Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just the Facts - MX Missiles EP (1985)

This was a rock/power pop band from Bangor, Maine. I don't know if this is the only thing they ever recorded but it is the only thing I know of by them.
For the Tone and Wave crowd the highlight here is their cover of "Eve of Destruction".

A1 - MX Missiles
A2 - Eve of Destruction
B - Mutension



George Dimakis said...

Nice version of ''Eve Of Destruction''.
Already uploading on YouTube.

Tone and Wave said...

I will be posting a few more rare covers - "Louie Louie" by a band called Under the Stars - not very good, but very rare, and the Beatles "Got to get You Into my Life" by a band called Charlie Da Vinci" and another Beatles cover - "And I Love Her" by by Rik Nolov and the Loosers. I'll post these in the next month or two.

Erik VandeBogart said...

My stepfather was singer/lead guitar player for Just the Facts!

I remember when i was real young (4-6 yrs old) he used to bring me, my sister and my mom (who he was dating and eventually married) to rehearsal's at one of the band members places in Brewer ME. I recall the garage they rehearsed in was right at the bottom of the hill near the railroad tracks off Wilson St.

This is around 35 years ago now... the good ol' days, perhaps?