Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Just the Facts - MX Missiles EP (1985)

This was a rock/power pop band from Bangor, Maine. I don't know if this is the only thing they ever recorded but it is the only thing I know of by them.
For the Tone and Wave crowd the highlight here is their cover of "Eve of Destruction".

A1 - MX Missiles
A2 - Eve of Destruction
B - Mutension



George Dimakis said...

Nice version of ''Eve Of Destruction''.
Already uploading on YouTube.

Tone and Wave said...

I will be posting a few more rare covers - "Louie Louie" by a band called Under the Stars - not very good, but very rare, and the Beatles "Got to get You Into my Life" by a band called Charlie Da Vinci" and another Beatles cover - "And I Love Her" by by Rik Nolov and the Loosers. I'll post these in the next month or two.