Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trick Dog - What a Shame 7'' (1981)

Great rare ska song from an unexpected source. This is (most likely) Trick Dog's only release but members did go on to form the band Good Looks who released a single "Every Day Of My Life b/w What's In It For Me ?" in 1982, and they are the group responsible for the closing theme to Jim'll Fix It.

"The theme song was sung by voice-over artist Lynda Hayes.The closing theme was sung by the group Good Looks (featuring Lavinia & Lewis Rodgers, siblings of Clodagh Rodgers) who competed in the 1982 A Song for Europe competition. Savile "fixed it" for a young viewer to perform the song with the group on an edition of the show."

A - What a Shame
B - No Tomorrow


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