Monday, December 19, 2011

Public Service?! - Somebody Scream! (1990)

The ultra rare impossible-to-find cassette only first release from Philadelphia's Public Service?! from 1990. This is the one that is notorious for being a Moon Ska Records release but there's no mention anywhere on the tape or inlay card of Moon Records. They did put a sticker on the shrink-wrap (seen HERE)It could be said this is not an actual Moon release because they did not produce it, they only distributed it but it did have a Moon catalogue number MR-026cs.

Anyway...this is rare stuff, and they say their main inspiration is Fishbone and it's noticeable.

A1 Rude Awakening
A2 Salt + Pepper
A3 Matter of Time
A4 Dine and Dash
B1 The Question
B2 Too Much Violence
B3 Bad Nite in Philly
B4 Tube Fried

"Rude Awakening"

"Bad Nite in Philly"


Marco On The Bass said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this! My band Bigger THomas played out with Public Service! a lot. They were a great band.

Marco On The Bass said...

In terms of the cassette only release on Moon, we had the same deal. Moon took copies of inventory we had already produced and paid for and then sold it. Im assuming Public Service! had the same deal.

Tone and Wave said...

I can imagine that the first Bigger Thomas tape would be considered "impossible-to-find" in its own right.

Weren't there 2 Bigger Thomas cassettes? The self-titled one from 1989, and another one called "m'boy y'know" - or was that the same one with different covers?