Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eddie Vedder - Reggae EP

A - Reggae Woman
B1 - Redemption Song (Pearl Jam live)
B2 - Three Little Birds (Pearl Jam live)

"Reggae Woman" is a song Eddie Vedder wrote in 1988. This version was recorded before he was in Pearl Jam. The other two songs here are just Eddie singing solo in between Pearl Jam songs. These are both Bob Marley songs and they are basically a capella, no reggae music behind him. The other members of Pearl Jam don't share his love for that reggae groove it seems.

"Reggae Woman"



Stephanie said...

Thanks for this and all the other great songs on this blog. I love your blog and it's introduced me to some great songs :).

Steph x.

Anonymous said...

came here from marco on the bass looking for the eddie vedder reggae-adventure.
links dead. :(

nice blog in other ways though. :)