Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fabulous Titans - Fabulous Titans 12" (1980)

I previously posted their 7" "Rico's Lament" but both of the songs on the single are on this EP - the same versions - so there's no need to repost the single again but I did include their unreleased single with this download.

I have a copy of this record but I cannot get a decent rip of it so the one posted here - the music and the cover scans - was contributed by Rikard.

The Fabulous Titans 12"
1 Rico's Lament
2 Hold Me
3 Don't Ever Leave Me
4 Johnny Rocker
5 Hold Me Dub (California Style)

The unreleased single:
A - I'm Lookin' for Love
B - I'm Lookin' for Dub


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