Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tchicky Monky

Here's everything I have by this band. They released two tapes that I don't have yet. I've been looking for them for many years but have not had any luck. In my search for those tapes however, I did find a tape called "Démo 6 Titres" which did not have a track listing. There are 7 songs on the tape and I don't recognize any of them. Hopefully some of you folks can help me out here.

Then there's the live recording "Live in Bologne" which I though has 14 tracks but their old MySpace page shows it as having 20 tracks so I'm missing 6 songs. Any of you have them?

Tchicky Monky - Wishbone 7" (1992)
A - Wishbone
B - Melody Ska


Tchicky Monky - Démo 6 Titres (1991)
7 tracks - all unknown titles
*OK Les Boys from Skankin' 'Round the World volume 4
*Sally Cannonball from Move to the Ska Groove
Tchicky Monky - Live in Bologne 
1 Intro
2 Trop Fatigue
3 Ska Every Night
4 Killers
5 Susie-Marie
6 Baby Baby
7 Night Boat to Cairo
8 Summer Train
9 Dju Dju Jamiaka
10 September
11 OK Les Boys
12 Helicoptere
13 Kinstown
14 Rude Boy Train

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