Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Tickets [Geneva, Switzerland]

 The Tickets was a new wave band from Switzerland. Sometimes they sounded like they were trying to sound like Elvis Costello and a bit less than half of their stuff had a ska-reggae influence.

The Tickets (1980)

1 Electricity
2 Oh Baby
3 Can't Feel
4 Just Don't Know
5 Take All the Love
6 What Are You Doing?
7 Nothing But the Rain
8 Little Girl
9 Too Many BS's
10 Your Love

"Can't Feel"

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Nobody's Children (1981)
1 Can't Keep It In
2 1981
3 Nobody's Children
4 Which Day is Today?
5 Turn It Up
6 Crazy Lover
7 Whatcha Gonna Do?
8 Ray
9 No Way Out
10 Love in My Life


"Which Day is Today?"

DOWNLOAD The Tickets - Nobody's Children

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