Saturday, February 21, 2009

Strange Fruit - At Last


More 2Tone sounds from this Italian band. This was a Unicorn Records release from 1990.

I intended to post this a while back but I just couldn't get a good version. Even now "Soul Shake Down Party" still skips in a couple of spots. The copy I have looks perfect so I have no idea why it keeps skipping. I apologize for the quality, but really this is the best I can do.

1 Back to Me Again
2 No Money in de Pocket
3 Soul Shake Down Party
4 The Bomb
5 Over the Border
6 In the Mood for Lovin'
7 Crazy World
8 Peer Gynt
9 Tender
10 City Raindrops


I uploaded this to seems Sharebee is kind of a pain in the ass.
The reason I went with zShare in the first place is the same reason I've been using Badongo more recently and that's because they tell me how many times the files have been downloaded. That helps me determine what direction I should be going with this blog. Mediafire is a lot easier to use and I will continue with them but I appreciate comments.
I've been getting a lot more feedback lately and it makes me feel like I'm doing this for a reason. There have been a couple of times in the last several months that I was just going to abandon Tone and Wave, but because of the emails I've been getting recently I've actually had more fun with this blog than I have had in a long time - that's why I've been doing more frequent posts.
Thank you to everybody who gave even a little feedback, you guys make it all worth it.

(I'm sure this applies not only to Tone and Wave, but to all blogs)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Heavy Manners - Politics and Pleasure


Great 2 Tone sounds from this female fronted Chicago band. Only 2 of the tracks on this record were included in their 1996 'best of' compilation "Heavier Than Now" which did feature them performing with Peter Tosh.
(...and, incidentaly, included songs from their 12" single "Say It" which is available for sale - original pressings still factory sealed - from Jump Up Records for $10)

Check out their Myspace.

Here's their video for "Flamin' First" from 1983

1 You Got It
2 Time Bomb
3 Blue Beat
4 Flamin' First
5 On the Way Down
6 Down Dub




From the new Adult Swim show "Delocated"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Expired Links and the new Cbox

I just went through some old posts tonight - which I don't do very often - and I see that there have been numerous requests for re-uploading things.
I don't know what the problem with zShare is but it works for some people and for others it keeps re-looping.
At some point I intend to re-post everything that is currently posted to a host other than zShare. If you have likes or dislikes for any file sharing host let me know.
I apologize to those whose requests have gone unanswered. I really have not been ignoring you.
I have installed the Cbox for these reasons. Let your voice be heard!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Terminals - Circuitry


Here's yet another band I know nothing about. They were from Canada and they recorded this record in 1983. Not quite ska, more punk-reggae. Keys but no horns. Should appeal to fans of The Ruts and The Clash.

1 Do It Today
2 Love or Suicide
3 Mr. Suburbanite
4 Searching
5 See You in the Papers


Friday, February 13, 2009

Shot Black & White - Understand (UPDATED)


Great vanilla reggae and 2tone sounds from 1988.

I put off posting this one because track #9 "Man Look Around" is in terrible condition and not worth posting. -Don't get me wrong, it is a good song but the copy I have is damaged. Someday I will buy another copy of this record. I have made up for this by substituting the song "Rebuild" that was not originally on this album.
Please forgive me.

1 I Believe
2 Day In / Day Out
3 Underprivileged Race
4 Far Off
5 Put Down the Arms
6 Understand
7 End of Days
8 Freedom
9 Man Look Around (MISSING)
10 Win Instantly
* Rebuild


Somebody was kind enough to add the song "Man Look Around" which can be downloaded HERE.
Thank you very much Stephen!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Ska-Dows - Ska'd For Life


1 Ska'd For Life
2 Twice
3 Grooving Power
4 Mr. Walker
5 I Wish You Were Here
6 We Gotta Get Out of This Place
7 Yes Yes Yes
8 Monster Reggae
9 Bang Bang Lulu
10 Man of Mystery
11 Rhapsody in Buh
12 Apache
13 Shocking
14 The Tune That Time Forgot
15 Apache (live)
16 Telstar
17 Yes Yes Yes (single version)
18 Rhapsody in Buh (single version)
19 Yes Yes Yes (live)
20 Twice (single version)


Friday, February 6, 2009

Grim Luck


Grim Luck is a very creative band from San Diego, California that plays 3rd wave ska mixed heavily with other influences. Reggae, 2tone, acoustic ska, vanilla reggae, Tin Pan Alley, mariachi, and what would seem like Madness and Ian Dury influences.
Amongst their guitars, drums, bass, horns, and keys you'll also hear accordian, tuba, and xylophone. They are currently looking for a violinist.

They have three recordings (and are currently working on their fourth):
Alexandra vol.1
The Histories Album
Diaries From Roscoe Street

Check out their Myspace where they post all of their music for free.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Skankin' 'Round the World vol.2


1 The Skeletones - You Make Me Wanna Laugh
2 Napoleon Solo - I Don't Believe You
3 Skaos - Straight to Your Heart
4 The Braces - Gypsy in My Soul
5 The New Breed - Wanted
6 The Deltones - Scream Jean
7 Baby Snakes - Whiskey Bar
8 Just Kidding - Watch the Fires
9 Les Frelons - Expresso
10 The Busters - They Rule the World
11 The Rude Boys - Ska Fever (A Live Injection)
12 Casino Royale - Casino Royale