Sunday, November 18, 2018

004 - I Don't Love You 7" (1982)

I believe this is the only release that 004 ("Double-O-Four") put out when they were active. They later released a CD full of studio and live recordings (which was posted on Tone and Wave in 2012 HERE) but neither of the songs on this record were on the compilation.

A - I Don't Love You
B - Brite Lite


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I have lots of stuff I wanted to post but I just don't have the time so I did this quick post (fuckin' awesome post, by the way) but I have been trying to chisel some of my emails down. If I didn't get to you, please be patient. I have been dealing with some attitudes lately. I don't get that. You're asking me to send you stuff then getting aggressive when I don't do it right away?

Anyway, I have a 3-day work week so I hope to fulfill all of your re-upload requests this upcoming weekend. Be patient, and please be nice. 

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