Saturday, October 17, 2009

Manicured Noise

Beware eBay. There are lots of things posted on eBay as ska that aren't ska. I am always looking on eBay for rare and obscure ska music but I have been jilted quite a few times. The latest was this

Manicured Noise - Moscow 1980 7"

Not ska, but I can see how the poster thought it was. It's not bad music, in fact I quite like it.

Manicured Noise was a band that played funky disco-type music.

The A-side is an instrumental 2Tone sounding song, the B-side is a song reminiscent of the Higsons.

A - Moscow 1980
B - Metronome


1 comment:

roberto said...

never heard before and never been a great fan of funky postpunk but I like it,sounds better at every spin,thanks!