Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - The year ska started making a comeback (Podcast)

Ska has been dead for a while now. In the last ten years you had three choices:
* The screaming and yelling sort of "ska-punk", "skacore", or "crack rocksteady" bands that may be a bit unclear on the concept of what ska is.
* Incredibly talented but out of touch 40-somethings that feel ska should be about showing off their musical education instead of playing stuff people want to hear.
* Bands that were once successful trying to "cash in" on the success that they think they have now.

The Aggrolites (who are overrated because people tend to confuse authentic sounding instruments with authentic sounding music) are one of the few bands that made a bit of money and, for a while, everybody and their brother wanted to jump on the bandwagon hoping that they too will be able to break even on their hobby. People who once appreciated a ska beat sacrificed their integrity for over-played reggae instead. It got old real fast. But, sadly, these bands still called themselves "ska" bands and the youth of today - surely the group that should have been the driving force behind today's ska scene - didn't relate to this "old man's music" [Lynval Golding once called ska "Old Man's Music" - have we come full circle?]. "Ska of today is left in the hands of the older brothers and uncles who grew up listening to Streetlight Manifesto and Choking Victim.
Given both options - screamo metal with an occasional horn refrain and lounge music with a reggae beat, it's amazing to me that there is anybody left in the world playing ska at all. But there are. Ska just might be making a comeback. These are the bands I see leading the way:
[...or...in other words...Jason Duncan's favorite ska releases of 2012]

Electra from Israel
"For the Record" from the album Second Hand Love (2012)

Inner Terrestrials from London
"In the Name of the Father" from their first full-length Tales of Terror(2012)

BANG the Skillet from Delft, Netherlands
"Cool Cat" from their debut cd Do the Dishes

The Skatterbrains from Colorado, USA. They played in Boulder and Denver from 1981-1984. In 1984 they moved to Boston and recorded several tracks - with a studio drummer - then moved back to Colorado and continued performing a few more shows. The recorded tracks were not released until 2012. You can buy this cd HERE.
"We're Going Dancing" from The Best of The Skatterbrains

(Thanks to Freddy Vidal!)
Chatchy from Auckland, New Zealand
"Running Away" -single

The Butlers from Berlin, Germany - They're not new. They've been around for a while.
"Berlin Moscow" from the album A.K.A. Bensonmam (2012)

The Last Slice from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
"Alcohol Man" from their debut album Fresh Cuts (2012)

Yes Sir Boss from Bristol UK - the first band to be signed to Joss Stone's Stoned label
"Never Know" from Desperation State EP (2012)

Two Steps Twice from Sudbury, UK
"Streets are on Fire" from their debut 3-song EP Two Steps Twice EP (2012)

Mr. Wallace from Holland
"Too Rude for You" from their second EP Rudies and Rockers (They had one in 2011 called Ska Love)

Los Furios from Vancouver, BC
"Situation Critical" from the Never Look Back EP (2012)

...and there's "One More" song

I put all of these in a podcast. No talking. Just music.
Download it HERE


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Great list and post! I've heard of only a few of the bands on your list. Will give them a listen. Thanks!

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The Skatterbrains Rules ¡¡ Great,T&W ¡¡ Your list is Original ¡¡ . . .

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great podcast! thanx!!!!