Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bertrude Bartok - Léger Contratemps (2006)

I have to admit that I never heard of this band until I received an email from Dylan who contributed this album. Great instrumental ska from this little known, but highly talented, band from Geneva, Switzerland.

  1. St James Infirmary (Part. 1)
  2. St James Infirmary (Part. 2)
  3. Skamasutra
  4. Grave Party
  5. Kalasmirnoff
  6. Pick Up
  7. Ginette A La Plage
  8. Le Sale Ska De Raymond
  9. Voyage Avec Un Ane Dans Les Skarpathes
  10. Skadadasurmonbidet
  11. Trash Dans Face
  12. Manon Des Ours (Part. 1)
  13. Manon Des Ours (Part. 2)
  14. Melodiska
  15. La Tête Dans Le Frigo
  16. Elle Est Trop Bonne Ta Trompette


Thank again Dylan!!!

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