Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Malchiks - Skavant Garde (1998)

Rare Canadian 3rd Wave!

1 Sleep Over at Libby's
2 Jerry
3 Smugglers
4 Dr. Skank N. Stein
5 My Feet Told Me
6 Spanish Song
7 Fuck James Bond
8 Mario
9 Lover Boy
10 They Stole My Suit
11 Skankouver, B.C.
12 Drunk at the Carnival
13 The Frog Song
14 I Got so Drunk that I Peed Myself
15 My Friends Call Me Mr. Electric Pan
16 Scott Likes Acid

"Lover Boy"

"Skankouver, B.C."


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Scott E. Moil said...

Frontman Scott E. Moil and Saxophonist Lawerence from Malchiks now play in a new ska band called Brehdren and Keyboardist Jason "Skittles" DaSilva has his latest documentary called "When I walk" on Netflix!