshakes in Milwaukee
14 Gang War at Disneyland
15 Get Drunk at Work
16 unknown

"Cynthia Johnson's Clothes"
"Get Drunk at Work"