Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reluctant Stereotypes [Complete]

Their only album The Label was released in 1980. The version here is the one I downloaded from Melthebells Rare Shit!
1 Factory Wit
2 Side With Him
3 Back to the Greek
4 Plans for Today
5 Sunday's Tears
6 Reluctant
7 Lofaska
8 Reverend Green
9 Visual Romance
10 Confused Action
11 M.O.D.
12 The Label

They had 5 singles. Two of them (one & two) were submitted by Rikard. One (The Lull) was submitted by Anonymous. The other two are mine.

The Lull 7"
1 The Lull
2 The Rounds
3 Fetch Mr. Clifford the Political Boys are On Us

Nightmares 7"
A - Nightmares
B - Factory Wit

She Has Changed Not You 7"
A - She Has Changed Not You
Ben Shirtman

Plans For Today 7"
A - Plans for Today
B - Subway

Confused Action 7"
A - Confused Action
B - School Life

DOWNLOAD "The Label"

DOWNLOAD all 5 singles (includes lyrics to all of their songs)

"Factory Wit"

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