Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Internationalists - Let the Pressure Start (1986)

This is a British punk-reggae band who released this album in 1983. It was re-released in the UK in 1986 and again in France in 1988. The original 1983 release had a different cover...

...and the track listing was a different order.
This is the French version:

1 Kicking on the Wrong Door
2 Every Fifth Man is Guilty
3 Breaking Your Heart
4 Tighten Up
5 Solidarity
6 Gun Runner
7 Let the Pressure Start
8 Tooth and Nail
9 Lay the Foundation

"Kicking on the Wrong Door"




Thomas said...

Hello, i've noticed that the speed is a bit off around the 6th or 7th song and there's been talks about that on another blog. is that also on the record ? cheers !

Tone and Wave said...

I think you might be talking about the song "Gun Runner". They were doing something weird with guitar sounds but it doesn't sound like the vocals were affected. It sounds like it was intentional and not a bad rip.

Thomas said...

ah ok, it did sound weird to me but if that's what they wanted....thanks, and i just bought the album. I've discovered so many good bands through your blog, thank you so much !