Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bop [Harvey] - Bread and Circuses (1990) [REPOST]

Bop (Harvey) were from Michigan. They mixed reggae and ska with African and Latin rhythm and, from what I hear, they put on one hell of a show.
This is often considered to be their first release - and is is the first on cd but they did have a cassette only release before this.

"Roadkill" cassette 1987 9 tracks
"Bread and Circuses" 1990
"Gitchee Gumee to Me" 1992 7 tracks
"Monster Butt Beat Dance Test" 1994

1 Bread and Circuses
2 Fun!
3 Vibe
4 Lazarus
5 Lazarus Speaks
6 Dubmaster
7 Poor Judge Bork
8 Can't Blame the Youth
9 Man in Disguise
10 Dues Due to Dudu
11 Vibe Dub


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