Monday, January 21, 2019

Id and the Superegoes - Gumshoe (1996)

Fast third wave from Utah that leans way more toward ska than punk.

1 Why Em See Eh
2 Vietnam
3 Firestation
4 Rosa
5 Pro
6 Seventeen
7 The Can Opener
8 Halloween
9 A Team
10 Driving Me Crazy
11 Captain Glen
12 The Russian Limbo Kungfu Fight Theme (Work)
13 Jazz Song


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Apparently Utah had quite a ska scene in the 90s. Check out the Utah Ska Preservation Project for a list of bands from Utah from the 80s through current.

They have a Bandcamp page that posts rare releases from these bands. They have ten releases posted so far for "name-your-price". It looks like an ongoing project.

And a Facebook.

More people should be doing this. What state do you live in? Why haven't you started a similar project to raise awareness of your state's ska scene?  (Not necessarily the Bandcamp part - of course that would be nice - but the preservation part.)


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