Saturday, October 20, 2012

Otitis - Take It Away EP (1981)

Otitis was a Swedish new wave band that had released a handful of singles and one full length self titled album in 1984 as well as this EP.
I have never heard any of their music before but I have seen this record labeled as 'ska' numerous times in the past and, even though their other releases are somewhat easy to find around the internet, I've never seen any of their other stuff labeled 'ska'.

That's okay though. I'm listening to them for the first time and I really like them - even their non-ska songs. I intend to have their full discography some day. I might not post it if it isn't ska unless you guys would like to hear more. Listen to this first, then let me know if they're in demand or not.

1 Take It Away
2 Same Old Story
3 Hiccups
4 Girls and Boys
5 That's the Reason Why
6 Try to Get It

"Take It Away"

"Try to Get It"


This was donated to us by the ultra-awsome Rikard. More of his donations will be posted in the future...stay tuned.


freddy vidal ("Fredloafer") said...

Very Good Swedish Band ¡¡ Thank you,broth ¡¡

bristolboy said...
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bristolboy said...

Nice tracks, I for one wouldn't mind hearing some more of their stuff!

Tone and Wave said...

You got it Bristolboy. I got a couple more things I gotta get to complete some discographies but then Otitis will be at the top of my list.
I'll post 'em as I get 'em.

Anonymous said...

I really like a couple of these tracks too, had never heard of this band before, thanks

klas jonasson said...

Have been searching for the Song Apor och Möss with this group for decades if you happen to have it i would be more than happy to hear it. Think its a b-side of Thailand.