Sunday, June 26, 2016

City Beat - Late at the Office 7" (1984)

City Beat was a "ska-inspired" band from New York City who is probably best known for their song "It's Not Up to You" from the Skaville USA compilation (volume 1 - which was originally released in 1986 as New York Beat - Hit and Run on Moon).

The band was only three guys: drummer George Parker, bassist Jon Arzt, and guitarist/lead vocalist Gopalakrishnan Varadhan. They played numerous live shows in New York in the early/mid eighties but the song from the compilation and these two songs were the only things the band ever recorded. (Unless there's a demo tape somewhere out there.) I don't know if George and Jon ever did anything else in music but Gopal went on to work with G.G. Allin of all people. He started a job in the World Trade Center in August of 2001 and he was at work on September 11th. You can read about that HERE.

A - Late at the Office
B - Rocking Mesopotamia
* - It's Not Up to You


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