Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Safari with Beat Happy Music (1995)

These were not sold as a set. Each 7" was limited to 1000 copies and were hand-numbered. I'm not sure what else Beat Happy Records ever put out but I think they were affiliated with Raj Records.


A1 - Mustard Plug - Dressed Up
A2 - Punch the Clown - CIA Chick
B1 - The Independents - Buried Alive
B2 - Spies on Sabbatical - Inside Out


A1 - The Skolars - Get Away
A2 - Critical Mass - It Doesn't Really Matter
B1 - Space Heaters - 0635
B2 - Easy Big Fella - Lucky Donkey (live)


Scott said...

I completely forgot about these! I had the second back in the late 90's, I've no idea where it disappeared to since but wow...I thought I'd never see this again

Anonymous said...

This link might help you with what this label put out

Middagh Goodwin said...

Beat Happy! was not affiliated with RAJ Records even though Punch the Clown is on one of the 7". Also released by Beat Happy! Music was Mashin' Potatoes A Tribute to DEVO, Dr Rocket and the Moon Patrol's Self Titled CD and the Lobstrosties full length a long with Novacain's entire catalog of Music.