Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stormed - Beau Terry 7'' (1987)

This is Stormed - from Cambridge.

I have previously posted Stormed's rare 12" single "Trouble at Home". It was only released as a promo and I mistakenly reported that they had one other single which was also released only as a 12" promo.
Thankfully I now know that the other promo saw an actual 7" release. I have no idea how many copies of this were pressed but now, thanks to Rikard, we get to hear it:

A Beau Terry
B1 - The Burn
B2 - The John Song

The song "The John Song" was the B-side to "Trouble at Home" but this is a much different version.
(This video has nothing to do with the band, but the Morris Dancing goes well with the song)

I have included the 12" with this single so you get everything they released in one handy download.

(...if you don't know "Trouble at Home" it sounds like this:)

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