Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Skaos - Rankin' & Skankin'

I just realized that I have never posted this yet. Ronan (sax player for Gangsters) sent me this about a year ago. It's Skaos' first album/demo tape. Almost all of the songs on this tape have been re-recorded with the exception of 'Sleep' which is a damn good song (okay, the vocals aren't the best but you have to look past that and appreciate the song for what it is.)

1 South African Struggle
2 Hey Neighbour
3 Sleep
4 Rankin' and Skankin'
5 Destination Skaville
6 Too Much Wine
7 New Shoes*
8 The Pink Panther
9 JB's Death
10 Prison
11 It's You (live)


Many thanks to Ronan whose current band Supertonic Sound Club is on the verge of releasing their first album sometime in the new year. They've posted some of their songs on their Myspace HERE.

*No, 'New Shoes' is not a cover of the Mark Foggo song.

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Mr Frank The Hat said...

the sleep song was released on he do the ska album with different lyrics under a new title: Bonehead