Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Lodgers - self titled

Submitted by Craig.

Pure 2 Tone sounds from 1991. Horns and keys, no distorted guitar.

1 Skadas
2 Do the Ska
3 For Her
4 Walking
5 Judy
6 Do the Right Thing
7 Silly Girl


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Saturday, August 22, 2009

No Nonsense - Utter Nonsense

Australia's own version of Madness. Their OFFICIAL SITE.

1 Skatune's Approachin'
2 Dr. Marten
3 My Dad
4 Titan


Friday, August 21, 2009

Local Operator - Pushing Out the Poets (1980)


Local Operator was a punk/powerpop band from Copenhagen Denmark that frequently played ska-influenced music. They recorded 2 singles in 1979 and one LP in 1980 before breaking up. Bandleader Joe Broadbery later formed Jo Broadbery and the Standouts and recorded 1 more LP before he died in 1987.
People in the know may correct me here by saying that Jo Broadbery and the Standouts recorded 2 albums but Local Operator's only LP is the exact same record as The Standout's. Different band name, different cover art, same titles, same order, same exact recordings. The only difference is the song on the Local Operator LP is "Put You in a Exile" while on the other version it is "Put You in Exile" The "a" didn't sound right anyway. For whatever reason the Local Operator back cover has fictitious band members listed.
This download includes the back cover and you can find the first Standouts album HERE so you can compare for yourself.

This download includes both singles:

A - Pressure Zone
B - The Untouchables

A - Law and Order
B - All We're Gonna Get

1 The One That Got Away
2 Put You in a Exile
3 Animal Games
4 Mumbo Man
5 Out of the Real
6 Temptation
7 Footsteps in the Dark
8 In Disguise
9 Backroom Boys
10 Love is a Conspiracy


If you want to complete the collection here's Joe Broadbery and the Standouts second album THE HOUSE OF LOVE. There was a single released under the same name but it was "Put You in Exile b/w Footsteps in the Dark" both of which are on the album.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tone and Wave mixtape part two (Electric Boogaloo)


More unrelated random stuff:

1 The Beazers - Blue Beat (1964) {with Chris Farlowe on vocals)
2 The Suspects - The Bad One (single version)
3 Wilko Johnson - Dr. Dupree (1978)
4 Stiff Richards - Sound Pressure {members of The Uptones}
5 The Plugz - Touch for Cash (1981) {L.A. punk band's only ska tune - I did put this on the Marco on the Bass / Tone and Wave podcast but it's worth hearing again)
6 Sue Saad and the Next - Young Girl (1980) {their only reggae sounding song}
7 Saxawhaman - Amanda
8 999 - Trouble
9 Yellow Bentines - Down and Up
10 Skin-Deep - Come into My Parlour (Bleechers cover the full album is available HERE
11 New Age Steppers - Fade Away (1980)
12 Coloured Stone - Kapi Pulka (Big Rain)
13 Alberto y los Trios Paranoias - Snuffin' in a Babylon (1977) HERE's a video but you have to start at 2:00
14 Johnny G - Highway Shoes (1984)
15 Joe Pesci - Take Your Love (this is a swinging number I threw in for fun)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Capone and the Bullets

Submitted by Rikard:

Dance the Blues Away live EP hosted by Buster Bloodvessel
1 Dance the Blues Away
2 Johnny Dangerously
3 Today
4 Love Story


flexi split with Bim Skala Bim
Capone and the Bullets - Godfather
Bim Skala Bim - Sunshine

+ the song "Troubled Lands" from "Mad Dogs and English Gentlemen" comp.


The Off Beat Niks - 12 (1997)


3rd wave ska from this California band that featured members of Punch the Clown.

1 Dandy
2 Take Again
3 Fly Away
4 Superhero
5 Isaac Was Here
6 Frenzy
7 Hooray for You
8 It's Time
9 Granola Song
10 When I See You
11 Sometimes
12 North Main


Ede & Die Zimmermanner (aka Skafighter) 7" (1980)


German ska from 1980. Male and female vocals.
Their later recordings didn't maintain quite the level of ska and reggae as this - their first release.

They have recently reformed and have recorded a new album in 2007.

* 1982 1001 Wege Sex zu machen ohne daran Spaß zu haben, ZickZack.
* 1983 Zurück in der Zirkulation, ZickZack (EP)
* 1984 Goethe, Ata Tak
* 2007 Fortpflanzungssupermarkt, ZickZack


A - Eva, Jurgen + Max
B1 - Klein + Doof
B2 - So Froh


While doing this post I discovered that this single was posted already on another blog called Happy New Wave and they even have the 1984 album "Goethe".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tiny Hat Orchestra - Funhaus (1993)


The video for 'Jawbone'

...a bit of info HERE.

