Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Candy Ranch - Section 58 7" (1989)

This is an extremely rare record.

From the video:

"Section 58 was a piece of legislation regarding live music licensing and the song was written in defense of local music venue The Touchdown which was at risk of losing its license because of complaints about noise.

Kevin McGuire and Stevie Ryan - vocals
Gavin Bell - broomshank bass
Terry Ashley - percussive chairs
Dave Willingham - keys
Neil Forcer - guitar
special guests Mick Donnelly - tenor sax
and Trevor Ashley - alto kettle

Video made by Dave Emerson and Hartlepool 6th Form College students:
Kimberley Scholes
Amanda V Brown
Lynne Rodgers
Claire Rollo"

On the record sleeve it lists guitar player as "Nonkes" and sax player as "Flicks Monolouge".

My copy is signed by the band members and someone wrote: "Stevie R has now gone away."
I guess that explains why he wasn't in any of their other recordings.

I don't know how many releases they had after this but they did do a lot of studio recordings. This may be the only ska song though.

A - Section 58
AA - Screaming Nutter

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I'm one of tbe songwriters and the singer on the single

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