Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Fabulous Bowler Boys - Word ~ Sound ~ Power (1994)

This is a cassette only release that was sold at shows and online for $6.00 before there was such thing as "third wave". These guys were from Texas and I think, not positive, but I think they had other recordings. If so I've never found any evidence. What I do know is that their drummer, Bill Matney, was also in the hardcore band Refuse to Fall but he does not appear on this recording.

On this recording:

Eric Tucker - vocals
Steve Fish - bass, vocals
Bryan Christner - guitar
Alan Turley - sax
Patrick Benfield - keyboard
Ryan McDaniel - guitar
John Chipman - drums

1 Man on the Scene
2 The Upsetter
3 Jimmy Hate
4 Waiting Game
5 From Cairo With Love
6 Sally Brown

When they listened to their 2 Tone records they were paying attention. The Beat is obviously an influence in their overall sound, especially in this one:
"The Upsetter"



Jack said...

Oh wow, this is one that I had completely forgotten about. I have no idea where I would have come across this band (Chuck Wren's old newsletter maybe?)

Thanks for the rip. I wonder if I still have my copy in storage.

lynx said...