1 Funhaus
2 Wheel of Life
3 Jawbone
4 Bueno
5 Muse
6 Rat City
7 Wheels and Gears
8 Sleeping Heads
9 Lighthouse
10 Machine in Cleveland
11 Epilogue
12 Secret Track


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Madness - Live at the Astoria 2007


Disc 1
1 One Step Beyond
2 Embarassment
3 The Prince
4 NW5
5 My Girl
6 Tomorrow's Just Another Day
7 Bingo
8 Sun & The Rain
9 Return of the Los Palmas 7
10 Let's Go
11 Shut Up
12 Iron Shirt
13 Bed and Breakfast Man
14 Sugar and Spice

Disc 2
1 Grey Day
2 Lovestruck
3 Forever Young
4 House of Fun
5 Wings of a Dove
6 Baggy Trousers
7 Our House
8 It Must be Love
9 Madness (featuring Prince Buster)
10 Night Boat to Cairo
11 Pig Bag



Friday, August 7, 2009

Let's Quit - Skanouska 7''


This is Let's Quit's first release from 1991.

Their official site.

A - Skanouska
B - Vegetarian Shoes


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers 7"


This post submitted by Rikard.

Before Gaz Mayall started The Trojans he had another band. This is it and this is their only release. (I'm just guessing here because I trust the internet a little too much for information about this sort of thing. Did Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers record anything else?)

A - Trigger Happy
B - Aggravation Station




The 1994 full-length from this Swedish band. Their sound is just a touch dancehall similar to Madness' "Dust Devil"

They have a Myspace with just one song

1 Life on the Hill
2 Mr. Man
3 Hate You
4 Waiting
5 Ruff Stuff
6 Rumblin'
7 Dog Bone
8 All Over the World (track missing)
9 Man Go Mad
10 Tied Up
11 Girlie Girlie
12 Alone

*Dog Bone (single version)
* Girlie Girlie (single version)
* I Would Die 4 U


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Basement 5 - 1965-1980 LP (1980)


Here's the LP and the Silicon Chip 7"

If you don't know about these guys read the Marco On The Bass post.

1 Riot
2 No Ball Games
3 Hard Work
4 Immigration
5 Last White Christmas
6 Heavy Traffic
7 Union Games
8 Too Soon
9 Omega Man

Silicon Chip 7"
A - Silicon Chip
B - Chip Butty


Monday, August 3, 2009

Clive Langer and the Boxes - Splash!

I have a 'wishlist' of things I am looking for and this album has teetered right around the top of that list for a long time. In June when I was without a computer I knew I had to save money to get a new one and that meant not spending money on music but I did come across a few things that I couldn't pass up. One was this album, one was "Skankin' Round the World vol.4" and then there were some Piranhas 7-inches. I knew I couldn't afford them all so the one thing that I did not get was Skankin' Round the World. This is one of those things I will forever regret.
Now that I have these great vinyls to rip and a new computer to rip them on my usb record player has decided to stop working. I know the new computer isn't the problem because it recorded the Sax Maniax album just fine.
I am still able to share this album however because, lo and behold, it has already been posted on another blog called Music...isms.
It's good to have the original, but damn, if only I had searched for it first I could have gotten Skankin' Round the World vol.4 instead and still have this as well.


1 Simple Life
2 Hello
3 Never Wanted You
4 Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
5 Hope and Glory
6 Best Dressed Man
7 Half as Nice
8 Splash
9 It's All Over Now
10 Burning Money
11 Take You Down
12 First Thing in the Morning
13 Had a Nice Night

This download also includes the EP "I Want the Whole World" which is also courtesy of Music...isms. (Please browse that site and download the great music posted there and, remember kids, a little thanks goes a long way.)

I Want the Whole World
1 I Want the Whole World
2 Lovely Evening
3 I Know
4 Those Days
5 Simple Life

You will see how much Clive's music changed from the EP to the LP that he recorded after producing Madness' "One Step Beyond"

Here he is in the film "Take it or Leave It" (the guy standing up)

The covers for the album and the "It's All Over Now" single were created by Barney Bubbles and they all had the 5-pointed crown...

...which Madness has recently begun using as their own symbol.

Clive Langer has also produced Elvis Costello, Morrisey, Dexy's Midnight Runners, They Might Be Giants, The Teardrop Explodes, and more as well as having been in Deaf School, Big In Japan, and Bette Bright and the Illuminations (The Boxes basically were The Illuminations).
And, yes, he did produce The Liberty of Norton Folgate. HERE'S his site.