Thursday, June 10, 2010

Burnt Toast - A Burrito Every 40 Seconds

In that interview I did with Joe Scholes I said that the first thing that somebody submitted was from Billy of Dave's Big Deluxe but I remember now that that's not true. The first person to submit anything was from April of Terror Cat Music who sent me lots of rare ska from Texas from the mid 90s. I put all of the links up at one time on the T&W Myspace but they are no longer available so I will be adding them one at a time to my future posts.

Here's Burnt Toast. I have no other info on them and was only able to find this logo of theirs but no cover or year or leads as to what else they may have recorded.

1 Good Morning, Officer
2 She Said
3 Bestine
4 Girl in Black
5 Burrito Hell
6 The Grozny Stomp
7 Honor Your Mother
8 Can't Talk Now
9 Shaggy
10 Secret Agent Man
11 Burnt Toast
12 Mark's Lounge

"She Said"

"Secret Agent Man"



There is also a vanilla reggae band from California called Burnt Toast. Here's their Myspace.

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Anonymous said...

Burnt Toast was a ska band comprised of Rice University students. They were popular at on-campus parties and they recorded the one album that you obtained a copy of.