Friday, April 17, 2015

Mod Philo - What Went On 7" (1981) [LINK UPDATED 09/11/2016]

There's a personal story behind this one. Many moons ago somebody sent me a sound clip of this record and I've been looking for it ever since. The thing is that their sound file was labeled as "MAd" Philo" and I have been looking for Mad Philo ever since - with no luck. I asked your friend and mine Bristolboy if he had it. I didn't really expect that he would but I was hoping that he had at least heard about it and could give me some more info, and could you believe it, he sent me the files. All 3 tracks and the scans.    

I had no idea that these guys were from California. I am compiling a 'rare ska from California in the 80s' set and I'm up to about 60 songs so far and I will definitely be including this band in that post.

 Now that I know how to spell their name correctly I should have an easier time getting a copy of my own. As a record collector you have to love that packaging.

A1 - What Went On?
B1 - Working Man
B2 - Could've Been

"What Went On?"

"Working Man"


Again, thanks to Bristolboy for this one!!

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Paul Clark said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Mod Philo is short for Modern Philosophy.
Paul Clark